PIAGET|溫柔的魔法 The Magic of Being Extraordinary

伯爵最具特色的女錶作品Limelight Gala以不對稱設計、嫵媚的曲線展示前衛大膽的魅力,在伯爵工坊精選頂級寶石的配襯下,更顯這款頂級珠寶腕錶的璀璨耀眼。今年,這項作品集結金之藝術、色彩藝術與光之藝術於一身,搭載伯爵現代卓越的石英機芯,以嶄新語彙致敬誕生於半個多世紀前的經典之作。

新款Limelight Gala Sapphire Gradient腕錶(型號G0A45163)以漸層藍寶石、大明火琺瑯宮廷式雕刻錶盤擄獲行家芳心,每款作品鐫刻獨立編號,更顯獨一無二。其「金之藝術」的首先呈現於世上僅存的手工金質鍊帶。這種金質錶帶的製作過程有如高級訂製服,工匠需要將數以百計的金質鍊結嚴絲合縫地組裝、焊接,造就極致柔軟,且手工雕飾伯爵經典的「宮廷式雕刻」(Décor Palace),僅有伯爵傑出工作坊的少數大師級工匠掌握這項雕刻技藝,連同18K白金製作錶盤也採與相同裝飾。注意的是,錶盤和錶帶的雕刻需出自同位工匠之手,以保風格一致。錶盤鐫刻完後更燒繪半透明的藍色琺瑯;由於需要在攝氏800度的高溫下燒製數次,「大明火琺瑯」因此得名。

Limelight Gala系列亦新增多款以華美橢圓形錶盤搭配密鑲鑽石,並在錶圈、錶耳、甚至錶帶飾以欖尖形切割寶石的款式。其中一款(型號G0A45168)以藍色絲緞錶帶搭配鑲飾於錶盤和錶圈共237顆鑽石,宛如「光之藝術」,一展雍容風範。


Piaget’s most iconic signature from its line of women’s watches, Limelight Gala, is an asymmetric design that presents a valiant charm with an enchanting curve. Accented by the Piaget workshop selected fine diamonds, the top-class jewelry watch appears more gorgeous and brilliant. This year, integrating the arts of gold, color, and light, and powered by Piaget’s new quartz movements, the collection with the new lexicon pays tribute to the classic work born half a century ago.

The new Limelight Gala Sapphire Gradient (G0A45163) captures collectors’ attention with the inlaid sapphires in the gradient colors and the Décor Palace watch dial that is finished by grand feu enamel; also, the engraved numeral numbers are with each watch to make it more distinct. “The Art of Gold” was initially presented on the world’s rarely existing hand-made gold watch strap. The processes of producing the gold watch strap are like those of making Haute Couture, the craftsmen need to assemble the gold chained threads with stitching craft and welding in the creation of extreme softness. Moreover, there’re only several master craftsmen who can conduct “Décor Palace,” the Piaget’s iconic signature hand carving techniques, and all the watch dials made of 18k white gold have to be finished by the same craftsman to keep the style consistent. After the craving on the dial is finished, it will be added with the semi-transparent blue enamel, which is completed in several burning processes at the temperature of 800 degrees Celsius, known as “Grand Feu Enamel.” 

The Limelight Gala collection also has new watches with a gorgeous oval-shaped dial that is inlaid with diamonds; besides, on the bezel, lug, and watch strap, the inlaid diamonds are in the marquise shape. Among it, the G0A45168 is fitted with blue satin and set with 237 diamonds over the dial and bezel; it demonstrates the extraordinary daring style like “The Art of Light.” The playful “Art of Colors”, the G0A45180, with an aventurine glass dial witness Piaget’s passion for the starry sky. The glittering appearance in beauty is like the magic dark blue sky with sparkling stars.