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Changes will always be faced in each stage of life, and Patty Tsai decided to start up her own business at the beginning of her 40. Fashion comes from her elegant posture and the intellectual beauty that she gives out from within, her humor and smile brighten up the room, and her charisma has continuing to inspire us every day.





自小蔡依珊對於公益宛如一種習慣,從在學生時期到現在,她覺得這是她本能想做的事情,也並不僅定義為它為「公益」,提到自己曾印象深刻的是與罕見疾病基金會所拍攝的廣告「因為有你 愛不罕見」,她認識了在廣告中彈琴的劉佩菁,即使泡泡龍症狀隱隱作痛,她還是享受著音樂帶給她的喜悅,看到這樣的生命力,蔡依珊感到驕傲的說:「她還出過一本書,裡面有她創作的『38兔』!」即使距離拍攝廣告已經過了12年,蔡依珊始終與她保持聯繫,這樣的生活使她感覺到「施比受更有福」,勵志的故事宛如填滿了她的心,鼓舞了她的腳步。


「我媽媽非常愛漂亮,她是讓我第一個知道的時尚的人。」但從小熱衷於閱讀的蔡依珊,曾經不是很在意,但長大慢慢發現自已也越來越在意打扮,她也堅信內在美與外在美是同等的重要。長大後的她,覺得時尚是一種樂趣,她喜歡翻閱時尚雜誌,看看現在流行什麼,她也很感謝身邊的朋友,雖說自己愛美但比起朋友們自己行動力稍微弱了一些,甚至有時會將朋友身上的行頭看了一遍後,看到自己喜愛的單品就會買,蔡依珊認為時尚是發揮自己的風格,是以沒有壓力的方式以服裝呈現出自己的想法與態度。而蔡依珊私底下最喜歡穿搭皮褲,覺得皮褲很百搭,既可以正式又可以休閒,飾品最喜歡Chrome Hearts的貼耳小耳環,大膽個性的設計搭配洋裝,那樣衝突的美感她覺得非常迷人。皮膚白裏透紅的蔡依珊,平常喜歡以淡妝出門,針對春夏美肌保養,她說要多喝水、早點睡、多補充維他命,在生活作息上也要適當的補眠,更重要的就是要有一顆全心全意愛自己的心。

Those who have met Patty Tsai will fall in love with her sweet smile; those who have talked with her will be guided by her wisdom; those who have heard her speech will realize that she is astonishing. “Wunjo” is the brand launched by Patty Tsai last year, based on the principles of “(to) bring out the best of the simplest things”, combining slow but exquisite culinary techniques with extracted food essences, just like her personality, in which she welcomes each and every day with the warmest, sincerest and most optimistic attitude towards the people, and things she values in everyday life.

Every Day is Simple yet Particular

After being married, Patty Tsai has a thoughtful husband and two wonderful sons, and she can always manage to life at home very well. However, with her sons growing up, she began to explore her inner desires, and was inspired by her favorite “food”, she therefore established “Wunjo”. Looking back at the red bean essence which was only launched last year, and sold out within a short 3-4 months, she holds a fearless heart towards the challenges encountered and believes that when encountering challenges, you must confront and solve them. Looking back at the small team in the past, to the present with close to 10 people, as well as the participation in “Taipei International Food Show” for expansion to Singapore, China and Hong Kong, it is just like slow cooking; her team has promoted the most quality macrobiotic food. Applying the brand principles in life, it is not a simple matter and objects are sophisticated, but the ones that mean the most to yourself, she chose delicately to live every day comfortably, and in this generation with rapid and massive amount of data, Patty Tsai welcomes the simplest matter in every day life with a calm and down-to-earth heart.

Habits Woven into Life

Public welfare is a habit to Patty Tsai since she was little, such from being a student to the present, she feels that this is instinctively what she wants to do, and not merely defines it as “public welfare”. She mentioned what impressed her deeply was the advertisement on “Love is Not Rare Because of You” filmed with Taiwan Foundation for Rare Disorders, she became acquainted with Pei-Jing Liu who played the piano in the advertisement, even though suffering from the griping pain of the rare skin disorder, she still enjoys the joy that music brings to her, and seeing such vitality, Patty Tsai feels proud to say: “She even wrote a book, containing the ’38 bunnies’ created by her!”. Although 12 years have gone by since the shooting of the advertisement, Patty Tsai still keeps in touch with her, and such lifestyle makes her feel that “It is more blessed to give than to receive”, inspiring stories filled her heart and encouraged her pace.

Favorite Fashion Piece

“My mom loves having beautiful looks, and she was the first person to get me involved in fashion.” However, being enthusiastic about reading since she was little, Patty Tsai did not care much back then, but after she grew up, she gradually realized that she cares more and more about dressing up, which she also believes that inner beauty and external beauty are equivalently important. As an adult, she discovered that fashion is a type of interest, she loves reading fashion magazines to see what is going on with the trend, she also appreciates friends around her, as even though she loves looking beautiful, she is weaker in being proactive; she would even study the outfit on friends once and purchase the piece she liked after first seeing one. Patty Tsai believes that fashion is to develop your own style, and to present one’s thoughts and attitude, fashion is dressing up through a stress-free approach. Patty Tsai personally favors wearing leather pants the most, as she feels leather pants can go with anything, formal yet casual. For accessories, she favors earrings from Chrome Hearts, as she finds the bold and characteristic design with dress offering a conflicting sense of beauty is extremely charming. With white brightening skin along with a touch of pink tone complexion, Patty Tsai prefers to go out in light make-up; for skincare tips in spring and summer, especially under UV rays, she said we needs to drink more water, go to bed early and take more vitamins, an adequate amount of sleep is also required for the daily routine, but most important is to have a heart that loves oneself fully.