馥蘭朵宜蘭里山 | 里山藝境: 揭開返山聽心之旅 Wonders of Satoyama: A Heartfelt Journey


Walk away from the city’s hustle and bustle to embark on a peaceful Satoyama journey. Feel the vibrating drums, the rhythm of the rumbling drumsticks. Meditate under the trees, speak without words but with the mind, pause and listen to Satoyama’s beauty and tranquility. Imagine the universe’s preliminary frequency and let the rhythmic tunes calibrate the purest soul residing deep in the heart.



Volando Satoyama offers beautifying light meals using local ingredients.



Performance at Volando Satoyama showing the silent ritual of chess.
Guest rooms of Volando Satoyama showcasing the art of tea.



Enjoy Eye of Satoyama’s breathtaking view with a cup of coffee and the breeze of nature.




A Symbiosis with Nature 

A secret retreat in the wake of the pandemic, Satoyama changes the relationship between the people and the land with art. This sanctum for the soul immerses travelers in the choir of chirping birds and buzzing insects and allows them to take part in this equilibrium of nature. Focusing on the three pillars—environment, production, the living—Volando Satoyama used to be Pei Kuan Resort’s renowned Crab Museum. Under the lead of the team, the art performers recreate the feel, the understanding, the emotions of Satoyama through an epic performance showcasing the deep bond between the people and nature’s lively forest and pristine brooks. 

A Journey of Timeless Art 

Following the steps of dusk, arrive at the Eye of Satoyama to watch the breathtaking view of the sun ascending above the horizon. With a cup of rich coffee,the poetic scene in front of us becomes even more majestic and opens the first chapter of the artistic journey we are about to embark on. The echoing gong purifies the soul as we follow the direction of the wind vane and enter the trail led by nature—let us have a heartfelt conversation with the passing travelers and begin a viewing of Satoyama’s life theater. Glancing at the faraway Guishan Island, feel the surging ocean clash with the sublime mountains. The whistling thrush opens the scene with a violet love song, the crested goshawks and serpent eagles soar through the sky trying to find the best view, the Taiwan blue magpie harmonizes with the grey treepies, the wooden bells ring in the background of the singing barbets, the collared scops owl sings the pangolins to sleep…all composed into a grand romantic symphony. Night falls, arrive at the French restaurant to savor a fine dining feast as we reminisce the day’s artistic spirituality and the night’s starry night—the lost light of the mind is once again kindled.

Volando Satoyama’s family rooms for two and four.

In Search of the Heart’s Origin

Stemmed from the Japanese concept of finding the peace between the people and the environment, Satoyama encourages natural aesthetics and invites travelers to embrace Mother Nature through the ritual art performances. Walking amidst humans and nature, the universe and time, it is as if we have entered a stream of history. As we search for the infinite perceptions of life, the seasonal changes send a message along with the egret that passes by—we are all born for nature.