Van Cleef & Arpels|自然藝境 秘揭時光 Nature Art, Secret Time

最早可追溯到1930年代的Secret Watch神秘腕錶更是延續世家珍貴傳承的傳統:將錶盤藏於花園之中,並在掀開的一刻帶來愉悅驚喜,牽引無限想像。

今年,披上瑰麗珠寶的花卉再次帶來至少10件獨有臻品,掩映之間、驚鴻一瞥,唯美低訴時間痕跡。運用白金、黃金、玫瑰金、鑽石與黃鑽鑲嵌而成的Le Jardin Dandelion Secrète腕錶,鮮嫩的珠寶光芒詮釋生意盎然的蒲公英;當旋轉花卉上半部、露出錶盤,宛如花兒隨風輕曳的柔美靈動。夏季的大理花(Dahlia)則在世家稱為「mises à jour」、運用鏤雕技術及組裝花瓣的珠寶工藝中重現;白金、黃金、鑽石與黃色藍寶石,Dahlia Secrète神秘腕錶栩栩如生,當按下位於花朵中央9點位置的花瓣,錶盤會從花蕊中浮現,為時光鍍上詩情畫意。

Le Jardin Cosmos Secrète腕錶亦藉著細密的花瓣結構詮釋花卉神韻;按下位於3點位置的花瓣,錶盤即從花蕊中浮現。此款運用白K金、鑽石製作的腕錶更是一項可轉換佩戴之作:不僅可用錶帶戴在手腕上,還可從錶帶取下、作為胸針佩戴。

另外,Aile Secrète神秘腕錶象徵羽旄之美;作品的形狀、輪廓和渦流圖案令飛鳥造型栩栩如生,錶鏈的靈活性確保手腕的最佳舒適度。當向上推動腕錶背面的隱形杠杆,有如張開的羽翼,露出錶盤。世家揉合季節的律動和高級珠寶工藝的優美韻致,令生命之美躍然於舉手投足。

How Van Cleef & Arpels converts romantic flowers into legendary art with artistic craft and amazingly delicate operation has been a unique high jewelry aesthetics in the evolution of the brand over the hundred years. Of all the collections, the Secret Watch dating to the 1930s has been the invaluable heritage that connects to treasured tradition, concealing the dial in the garden and bringing the delightful surprise for an initiation into infinite imagination.

This year, the launch of more than 10 pieces of jewelry collection with the luxurious jewelry-covered flowers has once again revealed the enchanting and low-profile sense of time at a glance through the hiding design. The Le Jardin Dandelion Secrète watch has inlays of white, yellow, pink gold, white and yellow diamond as the interpretation of the invigorating dandelion that is highlighted by lovely diamond glows. With the rotation of the upper part of the flower, the dial shows up and looks like flowers swinging in the breeze, charming and reviving. The summer Dahlia is called “mises à jour” by the Maison, it reappears carving technology and the jewelry craft that assembles flower petals; with the use of white, yellow gold, diamond, and sapphire in the yellow color, Dahlia Secrète watch has the vivid appearance of freshness; with a press on the center of the flower petal at the 9 o’clock position, the dial will show up from the stamen, a poetic feeling for the time.

Le Jardin Dandelion Secrète watch also depicts the thriving flowers in beauty through the intricate structure of petals; with a press on the petal at the 3 o’clock position, the dial will show up from the stamen. The watch finished with white gold and diamond can be converted into an accessory, it can be worn not only on the wrist with a watch band but also as a brooch after the watchband is removed.

Moreover, Aile Secrète watch symbolizes the beauty of feathers; the combination of its shape, outline, and vortext like pattern makes the flying bird design look vivid; the flexibility of the watchstrap ensures the best comfort for the wrist; when the wings open wide, the dial will show. The Maison has integrated the seasonal rhythms with the elegant crafts of high jewelry, making the beauty of life appear with a movement.