江欣宜 | 設計界女力 用溫度縮寫都會距離 Women’s Power in the Design World: Deploying Warmth to Reduce Urban Distance


In the precipitation of time, what luxury changes is the growth ring, while what remains the same is one’s original intention. L’atelier Fantasia, offers a colorful “people-oriented” design, conveying the lifestyle of the urban elite as understood by the designer Idan Chiang, evolving all extravagance into luxury, and achieving the ideal model of contemporary fashion’s living aesthetics. So no matter where you are in the world, home seems to be always close at hand, and in your heart.



演繹設計本質 致力高端場域


致精於藝 致意於心


Emerging out of the self ‘s cocoon

Idan Chiang, who has an unrestrained nature and loves to think and ponder, studied sociology at National Chengchi University, and embarked on the road of design after her graduation. Behind the constant shining, there is a reflection of her people-oriented service and vanguard design sensibilities, which are professional, and providently auspicious. To understand the lives of people in each city from traveling the world, to increase the robustness of life in the sea of ​​knowledge from reading, to dance with it, and empathize with it, and to connect with one other, are even more true to her philosophy of life about how to always keeps on facing life’s challenges and difficulties. 

Interpreting the essence of design, steadfastly committed to the high-end field

Many people confuse design with art, but from the perspective of the Oxford dictionary, design is essentially a set of scientific processes for solving problems. Idan Chiang believes that to start a design company, the most important thing to do is to integrate the internal and external, and balance both rationality and sensibility. Science is a hard decoration, which basically solves people’s lifestyles, and the soft decoration is about adjusting spaces into a beautiful appearance. Design is humane, and combines yearning for the past and future. Idan Chiang said quite frankly, in this industry, one will encounter all kinds of customers requiring us increase knowledge in many aspects, to truly understand the needs and preferences of clients and design a new home from the other person’s perspective.

To a perfect art, and a meaningful heart

In Idan Chiang, we witness two parallel development sequences, one is design and the other is the humanities. She now knows exactly how to find the value of design in the humanistic approach. In our interview, we talked about how to deal with negative energy, “I like listening to Yo-Yo Ma’s music. Music is most healing for the human heart. On weekends, I always reserve time for myself to be alone, enjoy a good breakfast, visit the Chiankuo Flower Market, and transform my daily routine into a sense of ritual.”This year, she became married and says she plans to have a baby, which might influence some new thinking on the company’s operating philosophy. On the path of pursuing true female power and genuine empowerment, she hopes that besides in the fashion field, she can also become a person who can see others from the perspective of altruism.

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