殿堂級眼唇保養精華 Luxury Eye Lip Care Products that Work Like a Charm


Under the scorching Summer sun, in addition to preventing damage from UV, we also need pay attention to the unbalanced skin condition caused by prolonged exposure to room air-conditioning. The skin around our eyes and lips are very fragile, aside from applying sunscreen, more moisturizing essences are needed to smooth, moisturize and nourish the skin and shield it from the effects of the temperature change between indoors and outdoors in the Summer. Today we are going to introduce several eye and lip care essences which made its way to the pantheon that will brighten your eyes and lips throughout the Summer.


海洋那拉的Miracle Broth™ 濃縮精華,蘊藏著海洋中的巨大能量,能有效手摘取在溫哥華島周邊的純淨水域中成長的海藻,延許環境的永續時,同時創造生生不息的天然資源。數年後,在一次的實驗中發現裝有 Miracle Broth™ 濃縮精華的燒杯中形成完美透徹的結晶體,又稱 Crystal Miracle Broth™ 原晶濃縮精華,這些高度濃縮的結晶體中蘊含著讓時光倒轉的奇蹟效果,此為「海洋拉娜創世紀原晶眼部精華霜」的主要成分,並參入肌因革新發酵精華,極致的修護效果輕輕點在眼周及唇周部,柔滑細緻的霜狀質地讓肌膚按摩至吸收,搭配專利設計的磁性金質導入飛碟一起使用,宛如熨斗般平整紋路、眼部線條拉提、改善泡泡眼黑眼圈、眼周細紋淡化,能瞬間感受由裡到外活力再現,逆轉肌膚的時光。

Pure from the Ocean

The Miracle Broth™ by La Mer harvested the tremendous energy of the ocean, by hand-harvesting the kelp growing in the pristine waters off of Vancouver Island and supports the sustainability of the environment and creates endless natural resources at the same time. Several years later, during an experiment, a scientist discovered shard-like crystals forming in a beaker of pure Miracle Broth™, this was named Crystal Miracle Broth™. The highly concentrated crystals contained the miracle effect of reversing time and it is the main ingredient of Genaissance de la Mer The Eye & Expresson Cream by La Mer. With the Genaissance Ferment, the ultimate repair effects takes action when it is lightly applied to the eye and lip area. The smooth and creamy texture allows the skin to absorb the essence with massage, combined with the patented magnetic gold massage tool, it smoothens the fine lines and lightens up the dark circles around the eyes to make them look less puffy and more lifted, instantly rejuvenating vitality from the inside out and reversing the effects of time.



Unlock the Secret of Tender Lips

To have an attractive lip color, there must be smooth and full lips first. Clé de Peau Beauté, the le serum pour les lèvres has a cool-to-touch oblique sliding massage applicator. After squeezing out about a small pearl sized lip serum, apply it from the center to the entire lip. It can enhance the lip’s moisture and suppleness, with the addition of the brightening beauty essence, the serum can keep the lips clear and with structure at the same time full and lustrous. To let the lips shine from the inside out, apply lip makeup after the lip serum is absorbed, the effect of beautiful and full lips can be immediately felt.



The Anti-aging Miracle of the Enmei Herb

Shiseido’s Future Solution LX collection has the rare Enmei herb as an ingredient. In addition to its extreme anti-aging power, the Exclusive SkingenecellEnmei can help the skin form a protective layer, strengthen the skin and fight against harmful factors in the environment. Its miraculous anti-aging effect can be felt after use. The Future Solution LX Eye & Lip Contour Regenerating Cream is dedicated to the delicate areas around the eyes and lips. The refreshing cream texture has the amazing effect of firming the skin. It does not only repair the delicate skin around the eyes and lips, but also smooths out fine lines, improves aging and leaves the eyes and lips radiant and youthful after long-term use. It cherishes the vitality of the skin to create the timeless skin, sealing the vibrant brightness of youth.


一雙迷人的電眼,是每個女生在每個年齡層最夢美以求的最佳狀態,雅詩蘭黛白金級黑碧璽眼部能量活萃,利用富含電氣石能量的「黑碧璽陶瓷能量導入儀」,利用碧璽按摩圓頭,馬上幫眼部肌膚鎮靜、撫紋、緊緻,有內而外的明亮氣色,在短短60 秒將能量導入,藉由碧璽的冰鎮效果有效改善浮腫和雙眼無神的現象,讓妳的雙眸達到炯炯有神的電眼魅力。裡面的成份除了有最高濃度的黑碧璽濃萃,同時配合三種植物精華:塞內加爾皂莢樹、甜杏仁與枸杞萃取精華,清香的味道讓肌膚放鬆,全面啟動回春能量,促進眼周附近肌膚不斷生成新的膠原蛋白與彈力纖維,達到緊緻的最佳效果。

Ultimate Life Energy

A pair of charming eyes is the dream condition to have for girls at any age. The Estée Lauder Ultimate Lift uses the tourmaline energy-rich Black Tourmaline Ceramic Energy Introduction Tool and through its round tourmaline massage head to instantly calm, smoothen out lines and tighten the skin around the eyes, to bring out the brightness from the inside out. The energy is introduced with the cooling effect of tourmaline effectively improving the puffiness and dullness of the eyes, the charming eyes brimming with power can be achieved in just 60 seconds. In addition to the highest concentration of black tourmaline, in the ingredients there’s also three plant extracts: Acacia Senegal, Sweet Almond and Lycium Barbarum Fruit extract. The light and refreshing fragrance relaxes the skin at the same time fully activating the rejuvenation energy, promoting the continuous generation of new collagen and elastic fiber in the skin around the eye area to achieve the best results in firmness.


今年夏天不能錯過的蘭蔻絕對完美黃金玫瑰系列,全新升級的配方蘊含珍稀玫瑰精華,其中「絕對完美黃金玫瑰系列修護眼部活粹」適合長期看著3C 產品而造成的眼睛疲憊無力及眼神黯淡,除了「黃金玫瑰瞬效配方」同時加入由咖啡因、比菲德氏菌、維生素 E 組成的「黃金活膚覺醒複方」,來自「普羅旺斯千葉玫瑰」強化表層補水像是幫肌膚敷上一層隱形的亮眼面膜,進一步加速肌膚新陳代謝,改善眼周肌膚彈性、乾紋。另外一款「絕對完美黃金玫瑰修護眼霜」,同樣的玫瑰香氣及有效配方,多了普拉絲鏈、腺苷與多元維生素B、C、 E 而成的「澎潤再造複方」,兩款搭配使用不僅能修護眼周肌膚,同時緊緻拉提達到澎潤的效果,是革命般的保養神器為妳雙眸注入滿滿的青春活力。

Grand Rose Extract

For this Summer, the Absolue collection is something not to miss, the new graded formula contains the rare rose essence and the Grand Rose Extract formulated especially for the eye area. The Revitalizing Eye Serum is suitable for people with tired and dull eyes caused by prolonged use of 3C products. Besides the Grand Rose Extract just mentioned, the Gold Rejuvenating Complex, which consists of caffeine, Bifidobacterium, and Vitamin E, is added at the same time. The enhanced surface hydration from the Centifolia Rose Extract acts like applying an invisible brightening mask to the skin, to further accelerate skin metabolism, improve the skin’s suppleness and smoothens the dry lines around the eyes. The other product, Revitalizing Eye Cream, has the same rose fragrance and effective formula with additional Plump Rejuvenation Complex consisting of ProXylane, adenosine and multivitamins B, C and E. The combination of the two does not only repair the skin around the eye area, it tightens and lifts it to achieve the plump effect, is a revolutionary product that injects youthful vitality into your eyes.