Tiffany & Co.|傳奇之藍的自然頌 Ode to Nature’s Legendary Blue

以自然為靈感源泉,優雅靈動、栩栩如生,大自然所特有的活力和斑斕色彩,總與Tiffany & Co.蒂芙尼的設計靈感聯繫在一起。

翻開蒂芙尼古董珍藏庫,跨越時空之維,Jean Schlumberger繪製的設計圖紙上,創作出凝聚當代獨特風尚和經典美韻的珠寶傑作,使這位傳奇設計師對大自然的奇思妙想煥然新生,展現其迷人傳世魅力。親近自然,以造化為師,讓Jean Schlumberger的世界充滿生命活力與能量,將植物花朵、異域飛鳥和海洋生靈活潑地呈現在珠寶之上,獨具趣味與個人風格,令珠寶作品無比奇幻獨特,他捕捉大自然生機活力的才能令人不可思議,我們仿佛能親賞蟲魚鳥獸躍上閃耀寶石間,靈動優雅地為我們演奏屬於大自然的奇幻色彩樂章。他曾這樣解釋自己的設計理念:「我設法讓一切看起來都像是自然隨性的有機生長。」全新系列珠寶作品致敬自然生態與植物之美,同時展現動感與雕塑感線條。

其中,Jean Schlumberger創作指標性的金線纏繞設計而成的花朵項鍊,高度展現自然界的奇幻色彩與彩寶和鑽石之間的完美結合;此外,鉑金與18K金的鑽石葉片項鍊為另一件Jean Schlumberger極具辨識度的獨特設計,Jean Schlumberger希望將自然生命力注入珠寶設計靈魂,細膩刻劃植物生長時靈動精妙之姿,描繪自然生態的無限生機。

Taking nature as the source of inspiration, in elegant, flexible, and lifelike works, the unique vitality and colorful colors of nature are always interconnected with the design inspiration of Tiffany & Co. As you open the Tiffany antique collection library, across time and space, from the design drawings of Jean Schlumberger, creating jewelry masterpieces that condense contemporary unique styles and classic beauty, rejuvenating the legendary designer’s whims about nature, revealing its charming spirit and its eternal appeal.

Getting closer to nature and taking good fortune as one’s teacher have helped make Jean Schlumberger’s world remain full of vitality and energy. By transposing plants and flowers, or exotic birds and marine life which are flexibly presented on the jewelry, in a uniquely fun and personal style, making the jewelry works extremely individual and amazing. His ability to capture the vitality of nature is quite incredible. We seem to be able to appreciate the insects, fish, birds and beasts leaping among the shining gemstones, playing their magical movements of nature for us ever so smartly and gracefully. He once explained his design concept like this: “I try to make everything look like a very natural and organic growth.” This new series of jewelry works pays tribute to the beauty of natural ecology and plants, while showing both dynamic and sculptural flower necklace, highly demonstrating a perfect combination between fantasy colors of nature and the colorful gems and diamonds; In addition, the platinum and 18K gold diamond leaf necklace is another highly recognizable and unique design by Jean Schlumberger. Jean Schlumberger hopes to inject natural vitality into the soul of jewelry design, delicately depicting the delicate and elegant posture of plant growth, depicting the infinite vitality of natural ecology.


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