Cartier|出眾世代的隽永羈絆 The Timeless Bond of Outstanding Generations

時間是紀錄人類創造與突破最無私的見證者,敢於做自己,新生有為,在墨守成規中打破界限,在未來中無畏探索,在時代中創造巔峰,全新 Pasha de Cartier 腕錶系列再一次生動展現卡地亞重塑經典的創新能力。

誕生於 1985 年的傳奇名作 Pasha,便以個性張揚、突破傳統的醒目設計,詮釋對成功的獨特見解,以「圓中見方」的幾何造型設計引發熱潮。2020 年,Pasha 系列憑藉大器線條,方格設計、阿拉伯數字時標、隱藏式錶冠與方形飾釘等標誌性元素,以當代設計和重新煥發活力功能的新作回歸,不斷為多元化受眾帶來新穎品牌內容與作品。

敢於不同,揮灑才情,富有創造力,憑借才能成就非凡。不僅備受男士推崇,更令女士一見傾心。Pasha de Cartier腕錶的原型最早可追溯至1943年,在此後的四十年中,更精益求精,始終成為Pasha腕錶設計取之不盡的靈感源泉。其錶冠鑲嵌一顆藍色尖晶石或藍寶石,並配備可替換錶帶,提供豐富多樣的個性化選擇,在經典之餘展露摩登風範,張揚先鋒態度。這種積極向上的理念,與心態開放、擅長跨界、熱愛交流的新生代群體不謀而合。他們肆意抒發創作靈感,彰顯鋒芒實力,他們雄心壯志,與Pasha de Cartier腕錶呈現同樣敢為人先的精神,大膽打破傳統製錶界限,挑戰一切可能性。

In every period, there are vanguard pioneers who lead the era. Having dreams and pursuing one’s true self are the weather vanes for young people’s direction in life. Time is the most selfless witness to record the creations and breakthroughs of human beings, daring to be yourself, be new and promising, breaking boundaries during seeming observance of conventions, exploring fearlessly in the future, and creating the pinnacle experiences of the times. The new Pasha de Cartier watch series once again vividly demonstrate Cartier’s innovative ability to reshape the classics.

The legendary masterpiece Pasha series, born in 1985, interprets its unique insights into success with its distinctive and eye-catching designs that break through tradition, and spark a boom with its geometric design of “squares in a circle”. In 2020, the Pasha series relies on its iconic elements with large lines, checkered designs, Arabic numerals, hidden crown and square studs, to return with contemporary designs and new works along with rejuvenating functions, which continue to bring appeal to diversified audiences through new brand content and works.

Dare to be different, show off your talent, be innovative, and make extraordinary achievements with your creativity. It is not only highly respected by men, but also makes women fall in love at first sight. The prototype of the Pasha de Cartier watch can be traced back to 1943. In the following forty years, its’tradition has been more refined and has always provided an inexhaustible source of inspiration for Pasha watch design. Its’crown is inlaid with a blue spinel or sapphire, and equipped with a replaceable strap, providing a rich variety of personalized options, while displaying a modern style in addition to classicism, and revealing a vanguard pioneering attitude. This kind of positive concept coincides with the new generation of people who are open-minded, good at crossing borders and boundaries, and who love to communicate. The new generation freely express their creative inspiration and demonstrate their cutting-edge strength. They are ambitious and present the same daring spirit as Pasha de Cartier watches, boldly breaking the boundaries of traditional watchmaking and challenging all possibilities.