蘊泉庄|秘境養生湯泉 Unexplored Region For Health



After busy days with the mundane affairs, try out the hot spring water in Yun hotel that washes away the worries of the soul. The concept of the Oriental Five Elements blends into the mist, let the mind and body feel infinite Zen, and also receive natural energy sources.




There are many room types designed with different elements. Each room faces the beautiful scenery of the mountains and rivers, offering a variety of options for couples, travelers and families. These are comfortable rooms with a balcony for enjoying the views.

Also, there is a health spa bath, where you can also enjoy a spa massage. However, if you want to surround yourself in the natural atmosphere and fragrance, you can experience the top-class hot spring “Mu Tianze” on the first floor.

After the body treatment enjoy one of the healthy creative feasts. The talented chef uses local ingredients to develop unique and unconventional dishes, and designed meals for different ages. Freeing up your mind to replenish yourself with fresh energy, Come and stay here soon and enjoy an unprecedented hot spring experience.


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