村却國際溫泉酒店 Cuncyue Hot Spring Resort | 奢享溫泉之旅 The Voyage of Lush Springs

TRANSLATION | Eugenia Yang


With a billowing cloud of smoke, a scoop of spring water, we sink deep in the warming onsen. Allow the geothermal energy and the essence of the hot spring to cure yesterday’s fatigue, accept the air’s embrace as it envelopes the body with heat. Cherish the simple, most precious joy one could ever ask for and let us roam with the mountains, rivers, and the pastoral green to take part in one heartfelt journey.








純淨宜蘭生活味,運用在地食材,打造多樣化的美食饗宴,包括1樓自助餐廳明廚百匯、23樓懷石料理、鐵板燒、歐陸料理和下午茶,選擇性相當多。夜色垂暮,腳步移至飯店頂樓THE ROOF 190觀景台擁有宜蘭首創的星空酒吧,片刻靜謐欣賞百萬夜景,將萬家燈火、璀璨霓虹盡收眼底著實浪漫,人生不只有眼前的苟且,還有詩和遠方,一場洗滌心靈的舒適之旅,在名泉村居開啟,也在它奢華的體驗中落幕。




The Skyscape of Yilan

Glancing at the faraway Guishan Island and Pacific Ocean, taking in the view of the Lanyang landscapes, Cuncyue Hot Spring Resort is located next to Luodong Station. The name “Cuncyue” pays tribute to Chairman Tsai’s parents, as it is a combination of their names with a deeper brand concept of “a thing for beauty is a joy forever.” With forty years of experience running a construction company, he believes in Luodong’s advantageous location and market potential. Designed with a modern Zen style, Cuncyue embodies a twin y-axis architecture model to become the brightest linear luminator at night. Our pace naturally slows down when first stepping into the resort. With the high ceiling and spacious design along with the marble floor and gentle lighting, every single detail highlights the charm of combining humanistic and natural features and perfectly exemplifies the equilibrium of “nature, scope, and architecture.”

The Diligence of A Brand New Experience

When setting foot into the resort room, you will feel Luodong River’s majestic spirituality pulsating, the natural spring water filling up the double onsens. Fully immerse in the sodium bicarbonate spring, which is also known as “the queen of hot springs” or “the spring for beauty,” that is translucent and odorless, like bathing in this rare and all-natural skin toner. Or the nano milky spring next to it, rippling like tidal waves. Using the patented nanotechnology to ignite the clash of water molecules to bring a noble relaxation, washing away any exhaustion and discomfort. Allow the onsen to heal your body, let the landscape sooth your mind, and take in the scroll painted with nature’s finest beauty. As Yilan’s tallest hotel building, Cuncyue offers rooms with floor-to-ceiling windows that fully capture the sublimity and mirth of mother nature—a perfect amalgamation of sunbeam, starlight, breeze, ripples, and greenery. Slow down, take a stroll to feel the fun of life and with each breath, let the fresh air ignite the energy buried deep in the body.

Wander in the Village Beauty

Inspired by the authentic Yilan cuisine, the restaurants in Cuncyue uses local ingredients to serve a variety of dining feasts—The Ming Kitchen on the first floor, East 23 serving kaiseki, teppanyaki, continental cuisine, and afternoon tea. As the night arrives, take the elevator up to the rooftop for Yilan’s first sky bar, The Roof 190, enjoy the peaceful but breathtaking scenery, and take in the romantic city view of myriad lights, the twinkling neon signs. Life is not about the current moment’s misfortune, but about what awaits in the future like the beautiful poems, the majestic faraway land. A soul cleansing voyage of comfort begins here at Cuncyue, and ends with a luxurious experience amidst this therapeutic mindfulness.


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