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Stepping away from the comfort zone of the deluxe hotel to head towards the currently popular glamping trend, where you do not need to prepare your own equipment or plan the itinerary, but instead, you will have specialists taking care of the wild camping vacation with hotel-level private space of the camper van and camp for you. It is a paradise filled with happiness for children and is further the extravagant slow hours for adults. Empty your body and mind this summer to ride on the breeze and bathe in Phytoncide with an elegant camping experience.

礁溪老爺酒店 宜蘭縣礁溪鄉262大忠村五峰路69號 TEL: 03-988-6288


Chiaohsi is the hot spring township in Yilan. When going up the winding slope towards the Wufongci mountain area, the mood appears to cheer one up along with the sights of the pedestrians and the greenness outside of the window. Hotel Royal Chiaohsi is located on the hillside with occasional clouds and mists when looking far into the mountains, while the sunny sky is scattered with azure light rays, where lights and shadows play games on the vast green field. The “De Tian Camper Vans” under the shades of green trees and canvas is a wild camping scenario created by Hotel Royal Chiaohsi based on the hotel perspectives, naturally revealing stress-free camping life. The luxurious camper van imitates a wonderful home experience with exclusive camp butler making arrangements for a day’s itinerary and meals, which may alter the general public’s stereotype impressions towards camping.






一日餐食則有專屬管家貼心打理,晨起,三層提籃木盒安放車前,經典早午餐元素像是炒蛋、麵包、水果,開蓋享用早餐就像一份驚喜驅走睡意;車裡備有日本Snow Peak咖啡器具,在山野清新空氣裡,手沖咖啡蒸騰而上的香氣不僅更顯醇濃也彷彿凝滯了流動的時光。晚餐從野炊器具、食物至氣氛更能體會奢華露營極致享受,在享用六道前菜與麵包時,一旁管家料理的美國特級板腱牛排以及在地美味玉田香腸,濃烈的脂膏香氣正在鑄鐵鍋裡翻騰,保留鮮味燉煮海鮮湯鍋,拌著香氣與美味享受夏夜饗宴。在一日露營生活結束前,家人聚集營火前,目光一同看向正在炙烤的棉花糖,野營時光原來可以像糖一樣夢幻而甜美。

Surmounting 5-Star Camping

The extension of 20 luxurious camper vans inside the camp area with low chroma looks highlights the charming fashion and luxurious ambience with the complement of the greenness. Unlike camps, in general, which are light and portable, the functions and facilities resemble a mobile 5-star hotel guest room. Camper vans with bunkbeds or Japanese-style beds are available, where the simplified elegant space is decorated with colorful Marimekko printed cushions from Finland and is installed with a Daikin air-conditioner, so that you can enjoy quality sleep hours throughout all seasons whether gathering and chatting in the living room or sneaking under the dawn feather duvet. The excellent soundproofing facility allows for the enjoyment of fun gathering as if hiding in a secret hideout.

The “Royal Sky Park Golf Course” with an area of 1.56 hectares by the camp area allows one to enjoy the pleasure of exercising through swinging, while the diversified terrain features a sand trap, pond, high slope and green that adds more fun to the challenge. Since the camp area is only a 5-minute walk from Hotel Royal Chiao Hsi, you can always change your mood to enjoy the hotel facilities at any time. You can walk to the “Open-Air Spa” to enjoy the refreshingly cool water in the swimming pool or lie on the deck chair to admire the Lanyang Plains in the breeze. There are also a diverse “DIY activities” which change along with the seasons when returning to the camper van, extending the memory of the journey via five-sense experiences. 

Exclusive Camp Butler Service

The meals of a day will be prepared by an exclusive sweet camp butler; for breakfast, a three-layer wooden basket will be placed in front of the camper van, containing classic brunch elements such as scrambled egg, bread and fruits, such that opening the basket to enjoy the breakfast is always a surprise that drives away the sleepiness. The camper van is equipped with Japan’s Snow Peak coffee apparatus, where the fragrant smell of hand-brewed coffee in the refreshing air of the mountains not only highlights the aroma but further seems to freeze time. For dinner, one can experience the luxurious ultimate camping enjoyment with the cook-out tools, food and atmosphere, when enjoying the 6 dishes of appetizers and bread, the camp butler will be preparing U.S. Prime blade steak and local delicious Yu-Tian sausages on the side with the strong aroma of fat tumbling in the cast iron pan, where one can enjoy the Summer night feast mixed with fragrance and deliciousness together with the freshly stewed seafood hot pot. Before the end of a camping day, the family will gather before the campfire with attention on the grilled marshmallows, realizing that wild camping hours can be as dreamy and sweet as candy.

日暉國際渡假村 台東縣池上鄉新興村新興路107號 TEL: 089-862-222

台東池上稻米之都的印象深植人心,湖光山色更是引人入勝。蘇花改通車縮短了前去花東旅遊的車程,盛夏時節,沿途欣賞花蓮迆邐海景接攘至台東池上鄉,駛入被花東縱谷包圍的大片稻浪,視線的盡頭是巍峨的中央山脈聳立。沿著天堂之路來到日暉國際渡假村 台東池上又是另一微型國度,引入峇里島度假氛圍,低密度、低樓層的建築VILLA群,貫穿中庭的泳池,在棕梠樹包圍下,還有群山、田園綠意環伺。日暉和台灣代理商德國歐馬引進美國頂級露營拖車品牌Airstream,在東方場域裡其圓頂、拋光鋁製的外貌,流露著超然的時尚氛圍。

The impression as the city of rice for Chihshang, Taitung is deeply rooted in people’s hearts and the magnificent lake views and mountain sceneries further attract people to visit. The time of travel is shortened for tours to Hualien and Taitung after the Suhua Highway Improvement Project was opened to the public. In the mid-summer season, you can admire the continuous sea views of Hualien to Chihshang Township, Taitung and be embraced by waves of rice when driving into the East Rift Valley, with the majestic Central Mountain Range standing tall at the end of the panoramic sight. You will then arrive at the Papago International Resort, Taitung Chihshang following the road to paradise, which is another micro kingdom, introducing the Bali Island vacation ambience, where the low-density and low-flooring VILLA buildings pass through the swimming pool in the courtyard, encircled by palm trees, mountains and field greenness. Papago and German O-Ma, an agency in Taiwan jointly imported America’s premium camping trailer brand – Airstream, where the round top and polished aluminum looks reveal an aloof modern ambience in the oriental venue.


體驗區內停放有五種車型包括International 534、SPORT 16、SPORT 22、Flying Cloud 19以及Flying Cloud 20,在生態公園密林裡彷彿一棟棟銀色城堡,容納了寢室、臥房、衛浴和料理空間,綠意透過大量景窗流瀉而入,別於水泥叢林裡的家居生活,和家人享受大自然釋放的涼意和芬多精。等待夜晚降臨,沿著車邊帆布披掛的飾燈撐起一處暈黃色的天地,坐進戶外木製桌椅,以夜空為幕體驗野炊BBQ,可以自備食材也能選購飯店五星特製料理,烤肉臺裡嗶剝的柴火聲、家人團聚的的笑鬧聲,是營區夜裡最悠揚耐聽的樂音。



Moving into the Silver Castle

Five types of vehicle models are parked inside the experience area, including International 534, SPORT 16, SPORT 22, Flying Cloud 19 and Flying Cloud 20, resembling silver castles in the woods of the ecological park, accommodating chamber, bedroom, bathroom and cooking spaces, with a copious amount of greenness flowing inside through a large number of windows, where one can enjoy the natural coolness and Phytoncide different from home life in the concrete jungle with the family. When night falls, the lights hanging along the canvas by the vehicle offer a dim yellow paradise, you can sit on the outdoors wooden furniture to experience BBQ with the sky as the curtain, you can also prepare your own food ingredients or choose to buy the hotel’s 5-star signature cuisines. The crackling of burning wood in the BBQ stand and the laughter of family gatherings are the most melodious music in the night at the campsite.

Admire the Art of Nature

Other than enjoying the American-style camping, you can also make use of the hotel’s facilities to enrich the camping life. Although having the looks of Bali Island, Papago actually contains the managerial principles that integrate Taiwan’s travel resources and deeply cultivates the local cultures. For instance, the five thematic swimming pools in the central courtyard use natural spring water from the Central Mountain Range and the seacoast mountains, capable of eliminating fatigue through massages with active waters, or to splash water in the fun pool. At night, one can admire the galaxy across the sky by Dapo Pond and take part in the “East Rift Valley Land Art Festival” at the most beautiful high road No. 197 during the day, to experience the nature and local customs of Taitung through the pieces of artwork. 

勤美學 苗栗縣造橋鄉豐湖村1鄰乳姑山15-3 TEL: 03-756-1561



The most romantic moments in your childhood or memory may exist in the 30 years of Miaoli Shangrila Paradise, now with the pandemic conditions becoming better in Taiwan and the rising temperature, people turn their attention to exquisite tours that allow you to learn more about the local area. The CMP Group saw the local satoyama cultural characteristics of Miaoli and chose to keep the looks of the theme park without excessive development, combining natural sustainability and life philosophy with the spirit of an artisan to take part in the luxurious camping trend with one night, two meals and handicrafts, desiring the core principle of living in symbiosis with nature, can enter the heart of each visitor.

In this 40 hectares of heaven, CMP gradually planned three thematic campsites including “Sanna Village,” “Dreams Come True” and the “Forest Big” which adopted the forest resources of the front mountain inside the park. At most 30 people can enter the village per day, so that each person can enjoy almost 0.5 hectares of natural venue to themselves. You will be welcomed by large green land upon entering the park, with the “Bamboo Woven Sky” across the field, sculpting the path where one can walk leisurely amongst the endless sceneries. Sunshine streams down the gaps between the woven bamboo upon entering the tall bamboo dome, one can then smell the scent of bamboo along with the breeze and enjoy the tranquil moments either sitting or lying down. At night it offers two dim yellow light rays which complement the blinking stars.






The Camp with Dreams

There are 15 camps in “Sanna Village” with endless green fields. The international designer combined Nordic simplified style with local cultural elements, for instance, camp with tatami made using rush grass, the bamboo woven chair and lighting fixtures,etc., where one can focus on experiencing the peace and comfort introduced by rush grass in the simplified space. The other campsite, “Dreams Come True” continues with the concept of the Banyan tree family theme park to create the treehouse based on children’s naïve perspectives. While the 6 camp styles resemble the epitome of dreams, for instance, the Forest Merry-Go-Round used a leaf to represent the entire wood, where one can go to bed at night by stepping on the spiral stairs, while the Little House used a camp within a camp to build a paradise for children.

Each camp provides comfortable beds, air-conditioner and tea drinks, you can enjoy privacy in the vast green field, experience what it feels like to bathe in the real wilderness; the industrial trend metallic looks of the Forest Bathroom resembles a starship lost in the mountain woods and the bathroom is surrounded by trees, actualizing the non-daily hours of having a conversation with nature. 

Artisan Establishes the Conversational Bridge

The CMP Village adjusts the artisan package tour and specialty dishes prepared using local products according to the season, taking visitors to experience the local cultural content. To welcome the Summer vacation, Sanna Village is planning the “Fermentation Laboratory” until August with themes including Miaoli’s local cuisines such as steamed bun, soybean and aiyu seed…etc., learning and having fun with science through DIY and gustatory activities for the five senses. While the Dreams Come True focuses on immersive theatre, where you will enter the “space dream” during the transition period between night and day, get on a man-powered tricycle to create space scenario with lights. At night, there will be al-fresco dining tables set up with local dishes, including Indian gooseberry – a specialty product of Gongguan, Miaoli, where the sour and astringent taste is eliminated via preservation by local artisans and then placed into the fruit and vegetable salad appetizer, allowing people to enjoy abundant vitamin C. In Summer, Miaoli is the only production place for red dates, offering a fresh and sweet aroma when stewed with chicken soup. CMP Village not only acts as the bridge between visitors and the local culture, but also shortens the distance between family members in the camps through meticulously arranged experiences in the most natural way.


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