星宇航空|乘載夢想的翅膀 The Wings of Dreams, STARLUX Airlines



Carrying people who are eager for comfortable flying experiences, we soar up through the clouds into the vast sky.

Established on May 2, 2018, and scheduled to start official operations on January 23 this year, the President and founder of STARLUX Airlines Co., Ltd, Chang Kuo-wei, takes Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport as the hub and has the vision to be “the Emirates of Taiwan”.




另一亮點為充滿故事性的機務人員制服,設計理念是向40年代的戰機飛行員致敬,代表無所不能的維修技能,立領上,繡有星宇的精神標誌-北極星,上衣點綴繡工精細的繁星裝飾,而每顆星上都有10個反光面,這更是源自張董事長對機務人員「披星戴月」的精神感召。此外,也在機長、機務人員、航勤人員的服裝中,加入了星宇航空精神臂章「Safty is our attitude」,時時提醒星宇人肩負著重大的飛安責任。





星宇航空x GARMIN

星宇航空更首創與GARMIN合作,貼心為機長及空服座艙長配備了星宇官方指定航空錶- Garmin D2鈦金航空錶及Venu GPS智慧錶, 由GARMIN依飛航組員實務需求,為星宇客製六款專屬錶面,並於錶背雷雕個人專屬編號。專屬錶面可同時顯示三個時區,方便於飛行中隨時掌握兩地及UTC時間,透過內建的脈搏血氧感測功能,隨時留意身體的含氧飽和度,監控每趟飛行的身體狀況。機長所配備的D2鈦金航空錶,搭載動態全彩地圖、雷達氣象圖、機場數據、自動飛行紀錄、警報、與選定航空電子設備之連接等,貼心整合飛行與生活。

此外,空服座艙長更搶先選配全新Venu系列Amoled Gps智慧腕錶,細膩的螢幕顯示與精緻錶圈,搭配備受矚目的星宇航空制服,展現科技時代下的時尚風格。

STARLUX Airlines Uniform Collections

Last year, STARLUX Airlines unveiled its design of uniforms and the cabin in the press conference held in October. In the spotlight, the uniform collections were officially introduced; designed by Taiwan’s well-known fashion designer Sean Yin, all types of uniforms were on stage, for pilots, cabin crew, ground staff, airport, and maintenance personnel. The uniforms will make STARLUX Airlines the most stylish and trendy brand around the world.

“New classics and new benchmarks” is the design concept; the extraordinary combination of fashion elements, heritage, and future touch, presents a sense of the cosmos in the universe with classic fashion characteristics underneath the outfits. The staff of STARLUX Airlines also participated in the design process by providing their experience and observation to start a fashion trend among airlines. It’s committed to being the new fashion star in the aviation industry.

The other spotlight falls on the stories behind the maintenance personnel uniform; the design concept is to pay tribute to the fighter pilots in the 1940s as well as their all-powerful maintenance capability. On the stand-up collar is an embroidered sign, the spiritual sign of STARLUX – the North Star. There are stars embroidered in decoration over the clothes, and each star has 10 reflecting sides; the design originated from President Chang Kuo-wei’s charismatic authority to all maintenance personnel, “by the light of the moon and the stars”. In addition, on the uniforms for pilots, maintenance personnel, and cabin crew, the embroidered patch “Safety is our attitude” is a design that speaks the spirit of STARLUX; it’s a reminder for all employees of STARLUX that they shall bear the heavy responsibility of aviation safety.

STARLUX Airlines Cabin Collections

The cabin design and interior equipment are designed by Designworks, which is the design innovation studio for the BMW Group. Based on “home” as the theme, the unique cabin design integrates the most current hardware technology. Escaping from the sense of a traditional enterprise, the design builds up a comfortable and cozy atmosphere like home. Responding to the color of brand identity, the cabin and seating are designed in warm earth tones, the entire interior space is custom-made exclusively for the style of STARLUX. And the specifications of hardware has created new records for the narrow-body aircraft of domestic airlines; for example, the business seats lie 180 degrees fully flat, and the maximum length is up to 82 inches (208 cm); free WIFI service in the entire cabin (WIFI service available in the economy class provides unlimited text message data), every seat of all classes is equipped with the AVOD in-flight entertaining system, etc. The use of the highest specifications in building Taiwan’s first A321neo is evidence that shows that STARLUX puts great emphasis on the first aircraft of the fleet and the insistence and consideration of providing delicate services.

Routes of STARLUX Airlines

Taking Taoyuan Airport as the hub, STARLUX Airlines has a total of five major routes. Regular flights to Japan reach destinations including Okinawa, Osaka, Tokyo, Fukuoka, Sapporo, Nagoya, etc.; flights to Thailand reach Bangkok, Chiang Mai; and Phuket; flights to Vietnam reach Cam Ranh, Da Nang, Yun Tun; and flights to Malaysia fly to Penang and flights to Hong Kong and Macau arrive at Macao. In addition, regular flights starting from Taichung Airport reach three major cities, including Ho Chi Minh City, Tokyo, and Osaka.


This is the first collaboration between STARLUX Airlines and GARMIN to provide the captain and the chief cabin crew with a STARLUX Airlines officially designated watch – the Garmin D2 Delta PX Titanium Watch and Venu GPS Smartwatch. According to the practical requirements of the cabin crew, GARMIN has designed six STARLUX exclusive watch dial plates, and each watch is laser engraved with individual code numbers on the backside of the watch. Each exclusive watch dial plate can show three time zones for the convenience of telling the time at both destinations and UTC (Coordinated Universal Time). Through the built-in pulse oximeter, the watch helps pay attention to the oxygen saturation of the body as well as monitors the physical condition during each flight. Captains are given the D2 Titanium Watch, which has a loaded dynamic color map, radar meteorological map, airport data, automatic flight records, alarm, and connection to the designated aviation electronics, etc. It is a considerate integration of flying and life.

Moreover, the chief cabin crew has the privilege to get the brand-new AMOLED GPS Smartwatch of the Venu collection; it has a delicate on-screen display and exquisite circle case on the watch. Paired with the spotlighted STARLUX Airlines uniforms, the watch is the presentation of fashion and style in the high-tech era.


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