Cindy Chao | 走在未來之前 大師連袂創作 Beyond Time, The co-creation with a master

過往人們對於裝置藝術僅僅只是用來欣賞,但這次Cindy Chao與Tom Postma卻打破即定框架,聯手以鋼材來型塑大自然的有機線條,從珠寶創作延伸至五感的感知與體驗,主要就是要傳達藝術最原始而單純的意涵–「精神的昇華、抒發情懷的載體,與意識形態的表現」。Tom採用堅硬的不鏽鋼材與紅古銅合金,來形塑樹幹向天地延伸的生長軌跡,並同時仿效木質天然的色澤。而來自於建築師家族血脈的Cindy Chao,也以建築師的力學角度與Tom Postma討論結構的穩定度,以及承載強化玻璃櫃的能力,同時又透過女性藝術家的柔和視角親手將鋼材修剪調整成柔美自然的曲線,兩位大師合作最後造成堅硬與柔美的「剛柔並濟」佳作。Tom Postma也如此說道:「打造一場藝術盛宴就與規劃一座城市般,當我看到Cindy在方寸之間,卻展現宏偉建築的藝術珠寶所震撼,與Cindy溝通策展方向後,相比我過去偌大的皇宮建案或是巨型藝展,我毫無懸念地接下Cindy這個“如同珍珠”可遇不可求,像是打造一個最小的大城市般的建設案。」

The European Fine Art fair (TEFAF) has always been the premium exhibition in the art and culture circles. Once again, CINDY CHAO’s The Art Jewel has been invited to participate in. In addition, she has teamed up with the Dutch national architectural artist Tom Postma to build the world’s first mobile museum, and to publish the 2020 Master collection.

People used to only enjoyed the sight of installation art, However, Cindy Chao and Tom Postma broke the framework this time by jointly using steel to shape the visible organic lines of the nature. Extending from jewelry creation to the perception of senses, the purpose is to convey the most primitive and simple meaning of art – “the spiritual sublimation, the carrier for expressing feelings, and the manifestation of ideology.” Tom used hard stainless steel and red copper alloy to form the tree trunk, the growth path, extending to both the sky and the earth and at the same time imitating the natural color of wood. On the other hand, Cindy Chao, with her architect family background, also discussed the stability of the structure and the capacity to carry the reinforced glass cabinet with Tom Postma according to the mechanical angle. From the perspective of female artists, she adjusted the steel clip into the soft natural curve. The cooperation of two masters finally brought a combination of “hardness and softness” to us. Tom Postma mentioned, “to create an art feast is like building a city. I was impressed by Cindy’s ability to create the magnificent architecture in her limited space of art jewelry. After communicating with Cindy about the direction of this exhibition, although there was a huge difference compared to my past work, either a large palace or a huge art exhibition, I had no doubts collaborating with Cindy. This opportunity is ‘like a pearl,’ something we couldn’t ask for. It was like the construction of the smallest spectacular city.”