澎澄飯店|全球必去的秘密島嶼‧私旅 Private Hotel By The Pretty Bay



Penghu is one of the most beautiful bays in the world, in addition to traditional culture, there is also a modern and fashionable accommodation on the Island. The newly-operated “Discovery Hotel” just takes 15 minutes for the drive from the airport, designed by the nautical elements.

頂級「月之海行館」位於最高樓層13樓,擁有戶外露臺、獨立客廳及餐廳,一推開房門面對著大片落地窗,浩瀚港景映入眼簾,營造島嶼度假氛圍,在客房內欣賞星夜及海港漁火美景;而三面環港的浴缸房「璀燦行館」享有獨家海景,泡澡同時感受浪漫情趣,徜徉在點點星光及漁光夜色下。來自香港的主廚,以潮、粵料理方式融合澎湖島嶼風情,新鮮海魚及在地食材所研發之港點,探索著旅人味蕾;面著大片臨港落地窗享食,佐餐廳內各式調酒飲品,海風微醺、舒適醉人。館內設有三溫暖烤箱、蒸氣室,同時還有付費專屬芳療師SPA精油按摩;無邊際泳池與海港及天空連成一線,不論白天夜晚都能在寬廣的港景邊以放鬆姿態觀賞島景。若是全家出遊,飯店內還有專為孩童設置的PLAY HOUSE遊戲空間,提供體感遊戲及安全遊樂器材,讓貴賓毋須擔心小孩的娛樂。飯店與2018年全新落成澎湖最大購物商場「Pier3三號港」連通,同時滿足度假休閒及購物的樂趣;引進精品、香水及美妝等,不用出國也能享有免稅優惠。房客除可輕鬆時尚購物外,廣場設有高規格影廳、及「Whiskey101」體驗館,展示了空運自蘇格蘭的威士忌設備及不定時舉辦試飲活動。今年11月至明年2月,入住澎澄飯店的貴賓,消費滿額還有8折起折扣!冬季到澎湖才有的獨家福利,比百貨公司更具魅力的購物季。

The top-level room is located on the 13th floor of the highest floor. It has an outdoor terrace and large floor-to-ceiling windows; it faces the vast harbor view and full of vocation atmosphere. Or you could choose another room which has a three-sided exclusive view of the sea by the bathtub, enjoying the romantic ambiance while bathing under the starry night.The chef from Hong Kong who combines the style of Penghu Island and Cantonese cuisine, exploring the fresh seafood and the local food for materials. The breeze by the sea is comfortable with cocktails and meals, enjoying the scent to make you dizzy.

There is a sauna, a steam room, and served with SPA massage. The infinity pool looks like to connect with the harbor and the sky. For family, there is also a ”PLAY HOUSE” space for children, offering somatosensory games and safe equipment. 

This hotel is connected to the largest shopping mall “Pier3” on the Island, which newly built in 2018 and caters to the fun, leisure, and purchasing. You can enjoy tax exemption without going abroad, and get 20% off on the full amount of consumption! This exclusive benefit is only in Penghu and more attractive than department stores.  


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