有熊的森林Villa Bear Forest Villa | 慢活 與自己的心靈交流 LOHAS-A Dialogue with One’s Soul

「如果換一種方式,你會怎麼樣去生活? 」隨著個性化休閒時代的到來,田野旅遊正不斷走向創意化、精緻化與溫度化。


“If you could choose any other method, how would you want to live life?”In this era of personalized recreation, rural adventures are becoming more creative, exquisite, and filled with warmth. When in Hualien, one may think of Taroko, whale sightings, or Ocean Park. Escape the bustling city and visit the paradise of your dreams by unveiling the cloud covered mountains and streams to see the beautiful forests which are also home to bears. Use warmth to shorten the distance between hearts with the considerate butler-style services.

如夢如幻 遇見幸福


翱翔天際 俯瞰大地


溫情待客 完美生態


Encounter Happiness in a Mystical Dream

W  hen staying at “Bear Forest Villa”, the primary visual theme of bears fills your senses. The dreamy lake and cypress lined trail seem like they’ve come straight out of a painting. Bask in a private natural paradise and the rich habitat of the Wetland Lake, who’s waters are sourced from Shoufeng River in the Central Mountain Range. The lake’s rich ecosystem is home to Hualien’s ducks, flocks of white geese, and the aroma of wild ginger. Experience paradise on earth by rowing to the lake’s center and enjoying the dreamy reflections of the misty mountains as a rainbow cuts across the skies. At night falls, fireflies light up the sky similar to what one may experience in Karuizawa, Japan.

Soar Through the Sky and Overlook the Earth

Easy Fly has professional flight instructors and LSA grade light aircraft. A single flight with the national level pilots lasts approximately 30 minutes and allows passengers to experience rapid ascents and oblique flight so that you too can experience what it’s like to be Chi Po-Lin and overlook the brilliant colors off the coast of Hualien and Taitung. Experience 360-degree spins and completely take in the beauty of the sky and Pacific Ocean’s waves.

Warm Hospitality in a Perfect Ecosystem

The mountains, clouds, rivers, farms, and countless tourists makes it seem like”Little Europe”; it also happens to be the protected habitat of the nightingale. Bear Butler says that lucky tourists who visit on days without light pollution and a waning moon may see the galaxy in the night sky. If celebrating a birthday, Bear Butler will arrange for a special welcoming ceremony as well as a detailed itinerary and great services to quickly become acquainted with the guests. Being surrounded by nature with a group of close friends, following the desires of life, and enjoying the gentlest moments. That is the kind of life worth pursuing. 

花蓮雲山水有熊的森林Villa (03)865-1598 地址: 97451花蓮縣壽豐鄉豐坪路二段二巷201弄68號


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