華泰瑞苑墾丁 | 奢華酒店大賞 大自然與高端完美融合 Luxury Hotel Awards

2017年獲選為全球十大國家公園旅宿之一,為亞洲唯一上榜飯店的華泰瑞苑墾丁賓館,同年又獲World Luxury Hotel Awards奢華森林度假酒店、奢華文化度假酒店兩項大獎;讓這個位於墾丁國家森林遊樂區內與大自然緊密結合的獨特飯店,成為屏東地區最受歡迎的度假酒店。

Gloria Manor is the only hotel in Asia where was selected as one of the Top 10 national parks in the world in 2017. And also won both of the Luxury Forest Resort and Luxury Culture Resort Awards in the same year. This unique hotel becomes the most popular resort hotel in Pingtung area and closely integrated with nature in Kenting National Forest Recreation.




You can participate in indoor and outdoor activities for free during your stay there. Try out the hand-made soy oil candles, soaps, and traditional rice cakes. Snorkeling for tropical fishes and coral reefs, and interact with national treasure sika. Explore the ecological mystery of Kenting and experience the culture of local food. They got special plans for different seasons, providing new ideas all year round.

The chef based on the concept of “Working with Nature” then extends to the meals, all the ingredients are from Pingtung. Daily breakfast and lunch are served, such as traditional Donggang meat chop, local fish porridge, hand-made bread, fresh juice, and seasonal fresh fruit, guests could taste the flavors of local in each dish.

After winning international awards for several consecutive years, Gloria Manor designed the all-inclusive local experience in 2018. Allowing visitors to see a richer and diverse look of Kenting, using the slown pace and try different holiday modes with family and friends. There’s No need to worry about planning, they will definitely make you worry-free but fullest memories.


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