Tiffany & Co.|絕美珠寶盒 Magnificent Jewel Box

對Tiffany而言,大自然向來是最繽紛豐沛的靈感泉源,而此次最新Tiffany Jewel Box高級珠寶系列除了如過往用盡各種珍稀寶石之外,更將藝術美感與科學工藝結合,將大自然萬物的詮釋方式更上一層樓。舉Icons主題為例,品牌經典的心形與星形圖案以獨特方式重新賦予現代了精神,極具摩登現代感的不對稱不對稱星形造型,傳遞了重構的創意理念。Mosaic系列採用了馬賽克圖案設計,以現代手法煥新演繹傳統的吊墜設計。其中一件採用月光石的吊墜作品致敬Tiffany經典。




To Tiffany, mother nature has always been the most flourishing and abundant origin of inspirations and other than using as much various types of rare precious tones, as in  the past, the latest Tiffany Jewel Box High Jewelry Collection further combined artistic sense with scientific craft, taking a step higher for the interpretation approach of all organisms in nature. With the theme “Icons” as an example, the brand’s classic heart and star patterns endowed it with a modern spirit via a unique approach, the extremely modern asymmetrical star shape conveyed the creative concept of reconstruction. The Mosaic Collection adopted mosaic pattern designs to present traditional pendant design with a modern technique. One of the pendants with moonstone pays tribute to Tiffany’s classic. The theme of Brilliance returns to Tiffany’s tradition, searching for design inspirations from rare precious stones gifted by nature. Ribbon is another classic design of the brand, where the platinum setting with smooth lines sturdily carries the vari-colored precious stones, highlighting the exceptional quality craftsmanship standards. Sculpture adopted innovative modern classic design, which features a unique customized shape that can be worn with relaxation, allowing people to sense the tension between nature and crafted sculpture. The theme of Flora subverted the tradition to present surreal flowers, customized cut sapphires and diamonds with gradated colors transformed into scattered soft petals, while the sapphire petal pattern appears to be under a thin veil with the overlapping stacking layers. The theme of Flight applied one of the 18K golden butterfly necklace, where the Princess-cut diamonds set in the dome structure not only allowed the entire piece with an elegant flow and distinctive edges and corners, but further ingeniously demonstrated the contrast between texture and form, while the resplendent rays of diamonds and the smooth surface of the golden butterfly wings form a sharp contrast. The theme of Frame is the brand new iconic work from Tiffany, the frames used allow the precious stones on the inner circle to appear as if floating inside the boundaries meticulously constructed, while the precious stones set inside with the composing elements constantly change to present a surprising harmony, perfectly demonstrating Tiffany’s innovative design and craft.