bar & restaurant a³ | 玩味新義式美好生活 Enjoy the new wonderful Italian Cuisine

BELLAVITA寶麗廣場梁家三姊妹Amy梁欣敏、Annie梁怡敏、Anita梁佳敏,曾經夢想擁有一間咖啡館,2009年12月,以三人英文名字命名的複合式餐廳bar & restaurant a³成功開業,異國文化從經營、裝潢至餐點細膩呈現新義式美學,美好生活一晃眼業已11年,短短2個月的整修其實有長達一年的縝密規畫,店經理Serina Liu念著十年熟客說到「希望讓他們有回到家的溫暖。」

An entire wonderful life is condensed in BELLAVITA. Bar & restaurant a³ is a place where three sisters, Amy (Liang Hsin Min), Annie (Liang I Min) and Anita (Liang Chia Min) built their dreams. Bar & restaurant a³ was founded in December 2009 and named after the three sisters. The operations, decorations and cuisine display new Italian aesthetics. Eleven years of wonderful life have passed. The renovation took two months but has been planned carefully for a year. Serina Liu, the coffee shop manager read through the list of ten-year customers and said, “We hope to make them feel home.”


bar & restaurant a³ 一改原先摩登時尚帶有冷調的餐廳氛圍,外頭暖陽幾經大片菱形玻璃篩出一道道柔和金粉,和入口處的愛馬仕水晶吊燈閃爍的溫潤光芒相互輝映,立體光牆能依客人心情喜好轉換夢幻色調。走過錯落其間的木質調裝潢,深處的壁爐凝滯了時光。考量年長者膝蓋和用餐的舒適度,座椅幾經打樣測試,復古造型餐椅變得更寬也更深,恍若細膩思量著每個來者和美好生活的距離。


主廚尹建威 Jimmy Wan 重構東西方飲食文化,新義式料理哲學得在近 20 道料理中細細品味。不見傳統番茄肉醬麵乾柴口感「和牛面頰肉番茄肉醬通心粉」加入臉頰肉膠質每一口濡滿和牛脂膏香;「爐烤薑黃原隻春雞」挪用海南雞料理手法,將以薑黃等多種香料醃漬付味的春雞以薑黃高湯浸泡,再將外皮烤至酥脆,搭上沙嗲醬辛、鹹、甜三種風味與雞汁在口腔激盪;「酪梨生鮪魚卷佐辣番茄莎莎」取自墨西哥料理元素,一片以春捲和香菜炸製的餅皮,恍若東方飛來的蝴蝶靜靜停泊眼前,從五感體驗異國文化。

甜點「貝爾佩斯輕乳酪蛋糕襯椰子雪波」是廚房裡最美麗的誤會,主廚解釋因為奶油乳酪正好用完,才以一般作為麵包抹醬的貝爾佩斯乳酪取代原料,卻締造輕盈口感和昇華奶香,搭配口味酸爽的鳳梨、椰子,以及黑胡椒橄欖麵包脆片鹹甜滋味激盪味蕾,bar & restaurant a³全天候供餐一場場「幸福愉悅的食尚饗宴」等待拉開序幕。

The Beautiful Hermēs Chandelier

In bar & restaurant a³, the atmosphere was no longer modern, fashionable or cold tone. Warm sun penetrates through large pieces of rhombus glass and soft golden glitter of light appears, reflecting with gentle glistening radiance the Hermēs chandelier at the entrance. The three-dimensional light wall changes fantastic colors based on the mood of the customer. After passing by the wooden decorations scattered  everywhere, the fire in the fireplace at the deeper part of the space slows down the fast-passing time. Proofing has been made and tests have been performed several times for the chairs considering the knee problem of the elderly  and comfort for dining, vintage chairs become wider and deeper. It is like the distance between the visitor and beautiful life has been considered delicately.

A Feast for Five Senses

Jimmy Wan, the chef of the restaurant, reconstructed the Eastern and Western food cultures. The philosophy of new Italian cuisine can be sensed carefully in up to 20 dishes. Unlike the tough taste of traditional Bolognese spaghetti, “Mezzi Rigatoni Pasta With Wagyu Beef Cheek in Bolognese Sauce” contains the gelatin of beef cheeks. One can taste rich Wagyu beef tallow in every bite. 

“Oven Roasted American Corn Fed Spring Chicken in Turmeric Sauce, Served with Chill Peanut Sauce” is made based on the cooking method of Hainan chicken. A spring chicken is pickled and seasoned with numerous spices such as turmeric is immersed in the turmeric broth. The skin is roasted to crispiness. By adding the satay sauce, one can taste spiciness, saltiness and sweetness mixed with chicken stock. “Tuna Tartar Wrapped in Avocado Roll, Tomato & Jalapeno Pepper Salsa” contains elements of Mexican cuisine. A deep-fried tortilla, made with a spring roll and cilantro, resembling a butterfly from the East quietly at rest. One can experience exotic culture through the five senses.

“Belpaese Cheese Cake with Coconut Sorbet & Pineapple” is the most beautiful mistake in the kitchen. The chef explained that the cream cheese was out and the ingredient was replaced with Bel Paese, which is used for bread spread. However, a light texture and enhanced milk flavor have been created from Bel Paese. Sour, refreshing pineapple and coconut and black pepper olive bread chips create a salty and sweet taste. “bar & restaurant a³” serves this all day and lots of happy, wonderful feasts will begin.