名媛仕女精品Café巡禮 The Delights of Delicate Café

當您喜愛一個品牌時,會情不自禁地投入它的歷史,鎖定每一季最新的單品,也會不由自主地想要沉溺在品牌的系列當中,近幾年Tiffany、Gucci及Louis Vuitton皆推出系列餐飲,讓逛完街想休息的您,可以到隱密的樓上享用最至尊的味蕾饗宴。

When you love a brand, you can’t help but immerse yourself in its history, follow up the latest pieces, and know every details of the collection. In recent years, Tiffany, Gucci and Louis Vuitton have all launched a series of catering, which is for those who need to rest after shopping. That is, in fact, another way to know more about the brand while enjoying the exclusive cuisine in the hidden upstairs space.


奧黛莉‧赫本(Audrey Hepburn)在電影中在櫥窗前看著自己喜愛的Tiffany & Co.珠寶,於2019年在香港Tiffany Blue Box Café正式在亞洲首度開慕,位在旗艦店的樓上,以白色的樓梯一路通往咖啡廳,一個以珠寶盒為設計靈感的空間,宛如半透明的玻璃屋外觀,令人忍不住想在門口合照。在步向每一道入口時,都有種進入珠寶盒裡探險的感覺,以Tiffany藍為主調蔓延至餐廳的各個小細節,Tiffany的銀色餐具散發出藍色的光澤,桌上的大理石穿插著藍色紋路。在藍色沙發的座位之間,玻璃櫥窗展示著Tiffany的主題周邊單品,沙發椅背與牆邊之間照著白光,讓整個照明更加明亮清新,更適合記錄歡樂的用餐回億,在Tiffany Blue Box Café享用下午茶,彷彿走進Tiffany的幸福夢幻世界中,既浪漫又精美。餐飲包含主餐與下午茶組合等,其中還有等比例的Tiffany盒蛋糕,另外也有販售限量的周邊商品除了有馬克杯、系列餐瓷及限量鑰匙圈,讓您將The Tiffany Blue Box Café的樣貌一起帶回家!

High Tea in the Tiffany box

The iconic movie scene where Audrey Hepburn looks at her favorite Tiffany & Co jewelry in front of the window display, which comes to reality at the Tiffany Blue Box Café Hong Kong. The Café officially opening its door in Asia for the first time in 2019, located at the upstairs of Tiffany flagship store. Along with white stairs all the way to the Café, a translucent glass house is presented in front of you, inspired by the idea of a jewelry box. Most people can’t help but take a group photo at the door. As you walk toward the entrance, it seems an adventure into the jewelry box. The tone of Tiffany blue dominates every detail of the Café, with Tiffany’s silver tableware emitting a blue sheen and the table interspersed with marbling and blue veins. Between the blue sofas, there are Tiffany’s collection displayed in the glass window. The white spotlight light tubes down between the back of the sofa and the wall, making the whole environment bright and suitable for photo taking. Having afternoon tea at the Tiffany Blue Box Café is like walking into a Tiffany dreamy world of happiness, which is romantic and exquisite. The Café offers both main plates and afternoon tea sets including the cake with the exact same proportion as the Tiffany jewelry box. In addition, there are limited numbers of peripheral commodities, such as mugs, porcelain tableware and key rings, so that you can wrap up the whole look of Tiffany Bluex Box Café!


於今年開幕的路易威登大版旗艦店,由建築師青木淳(Jun Aoki)設計的壯觀新建築,當中於頂樓設立第一家路易威登咖啡廳Le Café V,白天和晚上皆可造訪這個寬敞的露台及其毗鄰的酒吧。而在Le Café V的咖啡廳暨酒吧旁,與著名的大廚須賀洋介(Yosuke Suga)攜手合作菜色,神秘的餐點香氣悄悄地從一旁飄出,在進入隱密的Sugalabo V餐廳入口前,必須通過一道隱藏式的門,凡是來過這裡的客人們,都為神祕的氛圍感到悸動。僅在晚上營業的Sugalabo V餐廳,以開放式的廚房讓客人感受與觀看,船舶材料和細節,皆與路易威登之家建築設計主題產生共鳴與連結,如私人俱樂部的隱密空間,搭配路易威登Objects Nomades傢俱系列,設計師吉岡德仁(Tokujin Yoshioka)量身打造這間獨特又充滿韻味的餐廳,而餐廳所使用的餐具與餐瓷,以品牌辨識的Monogram為靈感設計,讓來到這裡用餐的嘉賓,帶來數不清的驚奇與幸福感。

The skyline of Osaka

This year, the grand opening Louis Vuitton Osaka flagship store, a spectacular new building designed by the architect Jun Aoki, houses the first-ever Louis Vuitton Café, Le Café V. Locating on the top floor, either at daytime or night, you’re welcomed to visit the spacious terrace and adjoining bar. Right next to Le Café V, in collaboration with the famous chef Yosuke Suga, the secretive flavor wafts out from a hidden door where the restaurant Sugalabo V is located. All the guests who visit here are calmed by this mysterious atmosphere. Sugalabo V restaurant is open only in the evenings. The open kitchen design allows guests to view the cooking process, and taste exclusive cuisine. LV’s architectural theme can be found and linked with those marine elements. The hidden space, private club, is dressed in LV’s Objects Nomades furniture collection. Tokujin Yoshioka, the interior designer, tailors this unique restaurant with iconic Louis Vuitton style. The porcelain tableware is designed with Louis Vuitton Monogram, where the guests enjoy the food along with the countless surprises from the uniqe dining experience.


於美國加州的Gucci馬希莫.波圖拉餐酒館比佛利山分店(Gucci Osteria Da Massimo Bottura Beverly Hills)於Gucci洛杉磯專賣店的屋頂展業,由馳名全球的米其林三星主廚馬希莫.波圖拉(Massimo Bottura)所主導的一間溫馨餐館。Gucci 執行長Marco Bizzarri與主廚Massimo Bottura兩人自幼熟識,2018年開設了佛羅倫斯Gucci Garden(現為Gucci Osteria),更在近期榮獲米其林一星。兩人延續了時尚與美食的合作關係,他們總是相互挑戰對方,將創新帶到各自的領域,因此,透過原創的觀點,以餐酒館的模式創造了一個深具熱情與傳承的合作。

這間在美國的Gucci馬希莫.波圖拉餐酒館比佛利山分店,空間呈現戶外座位區及比佛利山遼闊的美景,充沛的加州陽光灑入室內與陽臺,使空間充滿活力,搭配Gucci的裝飾成功為文化多元的洛杉磯美食界,增添歡悅的新亮點。藉由運用Gucci Décor的壁紙、古董鏡子、紅色大理石餐桌、以及柳條編織餐椅等,整間餐廳的設計呼應佛羅倫斯Gucci餐酒館的細節,同時增添屬於比佛利山分店獨特設計元素,從魚骨形鋪作的木地板及櫻桃紅絲絨長型軟椅。來到戶外屋頂平臺,則有獨一無二的義大利大理石馬賽克地磚,抬頭一望一款古董的木質講臺做為餐酒館的戶外酒吧,令人感到目不暇給,許多細節的刻劃讓人意猶未盡,整個空間瀰漫著溫馨而歡樂的加州風情。

Dining with the views of Beverly Hills

Gucci Osteria Da Massimo Bottura Beverly Hills is located on the rooftop of the Gucci Los Angeles store and is operated by the internationally renowned three- Michelin-star chef Massimo Bottura. Gucci CEO Marco Bizzarri and chef Massimo Bottura, who have known each other since childhood, opened the Florence Gucci Garden (now as Gucci Osteria) in 2018 and recently won a Michelin star. The two continued their cooperation between fashion and food. They have been always challenging each other, which bring innovation to their respective fields. Therefore, with this original idea, the birth of Gucci Osteria created a passionate and inherited collaboration.

Opening its door in the United States, Gucci Osteria Da Massimo Bottura Beverly Hills presents the outdoor seating area and the vast great views of Beverly Hills. The abundant California sunshine shines into the interior and the balcony, making the space full of vitality. The decoration with Gucci successfully highlights the catering in multicultural Los Angeles. Through the use of Gucci Décor wallpaper, antique mirrors, red marble tables and wicker woven dining chairs, the whole restaurant is designed to echo the details of the Gucci Osteria in Florence. Yet, the Beverly hills branch still remains its unique elements, from fishbone wood floors to cherry red velvet long soft chairs, the unique Italian marble Mosaic floor tiles covering the outdoor roof terrace, and an antique wooden podium as the outdoor bar that you may feel overwhelmed and immerse yourself in the interior design details. The whole space is filled with enthusiastic and advantageous California style.