De Beers | 當代藝術&鑽石自然奇蹟 Contemporary Art and Diamond Natural Miracle

TEXT | Jocelyne Liu

而此次展覽和藝術家李霽跨界共同創作裝置藝術,將鑽石作為大自然藝術傑作的概念發揮,傳達DE BEERS 與大自然連結的核心精神。以鑽石生成的三個階段「樸實、雕琢、雋永」作為藍本,講述靈光的珍貴與可遇不可求,並結合永續環保的複合媒材與植物元素進行重組,重新建構出一系列以「Aura 靈光」為名的展品。而除了裝置藝術為我們帶來全新的感官刺激和享受,展出的珠寶作品也極其精彩,共超過 60 件、總價逾新台幣 9 億的頂級珠寶作品,其中更有DE BEERS最頂級珍稀的鑽石陣容,花式切割 D 色 Type IIa 頂級無色鑽石到極為罕見的「變色龍」鑽石,以及包含橘鑽、藍鑽、粉紅鑽等令人嘆為觀止的珍稀彩鑽瑰寶,都是自然之母與專業珠寶工匠無間合作的最佳典範。

Among the jewel exhibitions held recently, the Nature’s Wonders High Jewelry Exhibition launched by DE BEERS has the strongest artistic sense! The brand has been committed to building up a sustainable and harmless diamond industry on Earth; the establishment of the Building Forever project has developed four concepts, protecting the natural world, community partnership program, standing with women and being the industry-leading professional with ethical fulfillment. Besides sponsoring more than 700 women micro-entrepreneurs in Namibia, Botswana and South Africa as well as supporting the elevation of educational quality in local communities, DE BEERS brings positive influence to the overall natural environment through the implementation of conservation projects. The exhibition is a joint creation completed by the collaboration with Lee Chi, the installation artist; it takes the diamond as nature’s masterpiece of art as the basic to deliver the core spirit of DE BEERS in the integration with nature; the three formation phases of a diamond, “untouched, cutting, ever-lasting” are taken as the blueprint that describes the precious and unexpected aura of glory. Furthermore, through the reorganized integration of the sustainable eco-friendly compound materials and botanical elements, the collection of the reconstructed displays named “Aura of glory” has been completed. In addition to the installation art that brings us a brand-new sensory excitement and pleasure, the exhibited jewelry masterpieces are extremely fantastic; there’re over 60 pieces of luxurious jewelry artworks at the total price of more than NT$9 billion, from the highest classification ranked DE BEERS flawless Type IIa D with fancy cutting to the extremely rare “Chameleon Diamond” as well as the precious and rare colored diamonds, including orange diamond, blue diamond, pink diamond, etc. they are the best model examples of teamwork between mother nature and professional jewelry craftsmen.