Cartier|將日常化為非凡 A Day with Cartier


以大自然為靈感的「水果錦囊」(Tutti Frutti) 新作MAHABALI項鍊、耳環宛如華麗的色彩樂章。以項鍊來看,中央各鑲嵌63.21克拉的雕花哥倫比亞祖母綠、22.41克拉的雕花緬甸藍寶石與16.93克拉的雕花緬甸紅寶石,並以從小到大巧妙排列的寶石與鑽石交織成細密的裝飾曲線,輕靈幻化流暢韻律。

此外,來自卡地亞典藏部門的古董珍藏系列Cartier Tradition更帶來溫莎公爵夫人華里絲‧辛普森(Wallis Simpson,1896 -1986)的珍貴收藏:SUNBURST耳環與胸針,以黃金和玫瑰金、珍珠與鑽石打造,胸針還可搭配項鍊作為吊墜。

Themed as “UN journée avec Cartier” (a Day with Cartier), Cartier presented to us its high jewelry of the year, among the unique and peerless top leopard jewelry collection, fine watches, high jewelry, and wristwatches, nearly 30 pieces of works are of its first time to Taiwan. Natural flowers, wild animals, and geometric images all inspired the unique and innovative design of the main stone, which is rendered with an intriguing idea in mind: making the top jewelry more accessible and more matching with the fashionable dress so as to represent the extraordinary style of Cartier.

With seven natural top Burmese cushion-cut rubies weighed 17.61 carats totally, one pear-cut diamond weighed 6.25 carats, twenty-one cushion cut diamonds weighed 26.32 carats totally as well as other asscher-cut rubies, diamonds, onyxes, cone-shaped diamonds, brilliant-cut diamonds, the elegant VARANTA ruby and diamond necklace would be a true marvel that reflects the typical Cartier elements, such as geometric pattern and exquisite hollow. Any two jewels can form a perfect combination: long and short necklaces can do a duet as well as a solo, the long necklaces can be turned into a bracelet and short necklace. Not only elegant but also accessible, the beautiful works incarnated a very wild yet graceful imagination.

Inspired by Mother Nature, the new member of Tutti Frutti series, MAHABALI necklace and earrings are just like a gorgeous piece of music. The 63.21 carats carved Columbian emerald, 22.41 carats carved Burmese sapphire and 16.93 carats carved Burmese ruby are inlaid at the heart of the necklace. Accompanied by the gems and diamonds arranged by size, this piece is comparable to a delightful concerto. In addition, among the masterpieces in Cartier Tradition, an antique collection of the Cartier collection department – the Duchess of Windsor collection: SUNBURST earrings and brooches are made of gold, rose gold, pearls, and diamonds. The brooch may be transfigured into a perfect pendant when hanging on a chain.