江詩丹頓 Vacheron Constantin | 與女神的浪漫邂逅 A Romantic Encounter with a Goddess


「Égérie」是於今年推出的新款系列,以古羅馬神話中的「厄革里亞」(geria)女神命名,獻給不斷提升著裝品味優雅的女性,這款自動上鍊時針有18K 5N粉紅金和精鋼兩種版本,不斷追尋時光真諦。環環相扣和不對稱設計是這款腕錶的標誌性特性,以不同風貌捕捉每時每刻的心境。

任時光流轉,Égérie系列朝夕相伴,微弧型錶殼直徑35毫米,纖細優雅的錶圈鑲有58顆鑽石。一體式錶耳自錶殼延伸而出,一點半鐘位置的錶冠鑲嵌有一顆弧形切割月光石,散發柔和的光影。這款腕錶有一個特別的設計,18K 5N粉紅金版腕錶配備了三條可快速替換的密西西比鱷魚皮質錶帶(半啞光覆盆子粉、夜空藍、蜜栗色均呈現出緞面效果),打造適應不同場合的多樣化風格,而精鋼版腕錶則搭配了經過精心拋光的金屬錶鏈,配有三段折疊式錶扣和按鈕,凸顯流暢線條與不凡質感。


As night falls, the Vacheron Constantin Égérie series of self-winding watches is a debutante, dress flowing with the movements of her dance. “Égérie” is this year’s latest series named after the Roman water nymph”geria” and dedicated to elegant women in their endless pursuit of elevated taste. This self-winding watch is a ceaseless pursuer of time and comes in two versions, a 19K 5N pink gold or stainless steel. The watch’s iconic feature is the asymmetrical design which captures the sentiment of each moment through different styles.

Time may pass, but the Égérie series remains in your company. The slightly curved case measures 35mm and boasts 58 full-set diamonds in the bezel; the ears of the watch extend from case while a curved moonstone is inlaid between the 1 and 2 o’clock position, emanating gentle light and shadow. The straps of this series contain a unique design; the 18K 5N pink gold edition includes 3 Mississippi crocodile skin straps (satin effect is present in all 3 models of raspberry pink, night blue, and candied chestnut) that can be quickly replaced, enabling the watch to adapt to any occasion. The steel edition comes with an exquisitely polished steel bracelet and triple-blade folding clasp that accentuates the watch’s smooth lines and extraordinary quality.

This watch uses classic “fold” design to add a bit of playfulness. The manufacture’s guillochage workshops utilize the historical “tapestry” technique to interpret the features of modern women such as abundant inspiration, independence, and unparalleled charisma. The 18K numerals include laced edges and are arranged in a fan-style, with each diamond exhibiting the texture of precious embroidery. The classical aesthetics of Vacheron Constantin’s off-centered design forms a whispered dialogue between haute horology and haute couture, bestowing a gentle femininity. The straps of the Égérie self-winding watches contain playful and distinct personalities. Their timeless elegance is similar to a confidant that provides accompaniment during the precious hours of each day.


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