羅杰杜彼 Roger Dubuis |黑暗中綻放光芒 Shining with Brilliance in Darkness

生活大於生存詮釋了當代即享主義的理念,這正是ROGER DUBUIS羅杰杜彼豪放不羈的創意與無畏精神,推動著品牌在美學與技術領域上開拓全新疆土,創作出一件件大膽奔放的經典腕錶。

桀驁不羈樂於顛覆成規的人們總喜歡追尋與眾不同、具有獨特美感的設計以及極為崇尚高技術的複雜性,ROGER DUBUIS 羅杰杜彼Excalibur Blacklight三部曲正是為了這樣的人群而設計。42毫米的 Blacklight 三部曲推出 28 枚限量發行的玫瑰金錶款、88 枚搭配白金錶殼的藍色錶款以及搭配DLC鈦合金錶殼的黑色錶款。雖然三款腕錶皆獲得日內瓦印記的認證,但唯有玫瑰金限量版是僅在專賣店獨家發售的錶款。

此外 ROGER DUBUIS 羅杰杜彼標誌性的「Astral Skeleton 星際鏤空」機芯採用了一種微結構創新技術,展現出引人入勝的視覺效果;此微結構所採用的人工培育藍寶石與鐘錶珠寶中所使用的藍寶石相同。ROGER DUBUIS 羅杰杜彼將美學與創意的結合呈現於整個機芯,創造出宛如真實3D機械雕塑的感覺。藍寶石在紫外線下發光的能力更增強了這種立體感,並使得其精妙設計彷彿於夜間漂浮在表殼中。最後,ROGER DUBUIS 羅杰杜彼的製錶師運用科技效果發揮精湛技藝,搭配了品牌獨有的RD820SQ機芯,使得位於「Astral Skeleton星際鏤空」中心的美鑽得以在獨特的璀璨光輝中更加耀眼突出。這種策略性手法可產生多重層次與角度,更加強化出視覺張力和令人驚嘆的深度感。

Lifestyle over survival defines the philosophy of contemporary hedonism and marks the uninhibited creativity and fearless spirit of Roger Dubuis in trailblazing the brand’s aesthetics and technology through the continuous creation of bold yet classic wristwatches. Those who are unruly and defy the norms enjoy being different, have unique aesthetic design, and pursue complicated technologies; the Excalibur Blacklight trilogy by Roger Dubuis was designed with these people in mind. The 42mm Blacklight Trilogy includes the limited release of 28 rose gold watches, 88 white gold titanium watches, and a black version in a DLC titanium case. While all 3 models have received FHH certification from Geneva, only the limited edition rose gold variant is sold exclusively in stores.

Additionally, the Roger Dubuis trademark “Astral Skeleton Star Hollow” movement utilizes an innovative technology to create a miniature structure that exhibits a fascinating visual effect; the structure utilizes synthetic sapphires which are identical to the sapphires used in jewelry and watches. Roger Dubuis combines aesthetics and creativity within this movement and creates the feeling of a life-like 3D mechanical sculpture. Under ultraviolet light, the sapphires glow and enhances the three-dimensional qualities which makes the exquisite design seem to float within the casing. Finally, the watchmakers at Roger Dubuis present their precision craftsmanship by combining the high-tech effects with the brand’s exclusive RD829SQ movement that make the diamonds within the “Astral Skeleton Star Hollow” shine brilliantly and stand out even further. This strategic method generates multiple layers and angles to enhance visual tension and breathtaking depth.


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