BVLGARI|奢華饗宴Luxurious Feast

BVLGARI日前為迎接最新Cinemagia頂級珠寶系列,分別於義大利與上海兩地舉辦了盛大發表會,而兩處各自所擁有風情,為頂級珠寶增添了截然不同氣氛。卡布里島位於阿瑪菲海岸(Amalfi Coast) 外海,四周被蔚藍無比的大海環繞著,並且擁有令人屏息的美麗景色,在義大利電影全盛時期,位於羅馬近郊的義大利最大影視製作基地Cinecittà擁有「台伯河上的好萊塢」美譽,而當時紛紛移居至羅馬的眾多電影人們,也醉心於卡布里島的「甜蜜生活」氛圍。

BVLGARI Cinemagia頂級珠寶盛宴在於此能俯瞰大海的島上標誌性建築Villa Certosa舉辦,作品就如同紅毯上巨星,而賓客們更在Villa Certosa充滿詩意的門廊下享受寶格麗精心準備的豪華晚宴,品嚐米其林星級精緻佳餚。而於上海,則是選擇了羅斯福公館,將電影世界裡的經典瞬間凝聚成光彩奪目的珠寶臻品。在這個充滿浪漫風情的空間裡,來自BVLGARI Cinemagia 光影奇遇頂級珠寶系列的368件珍寶閃耀出令人心醉神迷的奪目光彩。漫步在這些傳世之作之間,凝固在珠寶中的經典電影畫面又浮現在眼前,賓客們恍惚中化身為電影世界中的主角,開啟屬於自己的動人情節。由此禮讚寶格麗與電影之間的深厚淵源,帶領嘉賓進入一場光影交錯的曼妙時光。羅斯福公館是坐落於上海外灘的一顆璀璨明珠,燈火輝煌的繁華景致與外灘獨有的復古風情在此交織。

To welcome the latest Cinemagia High Jewelry Collection, BVLGARI recently held two grand presentations in Italy and Shanghai, respectively, and the unique sentiments of both places introduced completely different ambiences to high jewelry. Capri is located offshore to the Amalfi Coast surrounded by the azure ocean with breathtaking magnificent views; during the heyday of Italian movies, Italy’s largest film-making base Cinecittà located by the suburbs of Rome was honored as the “Hollywood on the Tiber River,” while many movie people who immigrated to Rome back then also indulged in the “Sweet Life” atmosphere of Capri. The BVLGARI Cinemagia High Jewelry grand feast was held here at Villa Certosa, the landmark building on the island capable of embracing the ocean, where the works resemble the superstars on the red carpet and the guests further enjoyed the sumptuous night banquet to savor Michelin-Star grade exquisite cuisines meticulously prepared by BVLGARI on the poetic porch of Villa Certosa. As for Shanghai event, the House of Roosevelt was selected, transforming the classic moments of the movie world into resplendently dazzling jewelry pieces. In this space filled with romantic sentiment, the 368 treasures from BVLGARI Cinemagia High Jewelry Collection demonstrated charming resplendence. Strolling amongst these legendary works, the classic movie scenes on the pieces of jewelry once again showed up in front of you, while the spaced-out guests turn into the leading roles of the movie world to unveil the touching story of their own. The deep history between BVLGARI and movies is praised here, taking the guests to enter wonderful moments with the lights and shadows. The House of Roosevelt is a bright pearl located in the Bund of Shanghai, where the glorious and prosperous scenes overlap with the unique retro sentiments of the Bund.