頂級居家暖意 Cozy Home Decor

低冷的氣溫漸漸地蔓延整座城市,傍晚的日落也提前渲染了天空,家為最舒適的避風港,靜謐的藏身處,外面的風寒的刺骨,加厚的大衣與重磅的毛衣,除了換上了厚被,家是否也能佈上秋冬樣貌呢?由FENDI CASA、BOTTEGA VENETA與LOUIS VUITTON的Objects Nomades系列,喚起您秋冬頂級居家的暖意。

When low temperatures spread across the city and the sunset des the sky at an earlier time, home is the most comfortable shelter and the most peaceful place to hide oneself in. Compared to heavy coats and sweaters that keep people from the chill wind, what is the decoration most featured in the autumn and winter atmosphere? The Objects Nomades collection by FENDI CASA, BOTTEGA VENETA, and LOUIS VUITTON can arouse top-class cozy autumn and winter.


在客廳這個能靜能動的空間,在視覺上需要講究,其中更重要的是為地板或沙發佈置暖意,FENDI CASA推出了13種毛皮片拼接出的Fur tablets,體現義大利的精湛工藝,Fur tablets強烈鮮豔的色彩無論披放在沙發上,亦或是隨性地放置在單人座椅的椅背上,除了為空間帶來一絲暖意之外,更增添活潑調性。另外,經典的FENDI CASA Fur cover plaid柔軟細緻的羊毛披毯,邊飾犢牛皮革FF logo壓紋,低調的調性,讓秋冬的暖意更有格調。BOTTEGA VENETA的喀什米爾羊絨Dagan blanket經過特殊的編織手法,控制羊毛毯的重量,在使用上既舒適及保暖,柔軟的觸感搭配流蘇,三種色調提升居家的暖意。微浪漫暖光


LOUIS VUITTON所推出的Objects Nomades,於今年米蘭家具展推出一系列新作品,結合傳統威尼斯與現代視野的Venezia燈籠,內嵌精美的吹製玻璃,搭配皮帶與黃銅鉚釘,輕盈透明的外型延伸空間視線,讓光從中心照亮至空間的角落。皮草與燈飾的結合,打破了既定的想像,延續FENDI Fur keychains的風潮,FENDI CASA近年推出的Velum Lamp,造成了奢華新話題,採用老佛爺生前的畫作設計為靈感,重新詮釋非洲部落風情,將貂皮與狐狸毛的燈罩展現優雅氣質, 精巧的青銅緞線讓光源藏匿於燈罩之中,感測器的置入,使燈光可以自行開關,七種的花紋讓家中充滿浪漫的暖光。

Stay in Your Comfort Zone

In the living room, a space for people to engage in either active or inactive activities, it’s important to take care of the visual design featuring particularly giving warmth to the floor or sofa. FENDI CASA has launched the Fur tablets in 13 kinds of fur that are combined by stitches; it shows Italian craftsmanship and brings the space a lovely atmosphere by fresh and bright colors when being placed on the sofa or the single chair. Additionally, the classic FENDI CASA’s Fur cover plaid, soft and delicate, is made of cow leather that is embroidered with the FF logo pattern; its low-profile feature creates and enhances the warm feel in autumn and winter. BOTTEGA VENETA’s Kashmir Dagan blanket is finished by a special weaving that can control the weight of the wool blanket; it brings people comfort and warmth with a soft feel of touch and tassels. There’s are 3 colors available for better cozy home decor.

Romantic Lighting

The Objects Nomades collection by LOUIS VUITTON has launched a series of new works of art in the Milan Furniture Fair; the Venezia lantern combining traditional Venice and a modern vision, the hand-blown glass with a sophisticated central core, the pair of belt and brass rivets, the lightweight transparent shape that extend the line of sight to introduce the light, these artworks brighten up each corner of the space. The integrated leather lighting is out of the existing imagination and it carries on the trend of the FENDI Fur keychains. The Velum Lamp launched by FENDI CASA which use the art work of Karl Lagerfeld as inspiration for design, has reinterpreted the atmosphere of Africa; the lampshade made of mink skin and fox fur with the installation of a sensor that can automatically turn the light on or off. There’re 7 different of pattern available for bringing home a warm lighting of romance.


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