B&B Italia|義式傢俱的哲學 Philosophy of Italian Furniture

陽光普照的春天,B&B Italia藉由獨家創新的精準工藝,為戶外傢俱打造截然不同的設計與氛圍,快速竄紅成為軟墊傢俱領域的B&B Italia,在深入了解時代背景之下,他們造就每一個年代不同的況味與風景。

In sunny spring, B&B Italia has built a completely different design and ambience for outdoor furniture via unique innovative precise craftsmanship. B&B Italia rapidly became popular within the soft furnishing furniture field, understanding in-depth of the time and background to accomplish the different atmosphere and sights of each era.


經典的Ribes在過去都是暢銷款,義大利設計師 Antonio Citterio精心研究色彩的搭配及材質的挑選,在全新模組化戶外傢俱的形態,不論是沙發、躺椅或是椅凳,皆有多種形狀及尺寸可供挑選,透過不同的面料及材質挑選,沙發腳以鋁框製成,並置放具有彈性的玻璃纖維板,向上延伸的扶手及靠背具有兩種連接方式。無論是編織靠背以及滾筒式靠枕,柔軟的坐墊提供如床墊般的舒適坐感,隨著靠枕及扶手枕的變換,為Ribes增添多變性更顯生活感。

設計師 Doshi Levien所創作的Bay拋下對戶外傢俱的既定想像,以圓弧型的雙層聚丙烯纖維麻線交織而成猶如氣囊的扶手和背靠設計,賦予Bay獨有的透視感及輕盈蓬鬆感。弧形的輪廓搭配大份量加厚實心座椅及柔軟的抱枕,同步視覺與觸覺的感受,讓舒適度大幅提升。斑鳩色和碳灰色兩種聚丙烯纖維麻線搭配優雅的坐墊色系與充滿自然氣息的圖騰抱枕,悠閒享受戶外舒適的徐徐微風,為家居生活增添百變樣貌。近期Bay家族了增添縮小版主人椅,為小空間提供更多選擇,而椅凳保有沙發的宜人坐感,為不同需求增加更多選擇。

在飯店的泳池邊,總是在陽光普照的下午,有人大喊「下雨了!」忙碌的服務員開始手忙腳亂收起躺椅上的毛巾,將戶外沙發上的枕頭瀝乾,設計師Philippe Starck所研發的作品「Oh, it rains!」,大型沙發背在一個動作就可以將其折下,讓防水的針織材質發揮它的功效,不僅枕頭靠墊都被保護,連飯店服務員也不用收起毛巾。防水材質依舊繁華穩重,沉穩的灰色色系搭配橘色,亮眼卻不失優雅,是響應幽默名稱的最佳組合。

Embellishment of the Gardens

Classic Ribes has always been the popular model in the past, Italian designer Antonio Citterio meticulously studied the matching of colors and selection of materials, such that there are several forms and sizes for selection whether for sofa, recliners or stools under the brand new modularized outdoor furniture style. The sofa frame is made of aluminum, there are different surface materials for selection, and flexible glass fiber panel is installed, while the armrests extending upward and the seatback have two connection methods. Whether it is the woven seatback or the roller cushion, the soft seating pads provide a comfortable seating experience similar to a mattress, while the changes of the cushion and armrests further introduced a sense of living to Ribes with its changeability. 

The Bay created by designer Doshi Levien deviates from the stereotypical impressions towards outdoor furniture, using arc-shaped double-layered PP fiber thread for the wickerwork of the armrests and seatback design which resemble airbags, endowing the Bay with a unique sense of transparency as well as light and fluffy sentiment. The arch silhouette with solid seat and soft cushion synchronized both visual and touching senses, significantly enhancing the degree of comfort. The two types of PP thread in turtledove and carbon-grey colors with elegantly-colored seating cushions as well as cushions with natural sentiment totems allow for the enjoyment of complete outdoor comfort, adding variations to the living environment. Recently, the Bay family has introduced the miniaturized armchair, offering more options for small space, while the stool preserves the pleasant seating experience of sofa to introduce more options for different needs.

In an afternoon often with sunny weather by the swimming pool in the hotel, someone shouted “It’s raining!” and the busy waiters started to pick up the towels on the recliners in haste while draining the pillows on the outdoor sofa, the “Oh, it rains!” developed by designer Philippe Starck allows the back of the sofa to fold in just one action, letting the waterproof woven material to excel in its function, such that not only the pillows and the cushions are being protected, but even the hotel waiters have no need to pick up the towels. The waterproof material still maintains the glorious dignity, the calm grey colors with orange color is eye-catching but still elegant, it is the ideal combination for responding to the humorous name.