Boucheron 尊貴守護者 | 隨性而講究的貼身珠寶 The Legend of Retro and Modern


Boucheron Serpent Bohème系列被視為守護者象徵原因無他:緣起品牌創辦人Frédéric Boucheron(1830~1902)於1888年的一次遠行之前,為妻子當作護身符而設計的蛇形鑽石項鍊,自此成為品牌標誌精神;歷經80年、1968年演化出Serpent Bohème系列,在波希米亞精神的感染之下成為一款歌頌自由意識的非凡魅力的傳奇之作,彩色寶石更令此系列煥發全新面貌。

全新Serpent Bohème系列雙水滴造型耳釘洋溢自由無拘的灑脫,水滴造型耳釘採用黃金、白金或玫瑰金材質並鋪鑲鑽石,增添可拆卸的水滴造型飾扣,能搭配不同的時尚造型。同系列手鍊的扭結鍊條由黃金或玫瑰金打造,綴以五個水滴造型寶石,以鑲嵌綠松石、青金石、紅榴石或珍珠母貝與鑲鑽交替呈現,風格清新,適合疊搭佩戴。擁有美鑽金質鍊帶的錶款也是陣中亮點;有兩滴水珠圍繞小小的錶殼,光芒四射。透過精湛技藝,Boucheron再次將真愛、保護和幸運三個概念展現得淋漓盡致。

The connection between high fashion jewelry and the daily outfit is getting closer. Boucheron Serpent Bohèmeis the most iconic Boucheron collection and has been transformed and reborn several times. As a trend leader, the style this year is still a water drop shape designed with golden bead embroidery. Besides the diamond, other colorful gems are also used, including turquoise, lazurite or white mother of pearl. The ever-changing style matches with the classic, unified essence. A clever design has been integrated with the one-sided diamond earring with a colorful gem, where the water drop pendant below is removable and can be changed to a one-sided water drop earring shown above. The earring can match different styles, inevitable in daily life, and a love at first sight.

The only reason that Boucheron Serpent Bohème is treated as a guardian is that Frédéric Boucheron (1830~1902) designed a snake diamond necklace as an amulet for his wife before taking a long trip in 1888. This necklace has become the brand spirit since then. Throughout the next 80 years, Serpent Bohème collection has evolved from this necklace in 1968. Serpent Bohème was influenced by the Bohemian spirit and became an extraordinary legend praising free will. The colorful gems give a new look to this collection.

The new Serpent Bohème stud earring collection have the style of a double water drop. It is permeated with freedom and easiness. The water-drop stud earring adopts the gold, white gold and rose gold materials and are inlaid with diamonds. A removable water-drop stud has been attached to the earring for various styles. The kinky chain of the bracelet in this collection is made from gold or rose gold and decorated with five water drop gems. The inlaid turquoise, lazurite, garnet or mother of pearl matches with the inlaid diamond. The refreshing style is great for stackable wear. The watch that comes with a golden chain and attached with beautiful diamonds is a highlight of the collection. The small watch frame is radiant and surrounded with two waterdrops. With excellent techniques, Boucheron has put true love, protection and luck into full play once again.