瑞穗春天國際觀光酒店|歐風頂級度假小鎮坐落花蓮好山水 Exclusive European Villa



Grand Cosmos Resort Ruisui has invested 6 billion New Taiwanese Dollars to create a combined Themed Water Park and Hot Spring destination. The resort is divided into four districts: Castle, Manor, Family Villa, and Grand Villa.


富有豐沛自然資源及物產的花蓮,讓飯店積極推動從產地到餐桌的在地食材,而獲得2018年台北米其林指南「餐盤推薦」殊榮的PRIME ONE牛排館,即與花蓮在地小農合作,將當地食材融入料理中,讓旅人以最直接的方式,與花蓮這塊土地產生更深厚連結。

國際知名悅榕集團下的悅椿Spa (Angsana Spa)於飯店內提供精緻療程,也是全台唯一的服務據點,原料全取自於天然花卉和鮮果,由獨家配方秘制而成;結合東西方經典手法及古老芳香療法,徹底放鬆身心靈。

This Southern-European-like town is full of exotic holiday atmosphere. The most expensive Gran Villa is a two-story house that could receive 10 VIP guests; with elegant waterfalls, a golfing green, and minibar counter to enjoy a luxury vacation.

Bathing in the golden hot spring that is similar to the ancient springs in Japan. You will feel entirely relaxed while surrounded by the greenery mountains. What’s more, there are some natural crystals formed slowly on the water surface. These unique crystals float on the water just like flower petals.

The resort also features PRIME ONE steakhouse, which has won the recommendation by 2018 Taipei Michelin Guide. Cooperating with the local farmers in Hualien, their original ingredients are integrated into the cuisine, allowing a deeper connection for the travelers with Hualien’s unique flavors.

Belonging to the internationally renowned Banyan Tree Group, Angsana Spa offers exquisite treatments in the hotel and is also the only service base in Taiwan. Exclusive treatments are made from natural flowers and fresh fruits, classical techniques, and ancient aromatherapy. Angsana Spa will completely relax your body and mind.


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