純粹浪漫法則 The Theorem of Pure Romance


When did spring start? From the day of renewal. The aura of spring blooms with the brand new taste of budding, laced with the joy of excitement. Accept the gentle embrace of the flowers, the pristine morning dew blended with the earthy scent after the rain. The refreshing plant extracts and the dash of morning shimmer lighten up our complexion, the nourishing renovation restores the skin with a lively shine. Let us dance, with the lingering tones, and begin a moving waltz of spring. 


迪奧先生說到自己童年的那個花園稱為「保佑他的時代花園」,印象中 Dior 先生的設計總是離不開花朵,包含了高訂服裝與秀場都可以看看滿溢著花朵的元素,而迪奧先生喜愛的花卉也加入了 Dior 護膚產品中,開啟了花植保養專家之路。2021 年 Dior 追溯護膚之本,以最天然的純粹、無香精添加以及簡單的包裝全新設計出迪奧積雪草修護霜,在動盪不安的疫情之下,獻出對肌膚最萬用的修護霜,以 Dior 花植科學為後盾,集結了積雪草的高效修護能量,並添加乳油木果油、玻尿酸等滋潤肌膚,輕盈潤澤不黏膩的乳霜質地,像是柔紗包裹著每一寸肌膚,進行深層的呵護,也如同 Less is more 的道理,用越純粹、天然的成分來提供最日常完美的貼心需求。

The Power of Centella

When speaking of the family’s provençal garden, Christian Dior named it “the closed garden that protected his childhood.” From Dior’s Haute Couture show to the runway design, floral elements are everywhere to be seen—flowers have been a passionate muse to Mr. Dior’s creations and designs. Inspired by his love for flowers, he began this journey of seeking the exceptional cosmetic potential in flowers with the brand’s own professional ethnobotanists. In 2021, Dior returns to the origins of skincare by introducing the new Dior Cica Recover Balm. With a minimalist package design, a formula without synthetic fragrances but with the purest natural essence only, Dior offers the most versatile recovery balm for the skin in the wake of the pandemic. The label’s floral science expertise combines centella asiatica’s exceptional revitalizing properties with hyaluronic acid and shea butter to hydrate and nourish the skin. A fine emulsion with a light, creamy texture without an oily film, the balm wraps every inch of the skin like soft sheer, providing an immediate soothing sensation. Less is more, so allow the refined natural ingredients to provide the perfect ritual that fulfills our daily needs. 


擁有頂級保養品界抗老功效王者法國嬌蘭蘭鑽系列,持續著美麗的堅持,同時也奠定了嬌蘭精品保養地位。在 2021 年推出了全新蘭鑽氧蘊極光精露,結合了蘭鑽肌因煥白技術以及活膚呼吸科技,並注入珍貴的石斛蘭與法國嬌蘭研究中心採用高原赤箭蘭及白玉蝴蝶蘭的「雙重稀有蘭花精華」,完美雙重組合為春天的肌膚保養踏出第一步。其中更是添加了蘭花萃取精華之補水因子,不只肌膚保水更能使膚色均勻有光澤,宛如凝脂白玉般的晶亮剔透。到了夜晚,使用蘭鑽氧蘊極光開啟保養的第一道程序,可以賦活肌膚補充水分,之後再以蘭鑽氧蘊極光白金萃、蘭鑽氧蘊極光眼部精華等等加強,蘭花滋養著睡眠,一同進入美好的夢鄉時刻。

The Wondrous Orchidée Impériale  

Renowned as the finest of anti-aging in the world of top quality skincare products, Guerlain’s Orchidée Impériale continues its conviction towards beauty, and establishes its high status among all boutique brands. In 2021, Guerlain launches the brand new Orchidée Impériale Essence-in-Lotion that combines the Orchid Noble Light Technology and Cell Respiration Technology which is infused with the rare Orchidarium and Guerlain Research’s Gastrodia elata to deliver the extraordinary essence of a duo of orchids—the perfect combination becomes the first step of the springtime ritual. Enriched with the new Orchid Essential Water complex, the Essence-in-Lotion not only hydrates the skin, but also transforms it into a perfect light creator that is more plumped and beautiful, like a pearl shining from within. At night, start off your skincare routine with the essence to boost natural hydration, followed by the Radiance Concentrate, the Radiance Eye Serum, and more—together, drift off with the replenishing orchids and begin to restore the skin’s youthful radiance in your dreams.


六品交織極致的保養協奏曲,肌膚之鑰 SYNACTIF 創生 · 極致系列彷彿將六個篇章集結成一曲曼妙重奏,細膩嬌貴的極致紫色玫瑰猶如組合音符,將完美創生華麗流淌於五線譜中。1 株只為創生美麗肌膚而生的紫色玫瑰為創生 · 極致系列關鍵,肌膚之鑰實驗室從世界各地嚴選 20 萬種玫瑰而得的極致瑰寶,歷時 10 年研究淬煉,完美汲取山林間的萬物精華,使肌膚亮澤動人。將高貴優雅香氛使心靈悄然淨化,與肌膚的重生活力,驅達完美平衡境界。第一步使用創生極致洗顏皂與創生極致淨白露,清潔後肌膚彈潤、柔軟,隨時保持最佳狀態。接下來使用創生極致防護乳為日間開啟美麗篇章。夜晚重生綻光使用創生極致夜間精華乳、乳霜與眼霜為夜間修護打造嬌顏猶如經過精細雕琢。

The Symphony of Rose Synactif 

The ultimate skincare concerto interweaved of six numbers, the Clé de Peau Beauté Synactif series introduces six distinct but connected chapters that come together as one, beautiful ensemble. The exquisitely delicate Rose Synactif rings like musical notes, while the perfect synergy flows elegantly within the five lines of the staff. Born to create the perfect skin, the Rose Synactif is the essence of the Synactif series. With ten years of research, Clé de Peau Beauté’s scientist chose the impeccable mauve from two-hundred-thousand different roses from all around the world and obtained the true quintessence of nature to rejuvenate and lighten the skin. A noble and graceful parfum that silently purifies the soul, combined with the vitality of the skin, together striking a perfect balance. First, allow the Synactif cleansing soap and lotion to lift away any impurities and dullness, leaving the skin softened, supple, and in its best form. Next, use the Synactif daytime moisturizer to protect and hydrate, a start to your daytime beauty regimen. Lastly, end the night with blazing colors with the Synactif nighttime serum, cream, and eye care ritual to wake up the next day with a fresh look of resilience and luminous beauty.


閃耀迷人炫目的奢華光澤,黃金自古以來便是皇宮貴族們青春永駐的秘訣。香緹卡更加深入揭發 24K 黃金奈米分子的獨特賦活效果,專為敏弱壓力肌和疲憊倦容而生的「極緻純金賦活系列」,在 2021 年再添新成員「極緻純金賦活安瓶」,被香緹卡夫人譽為護膚品中的「勞斯萊斯」,其中蘊含 97.7% 天然植萃成份,將奢華的 24K 黃金奈米分子完整封存於安瓶裡,高效縮時的修復肌膚彈性組織及增進膠原蛋白再生,能由內作用直接激活肌底細胞,延緩老化同時有效對抗外在侵害。另外,若追求肌膚更高境界,也可和同系列極緻純金賦活面膜、乳霜、眼霜搭配使用,加乘再現香緹卡純金賦活能量。 

A Gold-infused Rejuvenation  

With its mesmerizing shine of luxury, alchemy had always been the secret to eternal youth for ancient royalties. Made exclusively for the sensitive and tired skin, the Chantecaille Gold Collection reveals the unique rejuvenating effect of 24K gold nanoparticles. A 2021 new addition to the collection, the Gold Recovery Intense Concentrate PM is renowned by Sylvie Chantecaille as the “Rolls-Royce” of skincare products. Infused with 97.7% of the highest quality pure botanical, the booster serum completely locks the extravagant 24k gold particles in the ampoule bottle. Uniquely concentrated for visible impact, the formula repairs the skin’s flexibility tissues and increases the production of collagen—revitalizing the cells from within and helping to protect the skin against free radicals that might lead to aging. Meanwhile, to achieve the ultimate restorative treatment, include the other products from the Gold Collection—Gold Recovery Mask, Nano Gold Energizing Eye and Face Cream—to amplify the true power of Chantecaille’s 24k gold-infused skincare.