林芃彣 Sabrina Lin | 與夢想齊舞 Dancing with Dreams

Sabrina現年26歲,綁起烏黑的中長髮一臉素雅,雪紡裙襬散落在高腳椅邊,唱起音樂劇《悲慘世界》的經典名曲《I Dream a Dream》,飽滿聲線順著耳輪深入心弦,閉起的眼眸、撩撥空氣的指尖,Sabrina 對表演不光是熱情更擁有長才。拍攝當天,穿著黑色運動褲的她踩著輕盈步伐,高掛的笑容在小麥色臉龐刻出稚嫩弧線,活潑氣息立刻融化了採訪現場的緊張氛圍。

Sabrina Lin, age 26, tied her black mid-length hair to a ponytail with seems like a light makeup on her face. Her chiffon skirt scattered around the barstool when she was singing the classic song I Dream a Dream from the musical, Les Miserable. She sang in her rich voice that touched our hearts; with her eyes closed and her fingers moving in the air, Sabrina is not only passionate for performance but also very talented. On the day of the photoshoot, she was wearing black sportswear and walked light-footed to the gallery; the curves of a happy smile on her face, along with the tanned skin tone, altogether made her much younger, her lively glamor instantly radiant the atmosphere of the interview.


一連三套服裝,變換不同場景,拍攝中的 Sabrina 絲毫不見方才的羞澀,快門喀嚓聲是背景樂,她像跳舞女伶曼妙演繹著 Tiffany HardWear 系列珠寶,以女力帶起優雅革命。而 Tiffany Keys 系列鏈墜則是 Sabrina 人生中第一件珠寶,收到母親精心挑選的禮物固然開心,Sabrina 卻苦惱「以前根本不愛美,看到項鏈很美卻不知道怎麼戴上。」少了女孩對短裙的幻想,私底下的她更愛中性打扮,甚至有和父親相似的父女裝,回想起 18 歲時 Sabrina 在母親眼中已得獨當一面,父親卻仍當她是公主「到房間替我蓋被子」。

從小就到新加坡讀書,11 年的英文環境、南洋國家同儕的熱情,Sabrina 約莫 14 歲正值青春期的年紀回到台灣,卻深感文化衝擊,轉學成了家常便飯。當時的她厚重瀏海快淹沒視線,內心的不安全感更觸發肌膚敏感,即便頂著豔陽她只想包裹全身「剛開始回台灣,我不敢見人,也不敢讓別人見我。」憶起過去仍無法理解當初的自己。嘗試尋找自我,Sabrina 跨出窄小的內心世界試圖豐富社交生活,成功交到為數不少的朋友,她卻坦言「那也不是真正的我。」


大學再度出國前往英國倫敦格林威治大學求學,相比台灣人應對進退講求禮儀,Sabrina 更習慣英國人的直來直往與紳士風度,還找回喜愛表演的初衷念了音樂劇和舞台劇。除了整日埋首深奧的戲劇理論,Sabrina 假日則固定做瑜珈、游泳,和友人分享她最愛的川味美食,更沉浸於唱歌、Zumba 或國標舞恰恰。她從小愛唱歌,也看著母親王菁菁的演員生活,母女倆第一次去倫敦欣賞《歌劇魅影》開啟她的演員夢,如今再返回發夢的起點-倫敦,她難掩激動「我好喜歡啊,這裡有好多戲可以看!」此刻的 Sabrina 成為同儕眼中的「University mother」(*編按:很會照顧人的朋友),「看到朋友受傷還衝去便利商店買藥。」細膩觀察周遭、適時關照朋友,也享受一人在英國獨處的時光。


即便耽溺從小對父親的依賴,經歷倫敦求學生活的 Sabrina 現在反而更常和母親分享「女人」心事,在她眼中總是「勇往直衝」的母親,成為她前進的動力「跟著爸爸很容易放鬆。」公主終究得鬆開國王溫厚的雙手。Sabrina 在家反而有代母職的錯覺,她想起某天下著暴雨的台北,出門短短 10 分鐘路程,因為深諳母親總是低頭滑手機不看路的習慣,「我擔心她跌倒,最後跟媽媽一起去。」因為疫情從倫敦返台,想起疼愛他的父親,Sabrina 一改活潑的語調,幽微講起和家人緊密連結的時光「現在有很多時間跟一起看劇、一起吃飯比較多了,在家的時間也多了,說真的我很珍惜。」人生階段性的考驗從未停過,Sabrina 總是正面迎戰、調整腳步,勇於嘗試下碰撞出的火花,在暗夜等待後特別璀璨動人。

Too invigorating adolescence

Three different outfits, three different scenes, Sabrina was never shy from the beginning of the photoshoots, The shutter sound was the background music; and her natural physics was like a dancing artist who presented the jewelry of Tiffany HardWear collection in a most graceful and artistic ways; which I feel almost like she was fearlessly examining feminism in her own unique way. A charm necklace from The Tiffany Keys collection was Sabrina’s first Tiffany jewelry; although receiving a refined gift from her mother made her happy, Sabrina said, “I wasn’t used to dress up myself when I was little, it was troublesome when I got a beautiful necklace because I had no idea when to wear it.” Different from other girls, Sabrina has never fancy short skirt at her teenage years, even till now she prefers neutral clothing like the father-daughter sweatpants; flashing back to the time when she just turned 18, Sabrina was already independent to her mother, yet her father still treats her like a princess, “he even tuck me in to sleep.”

In Sabrina’s early education, she studied in Singapore for 11 years. Within the southeastern culture, the passionate friendship felt like home to her. However, soon after she returned to Taiwan in her adolescence at the age of 14; she was then experiencing cultural shocks, therefore, transferring schools has become one of her yearly routines. During the time, Sabrina had this heavy bang that almost blocked her eyesight, her insecurity transfer into her skin allergy; even on the hottest sunny days, she wanted to cover up her body to hide, “when I first came back to Taiwan, I was afraid to meet people, and I tried to avoid being seen at all time.” When recalling the past self, Sabrina still hasn’t figured out the reason why. Though Trying to search for herself, Sabrina at last stepped out of her small comfort zone and enriched her social life; she made quite a few friends in the end, but she admitted, “In my mind, I felt like I was still wondering around.”

Stabilized steps for better observation

Sabrina is currently studying in Univeristy of Greenwich, in London, she feels more familiar with the British’s straightforward interpersonal communication, it is a lot different compared to the Taiwanese etiquette that focuses on every detailed interaction with others. Also, she found her initial passion for performance and chose to major in musicals and stage play. Besides the all-day efforts on studying the profound drama theory, Sabrina enjoys regular activities, such as doing yoga, swimming, and sharing her favorite Sichuan dishes with friends on holidays; she’s also in love with singing, dancing Zumba, and Cha-cha. Ever since she was little, she loves singing and watching her mother pursuing her actress career. When watching The Phantom of the Opera with her mother in London for the first time, she began to dream about becoming an actress. Recalling this start point of her acting path, she shared with excitement, “I love the city so much, and there are so numerous fantastic plays to enjoy!” Meanwhile, Sabrina has become a “university mother” in the eyes of her peers, “Whenever my friends were sick, I rushed to buy medicine in the convenience store.” Sabrina’s observant characteristic, taking care of her friends, within the accompany of her friends, she also enjoys her alone time in her favorite city, London.

Consistency of trying possibilities

Even though Sabrina has been loved unconditionally by her father, after leaving the fatherly love and went abroad to London, she then become more open minded to her mother, “girls’ talks” has become one of their daily routines. In Sabraina’s eyes, her mother is always “brave and fearless,” which is a huge part of her motivation while studying acting. Finally at last, Sabrina, who feels more relaxed with her father, has finally let go from her father’s warm and supportive arms, and is ready for the challenging in life. Additionally when at home, Sabrina sometimes seems to be more like a mother. Recalling on the day where a torrential downpour hit Taipei; although it took only a 10-minute walk to run the errand, “I was worried that she might fall down, so I went out with my mother to make sure she’s safe and sound.” because she knows her mother doesn’t pay attention to the road condition but always uses her phone while walking. Lately, due to the pandemic, she returned to Taiwan from London, she gathered with her loving father, spent time sharing her life in London with her family, “Lately, we have more time watching drama and dine together; the more I stay at home, the more I truly feel in this moment.” Life is an ongoing lesson to all of us. Sabrina is willing to face the challenges, to adjust every steps of the way, and is dare to try when sparks collide, which is the most dazzling and splendid scenery in the dark nights.