GRAFF | 高訂之王 The King of Diamond

TRANSLATION | Eugenia Yang

格拉夫聞名遐邇的珠寶設計,線條流麗簡潔,卻充滿內涵與韻味,以完美的比例與平衡,超越時尚潮流與時空制約。作為高訂中的王者,格拉夫延續數百萬年的天工造物,正如勞倫斯 • 格拉夫所言,「格拉夫本身,就代表著品質最上乘、最珍罕、最頂級的美鑽。」




Like modern women, diamonds embody a feature that is one-of-a-kind and emit a mysterious allure. GRAFF’s world renowned jewelry design not only flows with precision, but also radiates with opulent taste and depth. Crafted with perfect proportion and balance, the multinational jeweler sets itself ahead of the fashion trend and exceeds the rules of temporality. As the king of diamonds, GRAFF continues its work by harnessing mother nature’s million-year-old creations: the gemstones. Like Laurence Graff once said, “The House of Graff stands for the finest, rarest, and only the very best stones.”

Originating from Columbia, emeralds have always been a collector’s favorite, a gemstone with the highest standard. The word itself comes from the Greek language, meaning “the green gem.” Traces of chromium and vanadium are found in the mineral, causing it to develop a green color and because of the different trace amounts, the gemstone creates a wide variety of colors ranging from a refreshing, unique light green, to a darker but more saturated, elegant shade. What’s special about emerald gemstones is that the inclusions naturally come with flaws. And these flaws, or Jardin in French, only enrich the emerald’s unique refinement and enhance its extraordinary charisma.

Pairing diamonds with colorful gemstones, the combination creates this multilayer visual effect. The Bow collection uses rubies, emeralds, and diamonds to capture the fluidity of silk and the classic design of a quotidian bow. Since emeralds are extremely delicate, the gem cutting and polishing work become especially difficult. The Bow collection, including a five-row, oval shape emerald necklace (Emeralds 81.23 carats, Diamonds 37.71 carats) and earrings (Emeralds 8.30 carats, Diamonds 9.33 carats), demonstrates the emerald inlaid with intricacy and perfect precision and brings the charming bow design to life.

Meanwhile, the emerald and diamond secret watch comprises a remarkable 42.32 carats of finely cut, oval emeralds and 27.99 carats of the finest white diamonds. The refined structure and mount design ensure an effortless fit on the wrist, adding a tint of spark to the skin and highlighting GRAFF’s enduring elegance and its artisans’ impeccable craftsmanship and design.