礁溪寒沐酒店|如詩如畫的人間仙境 A Lovely Real-World Fairy Land

坐落於宜蘭礁溪的寒沐酒店,以”大地為家”為宗旨,打造人文和藝術結合的休閒度假酒店,並委託台灣藝術家與全球知名國際酒店設計團隊LTW Designworks合作,將當代藝術策展概念融合在地文化,營造優雅與高品味的度假休閒氛圍!

Located in Yilan, MU JIAO XI HOTEL aims at “be with nature”, and it’s a leisure and recreational hotel that combines culture and art. With the collaboration between the commissioned Taiwanese artists and world-renowned LTW Designworks, contemporary art exhibition concepts have been integrated with the local culture to create an elegant and tasteful space with a vacation & leisure atmosphere! 

寒舍餐旅踏出台北都會區,拓展至宜蘭礁溪,推出第一個自創品牌,成功打造休閒度假型酒店!與亞洲藝術家、全球知名國際酒店設計團隊LTW Designworks合作,將自然、名湯與文化完美融合,詮釋以大地為家、靜謐雅致的生活美學。礁溪寒沐酒店與礁溪寒沐行館2棟建築體,擁有3間特色餐廳,包含「川薈」新創川菜、「MU TABLE」自助餐廳與「MU BAR」酒吧,房型共有6種,總數190間,提供兒童休憩區、小小賽車道、兒童電競室、健身中心、室內高爾夫與戶外游泳池…等多項服務設施,將成為旅人輕鬆度假的心靈棲所。

礁溪是以溫泉而聞名,酒店的設計風格亦融入此優勢,將「家」延伸至天地之間,以水、木、石作為介質融合藝術,打造「靜觀自然,俯拾藝術」以大地為家的MU LIFE,詮釋悠然度假生活。感受萬物生氣盎然,細品人文藝術美學,體現藝術與大地和諧的生活,讓旅人們放慢步調,徜徉在藝術空間、盡享休閒服務,細品寒舍美味,為旅人們創造與眾不同的旅居體驗。


MU TABLE 自助餐廳擁有350坪的寬敞空間,為宜蘭最大的提供全天候的自助餐飲服務,以台式、中式、西式、日式與泰式多元呈現,總共約200道佳餚美饌。



此外還有以四川佳餚為主的「川薈」以及靜謐寬敞的「MU BAR」酒吧,不僅能喝到酒店獨有的限定特色酒款,更能飽覽璀璨夜色。


My Humble House Hospitality Management Consulting has stepped out of the Taipei metropolitan area and reached Jiao Xi, Yilan, and our 1st self-branded hotel has been successfully launched with the features of leisure and recreation! The collaboration of the artists in Asia and the LTW Designworks, which is a design studio for world-renowned hotels, has made a perfect integration of nature, hot spring, and culture and fulfilled the interpretation of living in nature as well as tranquility and elegance. The two buildings, MU JIAO XI HOTEL and the MU JIAO XI RESERVE, have 3 feature restaurants, including the “Chuan Hui” innovative Sichuan restaurant, the “MU TABLE” buffet restaurant, and the “MU BAR”; there’re a total of 190 rooms available in 6 different room types; besides, including Recreation Area, PLAY GROUND – Crazy Car, PLAY GROUND-Video Game Room, a gym and fitness center, an indoor golf course, as well as an outdoor swimming pool, these service facilities provides a soul shelter for travelers to enjoy their vacations.

Jiaoxi is a town famous for hot springs. The design of the hotel takes advantage of the natural resources and extends “home” to the space between the sky and the earth; water, wood, and stone are used as the media that are integrated with art in the creation of “Observing nature in silence, art everywhere”, the MU LIFE that lives in nature and interprets the relaxing enjoyment of holiday life. The experience of prosperity of all things, careful appreciation of aesthetic in humanity and art, and presenting the harmonious life with art and the land, travelers will slow down their pace to relish the artistic space, indulge in leisure services, carefully tastes cuisines offered by the MU Hotel, which creates a unique experience of travel and living for guests.

The guest rooms are designed with wood that features warm, calm, and firm simplicity to present a warm and natural key style. The headboards of the bed are printed with the authorized artwork, “We came whirling out of nothingness” by a special printing technology to bring out the main theme of quietness and nature that makes people feel the energy of life in the tranquil and elegant atmosphere. Each guest room is equipped with a bathtub with natural light! The space design that is close to the nature uses large pieces of glass as windows; with the creativity of introducing scenes into the room, the beautiful and greenish scenery in the surrounding are in front of your eyes. The creation of a leisure space that helps people return to nature has an elegant and quiet atmosphere; the guests can indulge in their conversations with the natural environment. Besides, each guest room is equipped with a separate hot spring pool. 90% of the rooms are designed with a patio for introducing sunlight into the transparent and spacious space; the leisure and comfortable holiday enjoyment awakens traveler’s energy; and 30% of the rooms (the MU RESERVE Hill Deluxe Reserve Patio Room and the MU HOTEL Twilight Deluxe Patio Room) provides a private changing room for the guests so that there’s an exclusive space storing their clothes, the guests can also try and match their clothes in the private changing room, an extremely fashionable and luxurious pleasure! Moreover, a yoga mat is provided inside the room for travelers to relax their body and soul through stretching anytime. 

Mu TABLE has a spacious area of 350-ping, it’s Yilan’s largest all-day buffet service, which offers a wide selection of Taiwanese, Chinese, western, Japanese, and Thai-style specialty dishes, a total of about 200 kinds of cuisines.

“MU TABLE”,  Inside the MU JIAO XI HOTEL, the cuisines cooked by associated hotels are available, including the classic dishes inherited from My Humble House, specially selected beef noodles by Sheraton Grand Taipei Hotel, and the Thai-style cuisines by SUKH, OTHAI, such as the moon shrimp cake’ moreover, the home-flavor chicken rice by

“The VARVE”- As a result of Jiaoxi being close to the northeastern fishing harbors and Nan Fan Ao Fishing Harbor, the restaurant offers abundant fresh seafood, such as “sashimi, cooked white shrimp, mini octopus, mini squid, mussel, etc., guests’ favorite dishes.

Besides, in the “Chuan Hui” that features Sichuan cuisines and the tranquil and spacious “MU BAR”, the hotel offers exclusive and limited wines, and guests can admire beautiful the night view here.

There’s even a Taiwan’s only one indoor golf course facilitated in the MU JIAO XI HOTEL; the brand-new imported high-tech golf course simulator costs about NT$ 1 million, a nearly 300-inch large projection screen with the high-resolution 3D printer makes travelers have the experience to be similar to real golf indoors. Also, the MU JIAO XI HOTEL is facilitated with a considerately designed Kid’s Recreation Area. The guests who travel with family, adults and kids, will be satisfied with the gracious designs in the hotel as well as cuisines, accommodation, and entertainment that are attentively planned.