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Chopard一直被譽為「紅毯女星的最愛」,幾乎所有國際電影大獎紅毯皆能見其作品令女明星們增色,而2020年Chopard 更深入電影核心,與製作一系列007電影的EON Productions製片公司(EON Productions)攜手合作,創作出獨一無二的Happy Hearts - Golden Hearts 珠寶系列。

品牌總裁兼藝術總監卡羅琳・舍費爾(Caroline Scheufele)個人便十分熱衷於電影,更藉著「最具潛質演員獎」提拔明日之星。Happy Hearts – Golden Hearts 珠寶系列靈感來自於品牌經典代表—Happy Hearts系列,推出手環、耳環、吊墜及長項鏈,”滑動鑽石”本為品牌鮮明icon,象徵著自由不羈和冒險精神,於此系列設計中依然可見,鑲鑽大型心形與內藏滑動鑽石的小巧心形飾物兩兩相稱,散發出奢華同時靈動之美,而Chopard將來也將參與007電影,為此經典電影中另一個奢華亮點。而於母親節即將到來前夕,Chopard 也精選了多樣極具意涵的推薦單品,如珠寶腕錶,能讓母親出席任何場合皆優雅得宜;而象徵著幸運符碼的Happy Hearts系列則是給予母親最貼心的守護及陪伴,以及傳承幸運的 Happy Diamonds「Good Luck Charm」系列將細緻的作品幻化為溫暖的雙手,就好像關注與溫暖擁抱從不曾離開,讓原本靜止的鑽石幻化為靈動輕盈的生命,變化出適合現代女性日常穿搭配戴的珠寶作品,更顯現了細緻地女性魅力,此無疑是贈與母親的最好祝福。

Chopard has always been honored as the “favorite to female stars on the red carpet,” its works can be seen on female celebrities to enhance their beauty while walking down the red carpet in almost all international movie awards. In 2020, Chopard further became involved with film collaboration with EON Productions – the company which produced the 007 movie series to create the unique Happy Hearts – Golden Hearts jewelry collection. Caroline Scheufele, the co-president and artistic director of the brand is enthusiastic towards movies, and even raised stars of tomorrow via the “Trophée Chopard.” Happy Hearts – Golden Hearts jewelry collection was inspired by the brand’s classic work – Happy Hearts collection, launching bangles, earrings, pendants and long necklaces; the distinctive icon of “moving diamonds” for the brand which symbolizes free, unrestrained and adventurous spirit can still be seen in this design collection. The large heart set with diamonds and the small moving diamond hearts contained inside complement each other, demonstrating an inspirational beauty on top of luxury. Chopard will also be taking part in the new 007 movie, making it another luxurious highlight of this classic movie. On the eve of Mother’s Day, Chopard has also selected several meaningful recommended items, such as jewelry wristwatch, allowing mothers to attend any occasion with adequate elegance. The Happy Hearts collection symbolizing a lucky symbol will be offering mothers with the sweetest protection and company, while the Happy Diamonds “Good Luck Charm” collection passing on fortune will transform the exquisite works into warm hands, as if caring and warm hugs have never left, thereby allowing the still diamonds to transform into inspirational brisk life, turning into pieces of jewelry suitable for everyday outfits of modern females, further demonstrating the delicate feminine charisma, which is no doubt the best blessing to gift to mothers.


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