T+T | 極致料理美學的真食力 The Power of Extreme Aesthetics in Cuisine

以亞洲美味為根基,結合視覺與美學,融合現代跨藝多元精神,導入西方餐酒文化,成立兩年的T+T,位於敦化北路的小巷,大隱隱於市,光芒藏心不顯露。Tapas&Tasting 意指精緻、淺嚐、品味,而+,crossover 則有跨藝、跨域、跨系的象徵。

The foundation of Asian flavors is fused with visual aesthetics incorporated with the interdisciplinary spirit of modern art is presented through bistro culture. After hiding in operation for 2 years in an alley behind Dunhua North Road, T+T remains a hidden gem of the city. The restaurant is named after Tapas and Tasting, signifying exquisite bites that give a slight taste while”+”symbolizes the restaurant’s crossover into art, other fields, and disciplines. 





T+T 整體裝潢理念,由內場而外場的空間設計:取 bistro 的小巧、平易近人,提供道地的小食、輕鬆的小酌,但融合了 fine dining 的選材與料理水準。用餐區極簡主義的風格,捨棄過度裝飾,保留了「空間」的本質,是希望由主廚、料理與賓客共構的對話、來營造整個餐廳的氛圍,維持一定的張力與平衡,一種友誼與分享的關係。


主廚蔡元善 Johnny 的料理,呈現的不僅是一道美味,更是一種詩意與情懷,每一道菜都是一幅畫卷,充滿奇思妙想。專注於料理本身,將食物呈現為「姿造」,是對食客的一種尊重,亞洲風味西方化,轉譯成精緻的料理,展開餐桌上國際對話,或許他希望用美食語言對話世界,做心有所向的料理夢想家。

Flavors on the Tip of the Tongue

This August, the restaurant released The Flavors of Memory – Umami, their new seasonal menu for the Asian Dining Table in the third quarter of 2020. Flavors represent the delicious taste of autumn and it just so happens that Chef Johnny is a wind sign. Unami is savoriness, deliciousness, but deconstruct the character and you’ll end up with fish and lamb which allude to the presence of both seafood and meats in this season’s fare. Every dish in this season makes it delicately obvious that Asians are a group of people who are very adept at savoring “umami”.

This season’s ingredients are all rich in amino acids and commonly found in Asia’s street food or home cooking. This includes items such as jelly made from duck stock, buni, tomatoes, pickled cucumbers, cod, miso, mushrooms, mushroom stock, and cultured milk. Interestingly, a human’s very first”memory of deliciousness”is the umami from breastmilk; in other words, the love and reliance on umami is a key, intuitive feeling in the taste memory of all individuals. Due to the impact of COVID-19 since early this year, the new menu aims to give people a sense of security and a taste of home.

Dining Space Aesthetics

The overall philosophy of the décor at T+T is designed around interior and exterior spaces; the space borrows the coziness and accessibility of a bistro by providing small plates of authentic food and relaxing drinks fused with the ingredient selection and techniques of fine dining. The dining area is minimalistic, forgoing excessive adornments to maintain the nature of the”space”that is hopefully filled by dialogue created between the chef, cuisine, and guests. The atmosphere of the restaurant is created to maintain a sense of tension and balance, a type of friendship and relationship based on sharing.

The Sensory World of Cuisine

Chef Johnny presents dishes that are not only delicious, but sentimental and poetic; each dish is a canvas filled with mystical ideas. He focuses on cuisine and respectfully presents each ingredient to his guests by interpreting westernized Asian flavors through fine dining. The international dialogue presented on his dining table could perhaps be his wish to communicate with the world through food and convey his intent and dreams as a chef.

T+T (02)2719-9191 地址:105台北市松山區敦化北路165巷11號