Van Cleef & Arpels|粹煉靈動之美 Refining Beauty

早在1920年代,品牌便已開始透過作品向大自然致意,但相較於其他品牌力求擬真,Van Cleef & Arpels 梵克雅寶更在意的是靈動之美與演變的奧妙,因此旗下作品總有一絲詩意以及幻象浪漫之美。舉「日本漆繪蝴蝶」為例,品牌便與日本漆藝大師箱瀨淳一(M. Junichi Hakose)共同合作,將漆繪技術手工藝展現於蝴蝶之中,也因為都由純手工製作,每一件皆為獨一無二珍品。

「Flowers 花卉」也為品牌最具代表性創作之一,透過珠寶大師「黃金之手」(Mains d’Or)將工藝與紅寶石、祖母綠、彩色藍寶石、碧璽或珍珠貝母⋯等各種珍稀寶石結合,舉凡相思草、雛菊、矢車菊或毛茛組成優雅的花束都像在讚頌春天,並且齊鳴綻放於我們的粉頸、秀髮及腕間。「迷人動物」則格外深得人心,自1950年代起,Van Cleef & Arpels 梵克雅寶便開始為小動物創造可愛動物園,而靈感來源則來自於早期的動畫電影,當中一股滑稽感令人不禁莞爾一笑,之後便不斷推陳出新創作狗、大象、狐狸、松鼠⋯等各種動物。

「Les Jardins 頂級珠寶系列」 與「California rêverie 系列 」則為源自於大自然創作,前者借鑑園藝藝術,包含品牌四大哲學,東方園林追求微觀世界中的自然和諧、法式園林謹遵幾何原理、英式園林融入四周環境、義大利風格則為文藝復興時期特色,呈現園林為房屋延伸之處。後者則是為了慶祝進駐美國七十週年所特別推出系列,充滿了各種眾多大型、大膽、色彩艷麗的作品。

To Van Cleef & Arpels, nature resembles a treasure house with copious inspirations, always allowing designers to be filled with wild imaginations, which are also the most challenging art creations to craftsman. These two eventually combine their profession to successfully capture the most charming moments of animals and plants. Early in the 1920s, the brand has already begun to pay tribute to nature through its works, but when compared to other brands which pursue reality, Van Cleef & Arpels places more attention towards the spiritual beauty and the subtlety of evolution, hence its works often reveal a sense of poetic and intriguingly romantic beauty. Taking the “Japanese Lacquered Butterfly” for instance, the brand collaborated with Japan lacquer art master, M. Junichi Hakose to demonstrate the lacquer techniques and craftsmanship on the butterflies and each piece is a unique treasure because they are purely handmade. 

“Flowers” is also one of the iconic creations from the brand, through the “Golden Hands” (Mains d’Or) of the jewelry masters, craftsmanship is combined with various types of precious stones including ruby, emerald, colored sapphire, tourmaline or mother pearl…etc., such that elegant bouquets containing Acacia, Daisy, Cornflower or Japanese Buttercup all appear to praise the spring, and to flourish together on our necks, hairs and wrists. “Lucky Animals” is most favored by all and since the 1950s, Van Cleef & Arpels began to create a cute zoo for little animals, while the inspiration was derived from animated movies in the early days, where the sense of humor often made people laugh, it was since then that it continued to launch all types of newly-created animals such as the dog, elephant, fox and squirrel…etc.

“Les Jardins High Jewelry Collection” and “California Reverie Collection” were inspired by the creations of nature, the former one referred to gardening art, including the four great philosophies of the brand: the Asian garden seeks to reproduce natural harmony in a microcosm; the strict geometry of the French garden; the English garden that blends into the surrounding environment; and the Italian style with the characteristics of the Renaissance, demonstrating the garden as the extension of the house. The latter is the collection specially launched in celebration of its 70th anniversary in America, which is filled with several large, bold and colorful works.