The One 南園 | 邂逅一場老派浪漫 A Retro-Romantic Rendezvous

TRANSLATION | Eugenia Yang


What is old-school romance like in your memory?  This holiday season, The One Nanyuan Land of Retreat & Wellness invites you to go on an old-fashioned, neo-oriental date in the flourishing landscapes. Relax, and enjoy a rendezvous on a night of daze recreated after the sweet memories of innocent youth amidst this celebration of nature.


微風輕拂,山林鳥鳴,藏身新埔山林裡的一日雅敘,透過管家深度貼身的遊園導覽,一窺江南造景,紅磚紅瓦閩南園林建築,步入小橋透過高低左右的動線,欣賞自然風光,彷彿徜徉在一座沒有牆的美術館。1985年落成,原為聯合報創辦人王惕吾先生退休居所,由台灣建築之父漢寶德教授,依宋朝趙伯駒名作「阿閣圖」為靈感所設計。曾經接待各國元首,如前英國首相柴契爾夫人、前蘇聯總理戈巴契夫先生等等,打造美好生活體驗,傳遞東方美好文化的品牌,這便是「The One」的初衷。




後疫情時代,台灣企業產生了美學焦慮,追求完美永續的心,執行長劉邦初 Ben 透露,僅20間房的南園滿房不能滿足,The One 團隊秉持著「因為有人,才會感人」的精神,他期許公司員工要有能力去分享個中滋味,人天共和。歲末聖誕節慶,南園將首度與法國巴黎頂級藝術香氛品牌 dyptique 合作,推出主題香氛房 diptyque Voyage Room,在園林的空靈寂寥中,開啟一場思想遊歷。漫步在 The One 南園人文客棧,體驗身心靈極致放鬆的宿旅,聆聽自己的聲音,沉浸於風土自然與生活之美好。

Roaming in the wonders of nature

The gentle breeze brushing against the skin, the chirping of nature ringing in the air — spend a day in this secret oasis in the mountains of Hsinpu. Let the housekeeper take you on a personal and in-depth tour to appreciate the Jiangnan style landscapes and the red-bricked Fukien and Hakka architecture. Constructed to fit with the highs and lows of the land, a walk on the bridge becomes a stroll in an outdoor art museum, immersed in the natural sights. Used to be the home of the founder of United Daily News, Tiwu Wang, The One Nanyuan was built in 1985 by the Father of Taiwanese architecture, Professor Pao-Teh Han, and inspired by Song Dynasty’s landscape painter, Zhao Boju. Professor Han was the point person when world leaders visited Taiwan, including Margaret Thatcher, Mikhail Gorbachev, and more. Establish a brand that creates an amazing living experience and expresses the beauty of orientalism — that, is the heart of “The One.”

An appreciation of the people and culture

Overlook the picturesque mountain view. Breathe in the brisk air of the blooming buds. On this natural canvas painted with blue skies and dreamy clouds, find your place and take a deep breath to feel the pulsating life thriving in every single corner. Inspired by the local culture, old-fashion becomes a token for classic and elegance. The romantic atmosphere is filled with the mischievous scent of cinnamon and the alluring taste of red wine. The saxophone takes us down memory lane, as we reminisce the dearest memories, while the King cake keeps our deepest secrets and promises to tell no soul. On this night of daze, embrace the tranquility of nature, take your book lamp for a saunter down Kengo Kuma’s wind eaves pavilion, and enjoy the starry night above The One Nanyuan.

The collective wellbeing

In the wake of coronavirus, companies in Taiwan are now pressured with this growing anxiety to recreate an aesthetic vacation that is even more captivating and fulfilling. Aiming for perfect sustainability, CEO Ben Liu expresses that, with only twenty rooms, The One Nanyuan has to do better than just reaching full room capacity. Since The One upholds the belief that it is the people that can inspire affection, he aspires his employees to have the ability to create the best living experience for the customers. Meanwhile, to celebrate Christmas, The One Nanyuan collaborates with Parisian luxury fragrance brand, diptyque, for the first time, to introduce the scent-themed “diptyque Voyage Room,” opening up an adventure for the soul and mind. So let’s wander in The One Nanyuan Land of Retreat & Wellness, experience a total relaxation of the body and mind, and immerse yourself in the wonders of the awe-inspiring landscapes.

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