流金歲月 | Age of Golden Times

TRANSLATOR | Eugenia Yang

Warmth is a symbol of the passing of time, the changing of seasons, the interweaving of the sun and gold. As we leave spring behind and gradually enter the blazing summer, the green leaves are now coated with a fresh shine. Skincare is just like the art of gardening. With proper care and attention, the lovely flowers will bloom happily and beautifully.



黃金暖意,以一滴精緻重反回美好年代。嬌蘭推出全新皇家蜂王乳黃金冰滴眼萃,以嬌蘭經典皇家蜂王 乳結合 Gold Drop 黃金冰滴按摩儀,將經典締造出全新交 織傳奇,為眼部肌膚保養寫下新歷史篇章。法國嬌蘭研究團隊透過「黑風眼部修護科技」探索蜂蜜的修護功能,而特殊滴管設計及金色按摩導頭,可以更加精準的使眼部精華吸收,如此奢華獨特之組合,使雙眼於夏日饗宴中依然閃耀金色光澤。肌膚之鑰極奢鉅獻 24K 黃金奢華賦活面膜, 將 24K 純金賦活能量注入,一週僅需 2 次五分鐘的全面保養修護,以添加東西方珍稀植萃,高麗人參、野玫瑰精華, 與槴子花精華、白藜蘆醇灌注保水泉源,讓肌膚回復光懷細緻觸感,綻放出金光閃耀風采。

The Ultimate Gold

Amidst the golden warmth, return to the Belle Époque with a drop of delicacy. Featuring the iconic Royal Jelly and the Gold Drop applicator, Guerlain launched the brand new Abeille Royale Eye R Repair Serum. A brand classic is reimagined and a new chapter in the history of skincare is now written.The Guerlain Research explored the vitalizing powers of bees with its BlackBee Eye RepairTM technology. With the special metallised pearl and an ingenious gold applicator, the serum delivers its anti-aging rejuvenation with precision. Such a luxurious and yet unique combination allows the eyes to be transformed into the brightest, most eye-catching lustre in this grand feast of summer. Meanwhile, Clé de Peau presented its Precious Gold Vitality Mask, which is injected with the revitalizing energy of 24K pure gold. To be applied twice a week and only for five minutes each time, this replenishing mask is infused with rare plant extracts originating from both the East and West—ginseng and wild rose extract, Gardenia Extract, and resveratrol. After application, the radiance and delicacy of the skin are successfully restored, a luscious, golden shine blooms from within.


在肌膚換季之際,調和基底以及穩定肌膚象徵著基石, 猶如心靈安全感,在內心深處打造防護膜。以精華的透亮、修護的舒緩以及頂級乳霜的絲滑防護,完美的在暖和初夏,擁抱美妙健康肌膚。Dior 推出全新迪奧精萃再生光燦淨白系列,全新注入來自世界最純淨森林之一,來自日本白神山地的白神山花植多酚,結合經典迪奧白玫瑰與純白花植能量,完美淨化肌膚斑點與勻亮紊亂膚色。GIORGIO ARMANI 頂級黑曜岩保養, 綿密雪融霜質地,推開融成絲緞精油,最後形成豐盈薄膜。保濕抗老乳霜富含黑茴香種子油與頂級蜜桃核仁油,如絲綢般絲滑、細嫩。而雅詩蘭黛將最古老的極地花種,極地喜馬拉雅冰晶龍膽花搭配獨家導入不凋花萃賦活科技,打造全新白金級極萃賦活花秘系列, 將綿密冰肌乳霜質地一抹化水釋放出,在夏日前夕做好均勻、修護以及最後一到防護保養,亮麗迎接暖心 熱浪。

Base & Foundation

As we face the changing seasons, finding a balanced foundation and stabilizing the skin are important, as it symbolizes this spiritual security that establishes this protection deep in the heart. With the translucent essence, the soothing repair, and luxurious cream of protection, it is the perfect time to embrace the warm, early summer, and welcome the beautifully healthy skin with open arms. Channeling the world’s purest forest, Dior Prestige launched its brand new Light-In White collection. For the first time, Dior science combined the powers of white roses from Rose de Granville with the age-old artemisia flower extract to eliminate any dark spots and correct the skin’s principal color. Giorgio Armani introduced its Crema Nera Supreme Light Reviving Cream with a texture that is smooth like silk and soft like melted snow. Rich with peach kernel oil and top Armani-patented ingredients, the cream spreads like this silky essential oil that coats the skin with this rejuvenating moisturization. And lastly, Estée Lauder presented the Re-Nutriv collection, which combines the oldest survivalist flower, the Himalayan Gentian, with the exclusive youth-sustaining technology to ignite the true power of the survival molecules in the flowers. In the eve of summer, let these skincare rituals build up the last wall of protection and replenishment, so we can welcome the heated season with our most beautiful skin.


隨著 5 月的到來,最濃情交織的節日也即將來到, 為了迎接光輝燦爛的節日,就將最愛意的頂級奢華保養品送給最親愛的母親。嬌蘭頂級皇家蜂王乳擁有熱賣口碑第一名,無論是頂級奢華的藍鑽系列或是經典不敗蜂王乳產品、貴婦名媛愛用24K 純金光 粉底,都能將心意以及夢幻奢想傳送給母親。蘭蔻母親節依然寵粉,在母親節檔期一定要將最強保養神作獻上,頂級玫瑰霜組頂級組合,將蘊含珍稀玫瑰非凡活性與完美抗老修護能量結合,締造出最強澎潤奇激光。在最暖心的母親節時刻,能好好的寵愛家人,寵愛自己,也如同常見的一句話「先讓自己的心更柔軟,身邊的人也將因此受惠。」以暖心擁抱,隨著時光流逝,愛不能少。

Mother’s Day Love

As May arrives, the most loving holiday is right around the corner. To welcome the best celebration, why not gift our dearest mothers the most luxurious skincare products? Both of Guerlain’s skincare collections—the top-notch Orchidée Impériale and the iconic Abeille Royale collections—are all-time bestsellers of the brand. A lady’s favorite, 24K Parure Gold Radiance Foundation is also another good choice to express our fantastic dreams and send our love. Still treating its fans for Mother’s Day, Lancôme offered the best skincare collection, the Absolute Creme Riche set. The label combined the vitality of rare roses with the power of anti-aging repair to create the strongest, most powerful lustre. As we arrive at the most heartwarming holiday, never forget to show love to our families and learn to soften our hearts to benefit everyone around us. With a heartfelt embrace, love will not waver in the passing of time.