Chopard | 向金棕櫚獎致敬 蕭邦以公平採礦認證黃金打造珠寶系列 Chopard Palme Verte:Tribute to the Palme d’Or

金棕櫚獎是法國坎城影展最高榮譽,自1955年頒予坎城影展最佳電影與其導演,其棕櫚造型乃是與坎城的城徽「棕櫚葉」互相呼應。蕭邦在1998年接受坎城影展主席邀請,由品牌總裁暨創意總監卡羅琳‧舍費爾(Caroline Scheufele)重新設計出結合優雅造型與精湛技術的金棕櫚獎盃,不僅留下品牌印記,與電影的關係亦從此密不可分,至今擔任坎城影展官方合作夥伴。


現在,蕭邦在其實踐可持續發展的「綠地毯系列」(Green Carpet)發揮影響力之後,再以「公平採礦」黃金打造Palme Verte系列,再次以實際行動提高精品業對於「可持續發展」問題的關注,意義深遠。每款作品的拋光曲線皆以棕櫚植物為靈感,光芒細膩、栩栩如生,散發優雅的生命力。不僅是向金棕櫚致敬,也象徵著令人夢寐以求的美好事物。

Chopard’s “first Fairmined-certified” gold jewelry collection, “Palme Verte”, includes earrings, necklaces and rings. The design is inspired by palm leaves, following the concept of simplification suitable for daily wear with a display of simple but charming style. The birth of this collection pays tribute to the “Palme d’Or”, at the same time making the usually high-priced grand style “high-end jewelry” more accessible.

The Palme d’Or is the highest honor of the Cannes Film Festival in France. Since 1955, the Palme d’or honors the best film and its director at the Cannes Film Festival. Its palm shape is in line with the Cannes city emblem – the “Palm Leaf”. Chopard accepted the invitation of the Cannes Film Festival chairman in 1998, the Maison president and artistic director Caroline Scheufele redesigned the Palme d’Or trophy which combined elegance with exquisite craftsmanship. This did not only mark the Maison’s footsteps, but also established an inseparable relationship with film industry and the Maison has been since the official partner of the Cannes Film Festival.

In 2014, Caroline Scheufele demonstrated and promoted the commitment of the boutique industry to “sustainable development” and decided to use “Palme d’Or” as the new symbol of the value concept she cherished. Since then, the Palme d’Or trophy has been made with “Fairmined-certified” gold. This certification guarantees the gold used came from fair trade and the production process complies with social, environmental and ethical standards.

Now, after Chopard’s “Green Carpet collection” exerted its influence in sustainable development, the Maison once again crafted the Palme Verte collection with Fairmined certified gold, focusing on elevating the awareness of “sustainable development” issues among the boutique industry through actions, which is of far-reaching significance. The polished curves of each piece were inspired by palm plants. The light is delicate, lifelike and exudes an elegant vitality. The collection is not only a tribute to the Palme d’Or, but also a symbol of the wonderful things that are dreamed of.