Chanel|J12巨星之錶 摯愛時光20載 J12 Celebrates Its 20th Anniversary

當中可見韓星金高銀、法國女星Vanessa Paradis、英國超模「黑珍珠」Naomi Campbell、德國超模Claudia Schiffer、中國超模劉雯,以及20歲女星Lily-Rose Depp與81歲美國傳奇女星Ali MacGraw。

戴上全新J12,美國男星Johnny Depp與法國歌手Vanessa Paradis之女Lily-Rose Depp說:「目前為止,這是我人生歷程的全部;能與自己所愛共度20年是最棒的,像是跟家人和好朋友一起。我的答案很簡單,卻很真實。」

致力於動物福利的Ali MacGraw則說:「20年時間不夠去完成所有我想做的事;對我來說,20年後最美好的事,就是能促成自然生態蓬勃發展,讓我們的地球生機盎然。」

不同世代象徵不同歷練,時光飛逝則顯J12腕錶的雋永風格。當時,品牌前藝術總監Jacques Helleu創作此錶的靈感源自於最喜愛的兩個世界:汽車和帆船;鍾愛賽車的經典線條,更愛美洲杯帆船組別J12的華美外型,腕錶也以此為名。J12顛覆製錶的世界:黑色陶瓷款,被譽為21世紀第一枚經典腕錶。

眼前,全新J12經Chanel腕錶設計工作室總監Arnaud Chastaingt在不失其精粹本質下演進變化,外觀與初代相較約有十個不同之處,例如錶殼更柔化、錶冠與錶圈更細膩、錶盤上的標誌也有微調,最大改變則在於搭載品牌新入股之Kenissi製錶廠所打造的Caliber 12.1自動上鍊機芯,並首次將機芯顯露於藍寶石水晶底蓋之下。在「以不變去求變」的哲思中,歷經時光萃取及雕琢的J12更顯強化、細膩和清晰:「與時俱進,卻又從來未變。」

How would you summarize the past 20 years in your life by a decisive second? To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the watch model J12, Chanel invites the brand’s muses to share the wonderful moments over the past 20 years in their life to jointly mark the anniversary of the iconic timepiece.

This year, Lily-Rose Depp, the new generation of female star aged 20 years old as the J12, and the daughter of American star Johnny Depp and French singer Vanessa Chantal Paradis, “If I could relive one second from the past 20 years, maybe the moment that I got to be the bride in the Chanel Show a couple of years ago,” she said. Besides, Ali McGraw, the 81-year-old legendary American actress, has been dedicated to advocating animal rights and she said, “20 years is not enough to have lived a full life.”

People of different generations have varied life experiences. That time flies fast shows the everlasting style of the J12 timepiece launched in 2000. At the time when the brand’s former artistic director Jacques Helleu drew inspiration from his two greatest passion, cars and sailing boats during the creation of the model. He loves the sleek lines of racing cars; above all, the nobility of the America’s Cup sailing boats inspired the gorgeous shape of the J12, which is named after the boat. The J12 reversed the world of watch manufacturing: the black ceramic watch has been praised as the 1st iconic model of the 21st century. 

After 20 years, Arnaud Chastaing, the director of the Chanel watch creation studio has made the new edition of the J12 watch encapsulate aesthetic version and have evolutionary changes without changing much at all. Although there are at least 10 differences from the original edition, the philosophy, “The things unchanged change everything,” has made the J12 with more resistance, delicacy and refined aesthetics; in short, “Keep abreast of the times but some things will remain unchanged.”

Wearing the new edition of the J12, Lily-Rose Depp said, “It’s my entire life so far; it would be the most wonderful opportunity to spend 20 years with my loved ones, my family and friends. It’s a simple answer but it’s true.” Besides, Ali McGraw said, “The most wonderful time for me for 20 years is if we had this incredible nature flourishing all over the planet.”