蕭敬騰 | 音樂讓我 做自己 Music Makes Me WHO I AM


From the moment he stepped into the Kimpton Hotel, Jam oozes with celebrity glow and power. During the cover shoot, each outfit is eye-catching with his unique appearance, just like how he amazes the audience with his distinctive voice. Jam Hsiao is truly one of a kind. 









Multiples Identities

Jam Hsiao is well-known for being a people person within the industry. He is humorous and very straightforward. Most importantly, he treats people genuinely. He is known for attending more charity events than brand endorsements. In the past twelve years, Jam has slowly and steadily turned himself into a superstar through his determination and his various hidden talents. The result is a star that is more than just a singer. In 2018, Jam single-handedly hosted Golden Melody Awards, from live painting to hand shadow dramas, revealing another side of him to the audience. HIs hosting skills and professionalism surprised many people. Despite becoming a more well-rounded star, Jam seeks to continue evolving himself. 

When asked about his multiple roles, which includes a charming singer on stage, a professional judge on singing contests, and a part-time comedian on Instagram, Jam modestly responded, ”Everything I am doing now is what I truly approve.” He feels that if each role brings a positive impact, then he is on the right path. While discussing the things he loves doing, Jam never failed to know all the comments he had made on the show ”Jungle Voice”, demonstrating his professionalism. The attentiveness to each performance, the compliments for each contestants’ singing skills, and the constructive comments to improve each contestant are a reflection of his music passion. Furthermore, Jam claimed that each contestant brought something new to him. He said, ”Sometimes we get inspired by the performances and the compositions from them [the contestants]. Their perspectives in music and aesthetics might be what is the most trendy right now. Sometimes, us old-fashioned must admit that they represent the new generation. Of course, we must keep on learning what’s new in music! ”

Additionally, Jam had also starred in the musical of  ”The Journey to the West – Uprise of the Young Devil” that just had its last show in Kaohsiung a week ago. The audience could not catch a breath from constantly laughing with one funny line coming one after another. While on stage, Jam was never frightened because he said, ”The key to a good performance is to enjoy it. A stage is just a platform elevated from a ground. It is music that makes us happy! As long as there’s music, I am always delighted.’’

A Fashion Icon

Fashion is a big part of Jam’s career. He is not only UNIQLO’s 2019 celebrity endorsment, but was also invited by Chanel to perform at its event. Through time, Jam has become closely associated with fashion by many people. During the day of the cover shoot, Jam carefully look into the jewelry of the Bvlgari pieces and when asked about his perspective on the jewelry and accessories fashion trend, he replied,  ”In the recent years,’ fashion is all about metal accessories and sumptuous jewelry pieces. I love them of course. Yet, I think, for me, I would like to stick with just one outstanding fashion accessory theme to represent me.”

Often, we get a peek into Jam’s life other than his everyday work because of all the live videos and funny ones posted for his fans. We all must wonder what are Jam’s hobbies and what accessories symbolize him. ”I like fashion items that are vintage because vintage usually means classic, and classical designs are often simple. I think metal rounded glasses really represents who I am. I have a few rounded sunglasses as well,” he said. Comfortable in his his unique style, Jam noted, ”To pick the best outfit and to be the chicest person the street, the most important thing is knowing yourself and your own style. ”

In Jam’s heart of hearts

Whenever Jam is in front of the camera, he has this mysteriousness about him. During the interview, his confident eyes seem to penetrate people. When asked where he draws his confidence from, he answered, ”I was pretty confident when I was little. I am always proud of my work and music brings out the best in me.” As a talented artist who is in the entertainment circle, Jam would like to share a quote that inspires him constantly, ”In the movie Spider-man, Uncle Ben once said to Peter Parker, ‘With great power comes great responsibility.’ This quote speaks to me as person. I believe once you have this power, it is your duty to what you can for your society.” Jam Hsiao—from a music challenger in the show One Billion Star (2007) to now a celebrity phenomenon—uses his musical talents to express his dream as he continues to seek new doors in his life.