Tie & Dior | 紮染之美幻化珠寶之艷 Tie-dye & Haute Couture Inspiration

紮染手工織品與染色技藝先是為Dior女裝的高級時裝輪廓增色,現在則透過高級珠寶系列得到重新詮釋,並以較過往更為澎湃的張力,再次引人見證Dior珠寶工坊的精湛工藝。對Victoire de Castellane來說,精美織物上的印花圖紋或吸墨紙上以墨水拖曳出暈開的蹤跡,都成為她為珠寶創作與色調鋪陳的綺美靈感。形式與色彩的不對稱,看似不經意卻平衡協調,顛覆性的重新定義頂級珠寶的審視觀點。沙弗萊石、祖母綠、粉色、藍色與黃色藍寶石等不設限的彩色寶石,如同被賦予絕美色澤的高級時裝,襯托並振奮心情能量。圓型、橢圓型、梨型及欖尖型的切面與線條被放大凸顯,由粉紅色至白色、綠色至灰色的漸變色彩亦被唯美勾勒。隱匿不可見的珠寶背面,鉑金、白K金、黃K金及玫瑰金攜手重塑了色彩的視覺幻術,體現了Dior對細節的考究與細膩。

Victoire de Castellane亦賦予珍珠一全新變奏:這也是首度在其創作上看見如此豐富的珍珠,令其棲於部份創作的偏心之處,以珍珠圓潤的古典神形及天然絲絨般的曖曖光澤,烘托出切面紅寶石、藍寶石、祖母綠和尖晶石的穿透光線。

Inspired by the glory and effulgence of tie-dye art, Dior brand-new Tie & Dior High Jewelry Collection, or more specifically, more than 100 pieces of jewels imbued with the creativity of Victoire de Castellane, the creative director of Dior High Jewelry Collection department, inherited the romanticism and kaleidoscopic hue of the “Gem Dior” and “Dior et Moi” making it an intriguing fusion of abstract art and the idea of vividness. The precious gems of different sizes are presented and arranged on a single tiny stage, glittering in a necklace, bracelet, double ring, and the asymmetric earrings and proudly displaying its uniqueness and innovation.

The tie-dye crafts and techniques, once used to beautify Dior’s haute couture, are now utilized in the high-end jewelry series, yet in a more enchanting and entrancing way to demonstrate the exquisite craftsmanship of Dior jewelry workshop. For Victoire de Castellane, whether the pattern on the fine fabrics or the ink feathering on the blotting paper could be an inspiration for jewelry designing and color matching. The asymmetric forms and colors are subtly harmonized to redefine the way the high-end jewelry should be appreciated. Being a profusion of colors, the dazzling tsavorite, emerald, pink, and blue hems, and yellow sapphires could not only speak for but also refresh the exhausted travelers, as much as the high-end fashion with variegated design. The facet and outline of the round, oval, pear-cut, and marquise diamond emphasized how beautifully and aesthetically the pink (or green) to white gradient is arranged. What hides on the back is a visual feast presented collaboratively by jewelry, platinum, white k-gold, yellow k-gold, and rose gold, which is a representation of how much attention Dior has paid to the details.

If the pearls are the notes of a classic piece of music, Victoire de Castellane’s work might be a variation of the old tune: you may rarely see so many pearls being used in a single work with part of it being perched off-center. The plump pearls, with classical form and spirit and gorgeous luster comparable to natural velvet, reflect the light penetrating the flawless facets of ruby, sapphire, emerald, and spinel.