Hearts On Fire | 永恆光燦的奢華風貌An Eternal Extravagance

TRANSLATION | Eugenia Yang

以紐約天際線為畫布,以鑽石為顏料,將曼哈頓建築的工藝與人文之美,於珠寶完美封存TRIPLICITY全新系列珠寶設計,在HEARTS ON FIRE全球設計總監Ilaria Lanzoni鬼才創作之下,20年代具代表性的裝飾藝術風格(Art Deco),將紐約人文特色與當代女性獨到生活品味,融入於流暢簡約的幾何線條與細緻鏤空,鑲嵌「全世界車工最完美的鑽石」,演繹珠寶摩登樣貌。

設計總監Ilaria Lanzoni維繫簡約永恆感,捕捉了「純粹、透明、永恆」思維,其中克萊斯勒圖騰系列以克萊斯勒大樓裝置藝術風格做為靈感,出發創作源於她認為這棟大樓在夜幕低垂時分後燈光開啟時,在天際線中由內而外散發的都會光影格外突出。以溫潤的黃K金、圓弧線條展現克萊斯勒大廈三角型窗的四射光芒,令人心醉神往。


With the New York City skyline as the canvas and diamonds as paint, HEARTS ON FIRE’s brand new Triplicity collection precisely captures the essence of Manhattan’s architecture and humanistic beauty. The brand’s global design director, llaria Lanzoni channels the iconic Art Deco spirit of the 20s and imbues her work of jewelry with New York’s culture and modern women’s unique style. Together, the serene geometric lines, the clever hollow design, and the embedding of “world’s most perfectly cut diamonds” showcase the modernity of contemporary jewelry.

Holding on to the three key features—pure, lucid, everlasting—Lanzoni aims to preserve this timeless simplicity through her intricate jewelry design. Among her work, the Chrysler pattern collection draws inspiration from the architecture design of the famous Chrysler Building and the way the Art Deco style skyscraper lights up after dusk, illuminating from within and standing tall amidst the bustling Midtown. The lukewarm yellow k gold with the arc curves evoke the triangular window designs of Chrysler Building, radiating an alluring luster that captivates one’s heart.

The clean and sharp lines of the Hearst jewelry collection echo with modern women’s confidence and bold fashion statement. Crafted with an impeccable artisanship that pays great attention to detail, the geometric lines and fringe design ripple with agility and elegance. Topped with an inlay of the brand’s stellar gem-cutting, the Triplicity collection shines with a mesmerizing charm and will sure make any woman the spotlight of the crowd.