PALAZZO VERSACE DUBAI|奢華飯店新高度, 打造度假的極緻天堂 Takes Luxury Hotels to New Heights, Creates the Ultimate Holiday Paradise


The Versace logo shows the head of the seductive and mysterious Medusa. As Italy’s top luxury fashion brand, Versace offers products beyond its clothing line, accessories and perfume. It has crossed over industries with a furniture collection and even its own luxury hotel chain. Furthermore, Versace has integrated into its hotels the magnificent visual feast that it has bestowed upon its clothing as it establishes the Versace fashion empire.

義大利時尚精品VERSACE與杜拜龍頭開發商ENSHAA GROUP合資的Palazzo Versace Dubai,儼然成為中東地區最奢華的飯店。藝術總監Donatella Versace為飯店設計室內裝潢以及傢俱,將VERSACE華麗璀璨的奢華世界真實呈現。整體飯店設計除了有手繪裝飾的金色天花板,還有頂級大理石及馬賽克拼貼,每個細節都雅致不凡、華麗大器。酒店裝潢透過藝術總監Donatella Versace獨到的時尚眼光,展現出VERSACE的生活態度與美學,盡顯奢華氣派。

Palazzo Versace Dubai是全球第一個Palazzo Versace度假村,於2015年時盛大開幕,是首個位於澳洲昆士蘭黃金海岸的度假村,為全球首家以時裝品牌為名的概念飯店。而下一家Palazzo Versace飯店將緊接著於澳門開幕。Palazzo Versace Dubai建築設計參考16世紀義大利宮殿建築為藍本,又融合獨特的阿拉伯風格。這家五星級酒店設有世界級的水療中心、各式高級餐廳、豪華套房、游泳池及兒童會所。飯店擁有215間套房及169間豪華別墅公寓,飯店內所有用品更選用VERSACE HOME家居系列精緻產品,造就 Palazzo Versace Dubai成為演繹獨特生活態度的 世外桃源。其中最讓人驚豔的莫過於一晚要價近70萬台幣的皇家總統套房,內部有獨立電梯直達套房內,而套房中還有有巨大的交誼廳、吧檯、娛樂空間、影音視聽空間,豪華程度堪稱無能人及。

VERSACE經典圖案貫穿酒店每個角落,包括梅杜莎頭像、希臘回紋及品牌經典印花之外,不少圖案更是專為Palazzo Versace Dubai設計。飯店大廳瑰麗豪華,地面鋪設達1,000平方米的大理石馬賽克,氣派非凡,並擺放了訂製傢俱及孔雀、獵鷹與駿馬圖案的拼布藝術。


Palazzo VERSACE Dubai, which was co-invested in by the Italian luxury fashion brand VERSACE and Dubai’s leading developer the ENSHAA Group, has become the most extravagant hotel in the Middle East. Art Director Donatella Versace was responsible for the hotel’s interior design and décor, bringing VERSACE’s magnificent and dazzling world of luxury to life. In addition to the hand-drawn decorations on the gold ceiling, the hotel’s overall design also makes use of finest marble and mosaic tiling each and every detail is extraordinarily exquisite and magnificently glorious. Through Art Director Donatella VERSACE’s unique fashion sense, the hotel’s décor showcases Versace’s living attitude and aesthetics that exude luxury and grandeur.

Opened in 2015, the Palazzo Versace Gold Coast is the world’s first Palazzo Versace resort. It is not only the first resort named after a fashion brand in Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia but also in the world. The next Palazzo Versace hotel will soon open in Macau. The architectural design of the Palazzo Versace Dubai referenced 16th century Italian palaces in its blueprints. It has also been infused with a unique Arabic style. The 5-star hotel Palazzo Versace Dubai is equipped with a world-class spa center, high-end restaurants that offer a wide variety of cuisines, luxurious suites, a swimming pool and the Kids Club. The hotel has 215 suites and 169 luxurious serviced residences, and all the amenities inside the hotel are exquisite items chosen from the VERSACE Home collection. All in all, the Palazzo Versace Dubai has been sculpted as a wonderland that depicts a distinct living attitude.

VERSACE’s classic images can be seen in every corner of the hotel – besides the head of Medusa, the Greek meander and the brand’s classic patterns, there are many more images that have been exclusively designed for the Palazzo Versace Dubai. The splendid and luxurious hotel lobby has an area of 1,000cm2 of marble mosaic tiling on the floor, which radiates extraordinary grandeur. Customized furniture as well as patchwork peacock, falcon and steed art works are also displayed.

In addition, the Giardino restaurant offers all-day dining service. It has marble flooring and columns, and its walls are decorated with special jungle patterns from the Versace wallpaper collection. The Vanitas restaurant, on the other hand, resembles an elegant Italian palace that has walls decorated with hand-drawn Italian patterns. Anyone who adores Versace will be able to completely indulge themselves in every corner of the fashion empire that the Italian luxury fashion brand has created.