創造下一個世紀的能源 The Energy for the Next Century

Mercedes-Benz EQC 400 4MATIC; designo selenitgrau magno; AMG Line; Ledernachbildung ARTICO; Mikrofaser DINAMICA schwarz;Stromverbrauch kombiniert: 20,8 – 19,7 kWh/100 km; CO2-Emissionen kombiniert: 0 g/km* Mercedes-Benz EQC 400 4MATIC; designo selenite grey magno; AMG Line; ARTICO man-made leather / DINAMICA microfiber black;ombined electric energy consumption: 20.8 - 19.7 kWh/100 km; combined CO2 emissions: 0 g/km*

2020 世界地球日恰滿 50 周年,全球卻也面臨新型冠狀病毒海嘯般侵襲,每日高速運轉的日常被迫停滯,意外讓另一處生機蓬勃而起,野生動物現跡,天空變的澄澈,病毒海嘯弭平人類活動,卻滋養出一塊環保的綠洲。配合節能減碳的意識和各國政策方針,電動車可望逆勢成長,不少豪華品牌 Mercedes-Benz、Audi、Jaguar 和 BMW,紛紛在這智慧電能移動新時代展開競逐。

The 50th anniversary of Earth Day is celebrated in 2020; however, the world has been attacked by the outbreak of the new COVID-19 and the high-speed daily routines are forced to stop. With no expectations of the future, the emerging new possibilities happen by chance, such as wild animals show up, the sky becomes clear, etc. Although the tsunami of virus disabled human activity, an oasis of environmental protection got nourishment. Following the concept of energy efficiency, carbon emission reduction and different policies by all nations, it’s expected to see the continued electric-vehicle (EV) growth. Several luxury car brands, such as Mercedes-Benz, Audi, Jaguar and BMW, have competed with each other in the new intelligent EV era.

Mercedes-Benz EQC科技溫度

Mercedes-Benz 電能子品牌 EQ,首部量產休旅車款 EQC 終於進軍台灣電動車市場,外觀從車身結構、車側動感線條乃至輪圈看似豪華休旅 GLC,不過暗夜裡,EQC 一道LED頭燈光條劃破黑暗,眨著水藍色的澄澈光條奪人目光,錯身而過又可見 EQC 廠徽光飾,科技內涵流瀉而出。

EQC 外表冷豔卻於內裝隱藏細膩溫度,ARTICO/ Sunnyvale 織布設計座椅細膩繡上玫瑰金縫線,一道道送出的冷氣出風口也鍍以玫瑰金,增添年輕氣息,2873mm 的軸距和電動玻璃天窗讓視野更加開闊,腳下踩著絲絨踏墊,不失高雅。享受智慧便捷,Mercedes-Benz的「MBUX 多媒體系統」,行進中一聲「Hey,賓士!」就能叫出數位助理,方便駕駛專注於前方視野,串聯遠端操控技術「Mercedes me connect」應用程式,即便當日行程緊湊也能事先於手機輸入目的地導航,一上車即優雅出發。

Mercedes-Benz EQC

Mercedes-Benz EQC, the first series-production electric vehicle that has emerged from its EQ electric mobility range, has been introduced to the electric vehicle (EV) market in Taiwan. With not only the exterior looking like the luxurious RV GLC, including the car structure, crossover and rim design but also the headlamps with the eye-catching light in the clear blue color that breaks the dark and the logo of the EQC vehicle range, the model accents the technological context. 

EQC has a striking appearance incorporated with a delicate interior that highlights coziness. The seat is designed with the ARTICO/ Sunnyvale woven fabric and the rose-gold colored embroidery threads; the air vents are coated in the rose-gold color for an extraordinary youthful atmosphere. The 2,873mm wheelbase and the electric glass sliding sunroof create a wider view; also, the velvet floor mats bring a graceful sense. The Mercedes-Benz’s “MBUX (Mercedes-Benz User Experience) infotainment system, a driving assistant can be activated by saying “Hey,Mercedes!” during driving to help the driver focus on the road ahead; along with the  “Mercedes Me Connect” that links you to your vehicle by a mobile phone, you’re allowed to keep monitoring the car from a remote distance; besides, you may enter the destination to the navigation system before the day with busy schedules so that you may manage your trip gracefully on the go.

BMW Concept i4徹底變革

BMW變革從廠徽就能看見決心,最大特點在於熟悉的外圍黑底已鏤空透明,預計於明年量產的電動車 i4 就能窺見全新設計。概念車 i4 烤漆用上 Frozen Light Copper,恍若艷陽下的金色荒漠,一條條藍光蔓延至車身四角,經典的腎型進氣孔原廠表示將會發展為智能面板。

呼應外觀近似玫瑰金的磨砂銅色,內裝從座椅、儀表板至門板多由淺色系布料和皮革,以及金屬感元素打造恍如貴賓室般的高級質感,iDrive 控制器和座椅記憶按鈕等元件則採用水晶玻璃鑲框,全景式的玻璃車頂,少了厚重黑框的車窗,彷彿創造出穿越車體的遼闊感,面對未來移動,副總裁 Jens Thiemer 認為BMW 的角色將「更開放、更清澈」。

BMW Concept i4

The revolution of BMW is exposed on the new flat logo on the Concept i4 that shows determination; one of the most distinctive features, the iconic black ring is gone, and is now transparent. The color paint chosen for the Concept i4 is Frozen Light Copper, which appears like a golden desert under the sun; strips of blue lights are around the 4 corners; and, the factory of the classic double kidney grille indicated that the grille will become an intelligent panel.

Responding to the rose gold-like tumbled copper shade, the interior design from the seat and dashboard to the door are covered with light-colored fabric and leather, and the metallic elements creates a high-class texture like a VIP room. iDrive Controller and seat memory buttons in the doors are finished in a classy crystal glass. The full-length panorama glass sunroof reduces the heavyweight-textured black window frames, it creates a wide view breaking through the car. Moreover, the swifts between the 3 modes, “Core,” “Sport,” and “Efficient” are changing with output, interior lighting, as well as the contents and colors on the display. Particularly, BMW invited Hans Zimmer, the world-renowned composer and music producer for film soundtracks, to develop the Iconic Sounds Electric system; for instance, switching to the sports mode, the sound matches the power and speed to make the driving a sports experience; the wavetable sound source satisfies the atmosphere during driving. Facing the future vehicles market, Senior Vice President Customer & Brand BMW Jens Thiemer thinks the 2020 new logo will “radiate more openness and clarity.”

Audi e-tron sportback 燈光科技

休旅車款式最受台灣人喜愛,Audi 電動車除有 e-tron,另還有 Coupé 四門跑車 e-tron Sportback,飽滿輪拱和擾流尾翼展現動感視覺,而圓滑流暢的斜背設計則描繪出優雅氛圍。缺少引擎聲的電動車,還給駕駛和用路人舒適寧靜的新移動,卻也因降低警示而有安全隱憂,Audi當然也發揮精益求精的科技力,e-tron Sportback 率先全球車壇的數位矩陣頭燈科技 (Digital Matrix Headlights),一百萬片微鏡芯片5000 次以上的秒速調整創造光影美學,映照華麗圖騰揭示 e-tron Sprortback 歸來,暗夜中也能鋪成一席光毯,隨著車道調整變換照明範圍,引領駕駛勇敢前行。

高科技座艙享受安全更是首要考量,車室內可選配虛擬後照鏡 (Audi Virtual Mirror),無論高速行駛、過彎或停車暗角,駕駛皆能自由變換情境提升行車安全。前座配有三面高畫質觸控螢幕,更貼心設計遊艇式造型的懸浮排檔頭,駕駛得以將手腕輕擱並以大拇指和食指輕撥換檔穩當行駛。

Audi e-tron Sportback 

When purchasing vehicles most of the Taiwanese tend to choose RV over other types of cars. Audi offers e-tron, also e-tron Sportback which takes the shape of a coupe-fied crossover with a sloped roofline ending with a slightly sportier rear. The absence of an internal combustion engine is a new technology that brings back a quiet and comfortable environment to drivers and pedestrians; however, the lower-level alarm causes a safety concern. The Audi surely makes the best use of its technology of excellence on the e-tron Sportback, which is equipped with the world’s first Digital Matrix Headlights in the car market. The high-tech headlights uses a chip with over one million micro-mirrors and each one can tilt, individually, 5,000 times a second to create the aesthetics of light and shadow; the gorgeous projection is an iconic sign of the arriving e-tron Sportback, a light carpet is paved over the road in the dark and changing along with the direction, the adaptive headlights lead the driver to move forward bravely.

The high-tech cabin for the enjoyment of safety is the priority consideration. Inside the car, Audi Virtual Mirror is available as an option; no matter if you are doing high-speed driving, turning or parking, it provides the driver with different views for better safety. The front seat is equipped with 3 high-resolution displays with touch panel; the gear knob is designed to be adaptive cruise control, the driver can operate it with the thumb and forefingers while selecting the gears.

Jaguar New I-PACE 感官饗宴

Jaguar 一台曾經作為007電影《惡魔四伏》反派坐駕的油電混合概念超跑 C-X75,最終沒能量產,如今相同的設計語彙改寫於首款純電動跑車型 SUV Jaguar New I-PACE,大氣車頭,隨氣流通過車頭通風口至流暢車腰、與車身齊平的隱藏式車門握把,再拂過尾巴一道通風口和造型尾翼,彷彿一頭蟄伏的豹俐落衝破電動新世代,迥異於現行 SUV 車款造型。而性能更汲取自 Panasonic Jaguar Racing捷豹車隊參與 Formula E 電動方程式賽事的純電動科技,傳承跑車靈魂卻力求進化。

享受馳騁快感時,I-PACE 的前窗與擋風玻璃採用隔音夾層結構,頭頂全景式玻璃天窗能吸收輻射線,穿越城市叢林或荒野綠地,同時阻隔耳邊呼嘯風切聲,車內離子化空氣降低異味和細菌,享受舒適與靜謐。英倫車工藝手工雕琢內裝,優雅的情境照明輝映座椅精緻的對比雙針縫線,可前移的座艙讓雙腳得以安放,配備英國鑑賞級 Meridian™ 音響系統,樂音的厚度和清晰度恍若一座移動式表演廳,實現感官享受。

Jaguar New I-PACE 

Jaguar C-X75, a hybrid-electric concept supercar, was built for the villain in the James Bond films, but it has never been put into mass-production. Currently, the same design terminology inspired the Jaguar’s first all-electric performance SUV Jaguar New I-PACE. The bold front end, the air current through the grille to the sleek body of the car, the hidden exterior door handles, the ducts air through the hood vent and the design of the tail, the model is like a dormant jaguar running through the new era for electric vehicles, different from the other SUV models in the market. Its performance is the all-electric technology inspired by the Panasonic Jaguar Racing Formula E Team; a revolutionary model inherited the soul of a racing car.

During the speed enjoyment of driving the I-PACE, both the front window and windscreen feature acoustic laminated glass as well as the overhead panoramic glass sunroof attributing the absorption of radiation offer a refined and quiet drive. Besides, Cabin Air Ionisation neutralises odours as well as minimising bacteria and pollution for a more pleasant and healthy in-car environment.The interior design with British handcrafting reveals elegant lighting and an extraordinarily refined and contrasting double-stitch seam. The adjustable front seats make more legroom; the highly regarded Meridian™ Audio in the UK makes the cabin a mobile performance hall filled with music thickness and clarity, it’s a fulfillment of sensory enjoyment.