湛藍旅行 | A Brand New Voyage


TRANSLATOR | Eugenia Yang

今年春夏是一趟精彩絕倫的旅程,當季節從和煦的春日逐漸轉變為炎熱盛夏,服裝也從輕盈的層次穿 搭轉為無比飄逸的風格,造型上滿溢歡樂氣息,色彩更明亮耀眼,邀請您踏上另一段嶄新的旅程,在花園裡悠遊漫步,在義大利勝地小島休閒,在結合著東方神秘情調的曖昧與揚帆啟航的冒險故事,這個夏天,是動態的饗宴,一場永不止歇的宴席。

This new season will be a spectacular journey. As we gradually go from a warm breezy day of spring to a blazing hot summer, the clothes also change from light layering to styles that flow with freedom. Each look overflows with exuberance, while the colors are brighter and more dazzling. Imagine that you are invited to embark on a brand new journey, to take a stroll in the gardens, to relax on the lively islands of Italy. Combining the mysteriously oriental romance with an exciting adventure story, this summer is a feast for the moving, a banquet that never rests.


Valentino 2021 春夏女裝系列。

走在異國的花園裡,滿室鮮花綠植,浪漫主義賦予了真實的型態與細節,在飄逸的印花與精緻的鏤空刺繡下尋找純美境界。春夏的來臨,回歸璀璨奪目的鮮艷色彩。Valentino 2021 春夏系列將草編蕾絲花朵在尼龍上綻放,拼湊成一簇簇的印花。手工藝術及高級訂製薈萃交錯,完美融合。就連配飾都被賦予了新的意義,特大版 Rockstuds 鉚釘、花卉涼鞋,舞動如春神般,隨心且自由自在。Gucci 推出 Epilogue 系列中的一系列特別作品, 融入了美國時裝設計師 Ken Scott 色彩繽紛花樣多變的設計,繁複且大量的牡丹、玫瑰、罌粟、向日葵等碩大花朵,將浪漫精神達到最顛峰,在炫目、大膽、繽紛的配件與服裝上大放異彩,如同一首迷幻樂曲,在明豔的視覺催化下,擴大感性的感官體驗。

Ken Scott 為花朵注入了浪漫 精神,使它們成為流行文化。

— Gucci 創意總監 Alessandro Michele

As if talking a walk in the foreign gardens and feeling the blooming flowers and plants, Romanticism is given a concrete shape and detail. We are given a chance to wander amidst the elegant prints and exquisite embroidery to search for the purest form of beauty. Summer arrives as Valentino returns to the bright, dazzling colors. The label’s SS21 collection transfers the straw plaited lace flowers onto the nylon fabrics and patches them into clusters of beautiful prints. Weaving handcraft art with haute couture, the perfect combination gives new meaning, even to the accessories, like the extra-large rockstuds and the floral sandals. Every piece dances like the god of Spring with freedom and no restraint. Meanwhile, Gucci includes a selection of special pieces in its Epilogue collection that incorporates American designer Ken Scott’s colorful and ever-changing design. The complex and abundant amount of peonies, roses, poppies, sunflowers, and other huge flowers takes the romantic spirit to its peak. Like a mesmerizing dance number, the floral pattern unleashes its charm on the dazing, bold, and colorful accessories and clothing. Under a saturated visual catalysis, the sensory experience is expanded, the human sensibility is touched.


Sandro 2021 春夏女裝系列。

一段嶄新的旅程,就從義大利開始。沿著義大利經典勝地里維耶拉(Riviera)海濱往南前行,繞行迷人的湖泊,抵達風景秀麗的島嶼和海邊。草帽、竹編鞋、清新休閒的襯衫與風衣夾克,在大自然的氛圍,以風吹拂著輕盈的面料、剪裁流露輕鬆寫意氛圍,向色彩與細緻的設計致意。Loro Piana 2021 年春夏系列以繽紛的薑黃色、淡玫瑰色、粉嫩藍與酢漿草綠將夏日豔陽下的鮮明色彩,義大利海邊的歡樂氣息推向高峰,令人聯想起義大利人 Ben Vivere(Live Well) 的生活哲學。坐在曬暖的躺椅上,夏日的空氣氣息與棉麻的衣料觸感,冰塊融化著水珠沿著杯緣流下,在炎夏的籠罩下享受著淺淡溫柔、優雅趣味的風情。

Why not begin this brand new journey with Italy? Head south along the Italian Riviera, bypass the charming lakes, and arrive at the breathtaking coastline. Straw boaters, espadrilles, casual shirts, and windbreaker jackets—all together pays homage to the colors and impeccable design, to the soft fabrics blowing in the wind, to the tailoring that radiates with a relaxed and carefree ambience. Loro Piana’s SS21 collection starts off with the bright summer shades of turmeric, pale rose, pastel blue, and sorrel green, and pushes the joyful celebration on the Italian beach to its peak. It reminds us of the Italian lifestyle, Ben Vivere, meaning to “live well.” So take a seat on the lounge chair warmed under the sun, feel the summer air breezing and the soft touch of linen tickling against your skin. The ice cubes are melting, droplets of water racing down the glass cup, summer is finally here—let us enjoy the eye-catching design under the blazing sun and the styles that are tender, elegant, but also extremely fun.


Nara Cotton Canvas Bag,微風南山 Stella McCartney 獨家販售。

走在西方城市的街頭,儼然瞥見帶有日式韻味的小酒館,在文化風格強烈的視覺下,獨自啜飲著相互融合的美學饗宴。當日本文化與西方主流融合,Stella McCartney 與日本藝術家「奈良美智」首次時尚合作,將奈良美智筆下的人物以簡單線條、 童趣的筆觸詮釋於服裝,在中性輪廓的設計與服飾的塗鴉圖案上,每一件都是不論性別,只要喜歡也可以大膽宣言。另外,除了奈良美智標誌性的厭世娃娃,也可以看到奈良美智以塗鴉字樣寫下的叛逆宣言, 如:「我們是龐克」(We’re punks)、「 改變歷史 」(Change the history)、「 不 要 再 等 一 天 」(Don’t wait another day),表達每個人都可以為世界帶來一些改變的意義。Nike 則是與COMME des GARÇONS PLAY 共同打造的最新聯名系列,延伸著川久保玲標誌性的紅心圖樣,在視覺繽紛幻彩中,就這樣無國界融合著。

Imagine walking down the streets of Western cities, and suddenly catching a glimpse of a Japanese izakaya—the way the two cultures clash with each other is like a perfect art feast that is worth toasting to. A merge of Japanese culture and the Western mainstream, Stella McCartney teams up with artist Yoshitomo Nara for their very first collaboration. The Japanese artist’s characters are expressed through minimalist lines and childish brushstrokes and transformed into unisex tailoring and graffiti like design. Every piece breaks the gender norm and becomes a bold statement. In the collection, besides Yoshitomo Nara’s iconic little girl that appears simultaneously sweet and sinister, we also see his rebellious messages written in graffiti— “Don’t wait another day,” “We’re punks,” “Change the history”—to tell us that everyone is able to bring change to this world. Meanwhile, Nike and COMME des GARÇONS PLAY also launched their latest collaboration that continues to showcase Rei Kawakubo’s signature red heart logo. Amidst this visually dazzling illusion, the borders are blurred and convention is finally broken.


1MONCLER JW ANDERSON 2021 春夏系列形象圖。

一幅壯闊恢宏的畫象,畫面上勇敢的漁民揚帆出海遠航, 陸地上的婦女們一邊等候,一邊製作著精巧的編織品, 一抹夕陽靜靜倒映在無邊際的海面上。Jonathan Anderson 善於遊走在直觀與想像之間,在1MONCLER JW ANDERSON 春夏合作系列當中,詮釋了植根於冒險精神的流浪氣質。 以自然質樸的色彩與海洋的想像,悠遊於深海的爛漫與歷險氣息。而 Burberry 春夏系列則是將對英國夏季時光的想像化作為服裝,「風衣開展,在沙灘上沾染了海水與細沙的模樣,驅使我開始構築這個景象中人們所發生的故事。」Burberry 首席創意總監 Riccardo Tisci 說到,以水為象徵的主設計,水生鈷藍色調以及航海員服般的鮮豔橘色,自然色調的帆布、牛仔布,或是橡膠面料、精緻雪紡展現出年輕、動態流線的風格,好似一場與海的熱戀,相擁著對自由的渴望,對春夏的最高禮讚。

Envision a magnificent portrait with the brave fishermen sailing out to the faraway sea, while the women wait on land making exquisite knitwork, a dash of the setting sun peacefully reflecting on the vast ocean. Always great at finding the space between intuition and imagination, Jonathan Anderson expresses this wanderer spirit inspired by great adventures through the SS21 collaboration of MONCLER and JW ANDERSON. With the natural colors and the imagination of the ocean, it is like we are diving into the adventurous ambience of the deep waters. “It began with a thought of British summertime; embracing the elements with a trench coat on the beach mixing with the sand and the water. I envisioned the people of this space,” Burberry’s creative director Riccardo Tisci explained as the label’s SS21 collection turns the British summertime into garments. With the symbol of water as the main focus, the cobalt blue tone echoes with the bright orange of a sailor’s uniform. Together, the natural colored canvas, denim, rubber fabrics, and exquisite chiffon radiate this young and dynamic style. Like a passionate love story shared with the ocean, we embrace our desire for freedom and salute our highest praise for the new season.


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