爛醉仙境 Drunkland | 私享山水裡的美醉 A Private Indulge of Nature’s Beauty

TRANSLATION | Eugenia Yang

Picture the ocean as the canvas, nature as its paint. The mountain ranges rise and fall, while the breeze blows with kindness. Take a sip of gin infused with natural flavors as you take in the beauty of the prosperous city below. Night falls, you’ll realize how the surrounding environment is utilized to its max by integrating the natural landscape into the venue—a gourd-shaped stepped pool is thus created. The beauty of the different lighting enhances as the sea blends into the sky, showcasing the poetic beauty of this secret oasis hidden within the city: welcome to Drunkland.



跳脫酒吧既定框架,身處陽明山高處腹地廣大的優勢,錯落有致分隔為三個區塊,結合餐廳與酒吧不同區域之中,凸顯著風格相異,卻有相同調性的渡假風設計。以熱帶沙漠配色的綠洲,北歐植栽風情的景觀餐廳、 洞穴裡的岩石酒吧、視野遼闊的階梯水池,室外空間可容納 450 人,帶入多重的裝潢調性,變化多元。身為爛醉仙境主要負責人姜姜Enos,延續著於「爛醉咖啡」酒吧與派對風格的結合,於攝影出身,將「爛醉仙境」調整以歡樂休閒文化場域為主,於陽明山的綠洲中,以大自然設計、景觀造景倒影呼應,原始留下來的樹與植栽,創造了沙漠仙境。開幕近三個月,除了酒吧與景觀餐廳,未來也將舉行更多複合式百人活動,如性別派對、夕陽瑜珈,野餐派對等等,他表示或許品牌與企業選擇這樣獨特場域也會感覺新鮮與前衛。


有別於一般的酒吧業者,為了要容納更多的顧客與提升業績,將座位之間排得很緊密,對居家、環境設計頗感興趣,身為弟弟的紐約NY主要負責爛醉仙境裝潢上的設計細節,平時喜歡大量瀏覽 YouTube 平台上熱帶國家的景觀影片,或是些許電影片段、腦海閃過的景象都能成為他靈感設計泉源。於他而言,在日常營業之際,希望人與人能保有專屬的空間,故將座位區間拉大,靠背沙發換成 LARGE SIZE,讓消費者享受心靈的釋放,不會產生空間上的壓迫感。與自然共飲,在秀色可餐的風景中,一飽口福,細品辛香青菜卷,淺嚐一口酸甜水果沙拉,能看出爛醉團隊對於食材的研究與用心。細問得知身為團隊公關發言人張靖,對泰國菜有很深的熱愛與執著,甚至親自去了清邁、曼谷學習考察,雖沒有傳統的料理根基,卻能玩出不同創意,探索本地食材融合泰式手法帶來的獨特風味。



或許多數人認為爛醉仙境只屬於年輕人的專屬,張靖強調年齡層沒有特別限制,老少咸宜,致力於打造成休閒文化生活場域,「其實 70、80 歲的白髮族有很多,來了爛醉仙境之後,反而會去體驗一輩子都沒有抽過的純天然水煙 ,嘗試年輕化與新世代樂趣。」談及初期營運很感動的記憶點,「有些客人很可愛,掃了候位先下山,去士林夜市先吃一些東西,在散步回來,剛好進來喝兩杯。」著實觸動內心張靖更透露目前沒有接受訂位, 現場客太多光消化都消化不完。提供員工多元的創意發展空間,如何在營業型態與客人消費滿足中取得平衡,營造最 CHILL 的台北都會秘境,或許是下一個階段爛醉仙境要思考的課題。


📍爛醉仙境 Drunkland


地址 : 臺北市士林區仰德大道二段 11 巷 11 號

Wandering in a City Oasis

Breaking the established norms of modern bars, Drunkland is located on the vast hinterland of Yangmingshan and divided into three different sections. The sections combine elements of restaurants and bars that highlight the different styles, while maintaining the same tones of holiday design. An oasis with tropical colors, a landscape restaurant with Nordic greenery, a bar with cave-styled interior design, a stepped pool with an infinite view—the outdoor area accommodates 450 guests and incorporates a wide variety of interior decoration styles. As Drunkland’s executive director, Enos continues to follow the style of Drunk Cafe, which mixes the ambiance of a bar with parties. Used to be a photographer, he readjusts Drunkland to be a cultural venue for guests to have fun and relax. Located on Yangmingshan, the natural elements echo the landscape design through the preservation of trees and plants, all together creating a desert wonderland. Now having opened for about five months, Drunkland not only has its own bar and landscape restaurant, but also plans on hosting different events in the future, such as gender reveal parties, sunset yoga, picnic parties, and more. By offering such a unique venue, Enos hopes for brands and corporations to be able to see the creativity and avant garde of Drunkland.

Dazing Savor of Thai Flavors

Different from normal bars where the seats are set up extremely close to one another to ensure maximum occupancy and a higher income, Drunkland is designed with space and comfort. Interested in home and landscape design, Enos’s younger brother, NY, is in charge of the venue’s interior design and decoration details. He enjoys browsing YouTube for landscape videos of tropical countries and allows glimpses of movie scenes or memories to become the source of his inspiration. To NY, the intimate yet private space people share with their friends is the key to comfort, which is why he purposefully set the seats far from one another and changed all the sofas into larger sizes. With the spatial pressure of a crowded seating area eliminated, the guests can finally enjoy the relaxation of the soul and body. As if having dinner with Mother Nature, let us enjoy the beautiful scenery while savoring the Spicy Aoba Roll and the signature Mixed Fruits and Nuts Salad—a perfect showcase of the Drunkland culinary team’s dedication and hard work. As the PR director of the team, Jing Chang is also a lover of Thai food. He even went to Chiang Mai and Bangkok for research and explored the essence of Thailand. Even without the groundwork of the local cuisine, Jing is still able to play with different ideas and create an array of unique Thai dishes made with local Taiwanese ingredients.

A Brand New Attitude

A lot of people would assume that Drunkland is a place solely for the younger generation and yet Jing disagrees by reiterating that there is no age limit here; it is a place for everyone. “To be honest, a lot of people who are in their seventies and eighties come here too. They even tried our all natural shisha such as Emerald Land, which only uses food grade spices as its ingredients.” Speaking of some memorable moments during their soft opening, he tells us, “some of the customers were really cute, they would put their names down first, drive to Shilin Night Market for a stroll, then walk back up here for a drink.” Jing explains that, at the moment, Drunkland still doesn’t take reservations. All hands are on deck to manage the over flux of customers, while the directors are also trying to make sure all employees get the chance to be creative. To find the balance between establishing a creative business model and achieving customer satisfaction, while building the most “chill” secret venue in Taipei, is perhaps the next lesson Drunkland needs to consider on its future path.