璀璨過冬 聖誕繽紛色彩 A Toast to Winter: The Technicolors of Christmas

TRANSLATION | Eugenia Yang



Red Velvet 

A dash of cardinal red breaks the silence of a winter day, the touch of bright silk waltzing on velvet — a declaration of an exclusive winter celebration is established. From dusk till dawn, the softness continues to dance on the fabric and the saturated colors of the exclusive winter expression create a timeless and distinct memory to celebrate the year coming to an end. 



A Harlequin Fantasy

Like a splendid feast for the eye, the magical world of unicorns endowed with spectacular macaron colors, lures you into the enchanted realms and offers you to sneak a peek. A dash of pale blue, a speck of lilac, a touch of cantaloupe orange – do not worry if it’s not your ideal shade of magical sparks, just gently tap your brush and dust off this year’s unhappiness and restart 2021 with a marvelous dance of Waltz.


有哪個月份能比12月更適合銀色呢? 銀色有著雪國的冰冷,而藍色調帶有溫暖的冬日氣息,白雪靄靄的冰亮世界,就像來到一個仙境國度,溫潤的光澤閃著無比明亮優雅的氣息,冷色系也許不屬於日常,但卻可以刻劃出季節氣氛以及獨特美感,勾勒出千變萬化的耶誕節氣氛。

Silver Christmas

What’s a better month than December to celebrate silver? Silver is a token for the iciness of the frozen kingdoms while the bluish shades radiate with a warm undertone. The pure and pristinely white snow takes you into a fantastical world, one in which the gentle luster shines with a bright but elegant gleam. Perhaps the cold color tones don’t belong to the quotidian, but they do portray the festivity and unique beauty of the season and bring forth the ever-changing ambience of the Christmas holiday.


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