Franck Muller | 剛柔並濟:讓你看透我的心 7 Hearts, Endless Love

這是獨立製錶品牌Franck Muller推出的Vanguard Heart Skeleton腕錶,令原本走運動休閒路線的Vanguard系列,顯得更為靈動、飄逸、婀娜多姿。不僅設計風格更為女性化,更以「減法哲學」注入童話般的夢幻元素:誰也想不到,原本在視覺感受上應屬於硬底子、純理性的機芯結構,運用鏤空技法演繹成曼妙飄逸、洋溢柔美氣息的浪漫愛心。剛柔並濟、唯美而精準。


Vanguard Heart Skeleton腕錶的尺寸為寬35毫米、長46.3毫米,厚度10.4毫米,專為女仕的纖纖巧手而設,備有全紅色、白色、粉色以及彩色等不同版本,錶帶則有紅色、白色、淡紫色和粉紅色等橡膠與鱷魚皮複合錶帶可選:外層為奢華皮革、貼近皮膚的內面則為橡膠材質,奢華、舒適而耐用。

At first sight, the seven hearts are smartly arranged on the dial, showing true love. Taking a closer look through the openwork dial, the hearts are essential for the caliber integrated inside the watch case, not only maintaining the entire mechanism structure but also making the details and meticulous movement visible, fascinating and attractive.

It’s the Vanguard Heart Skeleton watch launched by Franck Muller. It was originally the sports watch collection with a captivating shape, both stylish and gracious. The design unveils a more feminine timepiece; with the “less is more” philosophy, the elements of fantasy in the fairy tales are infused; no one can expect that the visual shape and mechanical structure of the caliber, originally masculine and rational have become charming and delicate by the use of the openwork dial, revealing a sophisticated and beautiful sense of love. The watch looks both masculine and tender with esthetics and precision.

Through the openwork dial, the watch design master made the heart-shaped structure of the caliber visible through the openwork dial; no matter the clockwork, gear wheels, escapement or bearing, each perfect detail of the meticulous parts is appealing. Powered by a manual mechanical movement of 153 components, the tiny-sized pieces are visible through the openwork dial; besides, it has a four-day power reserve. Relying on the quality caliber and the careful calculation in the case structure as well as the components of the caliber made with traditional hand-polished and hand-brushed craftwork; otherwise, if there’s a defect on either the proportion of the mechanical components or the visual esthetics, the watch stops working.

Vanguard Heart Skeleton watch is sized 35mm in width, 46.3 mm in length and 10.4 mm in thickness; it’s exclusively designed for the thin wrists of ladies and available in different colors, including bold red, white, pastel and mixed colors. The strap is available with the material options made of rubber or synthetic crocodile skin in red, white, light purple and pink colors; the outer layer is topped with luxurious leather, and the inner side that touches the skin is made of rubber material, striking, comfortable and durable.