Dior Leaves of Love | 忠貞不渝 溫柔許諾 Loyalty Forever with a Gentle Promise

對Victoire de Castellane來說,珠寶設計在於其無可取代的極致美學之外,還有另一件事情至關重要:如何帶給人能量與幸福感?Dior先生對於花園的熱愛人人皆知,花草因而成為品牌重要的設計元素;他更曾於1947年以常春藤圖案點綴名為「Fidélité」(忠貞)的花邊蕾絲婚紗。眼前的Leaves of Love珠寶系列儼然是向Dior先生對花朵、自然和園藝的迷戀致敬,共設計五款精雕細琢的作品,包括項鍊、手鐲、耳環、單指戒與雙指戒,充滿詩意的線條饒富純真魅力,美妙絕倫。

細賞作品即可意會Victoire de Castellane創作理念裡最具象徵意義的自由奔放,運用獨特翠綠色澤的孔雀石、散發耀眼光芒的黃金,點綴如晨露般於枝葉上閃爍的璀璨美鑽。透過精湛工藝締造歡愉氣息,令人沉醉在Dior Joaillerie的瑰麗花園。在品牌合作的高級珠寶工坊內,資深工匠以嫻熟技巧鍛造黃金,運用多種工藝鑲嵌珍貴寶石,為作品注入蓬勃朝氣。

每一款作品不僅僅是表面所嶄露的奢華靈動,背面做工同樣展現對於細節的苛求。無論是細緻黃金飾邊勾勒出葉子般的精巧動感,或是於葉脈般的精細洞孔鑲嵌美鑽,皆令作品閃亮奪目,呈現Victoire de Castellane所尊崇的珠寶藝術。當佩戴上Leaves of Love系列作品,蜿蜒蔓生於肌膚的生命力,在牽引纏繞之間如護身符般,成為個人專屬的浪漫守候。

A symbol of eternal love and loyalty, its vines seal the most beautiful promises witnessed in life. Victoire de Castellane, the creative director of Dior jewelry, was profoundly inspired to create a new limited series of jewelry, our “Leaves of Love.” The aesthetic naming is like the classic Ivy’s flowery language to “Intimately snuggle close” and “Unswerving fidelity”, which evokes the most tender promises in emotive speech.

For Victoire de Castellane, jewelry design lies not only in its ultimately irreplaceable aesthetic beauty, but there is also another even more important quality: how to bring people energy and a sense of happy fulfillment?

Everyone knows of Mr. Dior’s love for gardens, so flowers and plants have become an important design element in the brand. He even decorated a lace wedding dress called “Fidélité” (loyalty) with an ivy pattern back in 1947. So the Leaves of Love jewelry collection in front of you now is a tribute to Mr. Dior’s obsession with flowers, nature and gardening. The altogether five exquisitely crafted works are uniquely designed, including necklaces, bracelets, earrings, a single ring and double ring, full of poetic lines, rich with an innocence and charm, that is truly wonderful.

A close appreciation of his works will reveal to you the most symbolic freedom in the creative concept of Victoire de Castellane, using the unique emerald green colors of Malachite, with dazzling gold, and embellished with brilliant diamonds that glitter on the branches and leaves like the soft, glimmering morning dew. Through such exquisite craftsmanship which creates a truly pleasant atmosphere, one can indulge in the magnificent gardens of Dior Joaillerie. In the high-end jewelry workshop that the brand cooperates with, senior skilled craftsmen forge gold with the highest skills and use a variety of techniques to inlay precious gems, injecting sublimely creative vigor into every aspect of their work.

Each piece is not only the luxury and agility revealed on its surface, but the craftsmanship on the back also shows the demand for detailed work. Whether it is the delicate gold trim that outlines the delicate movement of the leaves in the breeze, or the inlaid diamonds in the fine veins, the works are simply dazzling and present the fine art of jewelry so revered by Victoire de Castellane. When you wear our Leaves of Love series of works, the vitality will spread forth in your skin, like a protective amulet caught between the push and pull of traction and winding, to elicit your steadfast personal romantic desires.