寶璣 Breguet | 皇后御用珠寶大師 每位女人皆是皇后 Queen’s Imperial Jewelry Master, In Every Woman is a Queen


鐘錶與珠寶雙領域的專業加成,屢屢設計製作出極致完美的珠寶腕錶作品,而品牌也向來堅持「In Every Woman is a Queen」核心精神,視每一位女性皆為皇后理念,因此我們在Breguet寶璣的作品裡,不只看到奢華,更是對女人的無盡尊寵。

而被收藏家暱稱為「大花」和「小花」的 Crazy Flower 和 Petite Fleur 高級珠寶鑽錶和珠寶系列,一直以來都是最受歡迎款式,且皆是以瑪麗安東尼皇后對於花的鍾情而設計。Crazy Flower 高級珠寶鑽錶錶框鑲有116顆活動式的方形鑽石,偏心時圈鑲有20顆方形鑽石。Crazy Flower 18K 金高級珠寶戒指則鑲有42顆活動式的方形鑽石,表現了瑪麗安東尼皇后對於花奔放的情感。Petite Fleur高級珠寶鑽錶錶殼則鑲嵌43顆活動式長階梯形切割鑽石,鑽石花瓣晶瑩剔透的折射光線包圍點亮了整個鑲鑽花蕾。

除此之外,Secret de la Reine皇后的秘密高級珠寶系列也是品牌另一代表作,以法國瑪麗安東尼皇后故居—小堤亞儂宮所種植的玫瑰花為創作靈感,貝殼浮雕玫瑰花錶殼格外精緻優雅,以18K玫瑰金鑄造同時飾以手工雕刻的花型貝殼浮雕裝飾,鋪鑲有432圓形鑽石的18K玫瑰金花結,推開旋軸即可以讀取時間。耳環同樣以獨特的手工貝殼浮雕花飾並刻有寶璣隱蔽簽名,以複雜美學來呈現女性最美的一面。

Although Breguet has the background as a Swiss premium watch-making brand, it was also the imperial customized jewelry master for royal maidens including Caroline Murat – Queen of Naples, Queen Marie Antoinette, Queen Josephine – the first wife of Napoleon and Queen Elizabeth…etc. The professional addition of both the timepiece and jewelry domains often lead to designs for making the ultimately perfect jewelry wristwatch works and the brand has always persisted in the core spirit of “In Every Woman is a Queen,” treating every woman like a queen, therefore we cannot only see luxury in the works from Breguet, but also the infinite pampering of women.

The Crazy Flower and Petite Fleur High Jewelry Diamond Watch and Jewelry Collection nicknamed by collectors as the “Big Flower” and “Small Flower” have always been the most popular models, and were all designed based on Queen Marie Antoinette’s passion for flowers. The bezel of Crazy Flower High Jewelry Diamond Watch is set with 116 petals of diamond baguette on a mobile setting, while the off-centered chapter ring is set with 20 baguette-cut diamonds. The 18K Crazy Flower High Jewelry Ring is set with 42 baguette-cut mobile diamonds, expressing Queen Marie Antoinette’s wild emotions towards flowers. The case band for Petite Fleur High Jewelry Diamond Watch is set with 43 petals of diamond baguette on a mobile setting, where the wrapping of the refraction from the crystal clear diamond petals lights up the entire bud set with diamonds.

Other than this, the Secret de la Reine High Jewelry Collection is also another iconic work from the brand, with the creative inspiration based on the roses cultivated in Petit Trianon – the former residence of Marie Antoinette, Queen of France. The delicately hand-sculpted rose on the white cameo watch case appears extremely exquisite and elegant, the 18K rose gold decorated with hand-sculptured floral cameo decoration is set with 432 brilliant-cut diamonds on the 18K rose gold bow, where one may read the time by pushing axis. The earrings are also designed with the unique hand-sculpted floral cameo and carved with a concealed signature from Breguet, demonstrating the most beautiful side of females via sophisticated aesthetics.


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